Doumi - 58

Sep 29th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Office Worker Single
Jeong Seol-Hee (FMC) Mascot & Doumi Single
Seo Joo-Heon (Seo) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader Single
Yoo-Won Parlor Massage Single

Chapter - 58

Karaoke Room FMC x MC

They're drinking and enjoying their time when FMC suddenly drops the bomb, asking him if she can work for the same company than him, greatly surprising him.


Karaoke Room FMC x MC

MC asks her if she's talking about his company, she nods asking if there is a problem.. He asks her if she'll really quit Toptoon World (Amusement Park). She says how it's been a while since she thinks about quitting her current job because it's too hard and she isn't even recompensed by the company for the work she's doing, so there is no future there.

MC understands her situation because he worked really hard during a lot of years to have a important post there but he was fired because of a weird customer.. He tells her how she'll have to quit her job as a 'Doumi' if she wants to join his company because they work late at night. She tells him how she'll quit her job as a 'Doumi' and MC rejoices hearing this, he asks her when and she tells him how she won't do it right now but in a few days. She tells him how she want to join his company because she knows he doesn't like the idea of her working as an hostess.

He holds her saying how he's sorry if she felt it this way but he tried to repress himself as much as he could to not make a remark about her current job. He says how he wanted to kick her out of this place a few times and shouted like a madman at home thinking about her working here.

She's surprised and tells him how she thought he liked the idea of her working here.

(TLN: It was said in a weird way but, FMC thought MC liked the idea of her working here but not the idea of her working with other customers. But MC despises the simple idea of her working in this sort of 'shady' place)

He doesn't understand what she means by him liking her job and she says how she thought he loved the fact to have his personal 'Doumi'. He rejects this idea saying how it's was only an act and he didn't want to hurt her feelings and self-esteem so he pretended to be excited.. She can't believe it and he tells her how it's true.

He narrates how from the perspective of FMC she took his act as the irrefutable truth and thought he liked her job / situation.


Karaoke - Months ago FMC x MC x Helper A x Friend

MC narrates how he came to the karaoke where FMC worked in the past to show off in front of his high school friend.

FMC is on top of MC, while his friend is sitting next to Helper A. Friend tells to MC how he (MC) really knows a lot and selected the best helper for him. FMC is whispering with MC about they acted to make MC a big manager etc..

High-School - Years ago Friend x MC

He narrates how they made this joke on his friend because he looked at MC like an idiot and never invited MC at their alumni gathering.

Friend is teasing MC saying how he knows nothing about women and hope he'll be useful tonight at the night club and how he'll help him to hook a girl if he calls him 'Love Teacher'..

Restaurant - Months ago Friend x MC

MC narrates how he though his friend will change with the years but..
Friend is still teasing MC about women and asks him if he knows some younger women, he'll show him how to hook younger girls when you're in your mid thirties..

Karaoke FMC x MC

MC explains her the situation and tells her how he can't take it anymore, how his friend is too irritating.. So FMC asks him to come here with his friend, she'll sit next to MC while Friend will be in front of the 'Iron lady' of the store. They are already laughing thinking about what will happen to MC's friend.

Karaoke FMC x MC x Helper A x Friend

FMC is kissing MC and says to Helper A how it's the first time she doing this to a guest and how she was smitten by MC's smile (lmao). Friend says how it's good and to try too with Helper A, he get rashly rejected by Helper A and he thinks about MC mocking him about this later.

Friend looks at MC and FMC making out helpless.. he asks to helper A if he can call another girl, meanwhile MC tells her how she's evil..


Karaoke Room FMC x MC

MC ponders for a moment thinking about FMC and if he should tell her.. He mutters his courage and says how she can't join his company because you need a 'College Degree' to be hired and how she only have a 'High-School Degree' so it might be hard for her to join it but he'll try to find a solution.. She laughs saying if he really believed she wanted to join the same company than him.. He fells a bit stupid now and tells her how he thought she was serious.

She tells him how she's not good with computer so she can't do his boring job. He feels a bit wronged about her remark and asks her if she's really degrading his job. He asks her what's so bad about his situation and if she thinks that her job is better than him.

He looks at her face and feels a bit depressed seeing she doesn't like cheerful anymore..

An alarm is ringing, announcing that MC's time is over and to extend it if he wants to stay here. FMC tells him how their time is over and MC tells her how he'll extend it because he has something to tell her. She's surprised about this and asks him if it's important, he says how it's really it. She tells him to leave the karaoke and propose him to go home with her. He accepts her offer saying he'll save some money.

FMC's Apartment FMC x MC

They are on her bed.. He's on top oh her and lick her whole body, FMC lets out soft moan felling MC warm touch.. After this lovely moment, they have sex..

They enjoy their moment and MC feels it coming.. He tells her how he's coming and asks her if she can swallow it. She looks at him with her flushed face and nods a few time.
He cums in her mouth and she swallows all of it.. She even clean his dick with her tongue.. (She earn a lot of points here in her battle against Seo :D)

They are lying on he bed and MC narrates how it's been awhile since he came to her place.. He says how after having a hot sex with her, they talked a lot until dawn and say how it wasn't a day off the next day but he was desperate to have a serious discussion with her..

MC's yawning while FMC is nesting in MC's warm and strong embrace.. He tells her how she was joking about joining his company earlier but wants to know if she was also joking about quitting her work as 'Doumi'. She tells him how it's true and she'll really her job.

MC narrates how he comforted her that night because he doesn't wanted to hurt her self-esteem anymore about her current job..

He tells her how he thought working 6 years at 'Toptoon World' was a mistake but he says how it greatly benefited him in his current company to give explanation / presentation..
He says how he adapted quickly to his new job because he greeted a lot of different customers when he worked in the amusement park an how what he did at that time wasn't in vain. He tells how she has to be proud of her year as a 'Doumi' inside the karaoke and to not lower her self-esteem. She smiles, happy to be comforted by his kind word. She thanks him and tells him how she understands what he means.

Karaoke - Next night FMC x Pimp

Pimp seems to be a bit annoyed after hearing about FMC's resignation and asks her if she really intends to quit this job. She looks at him full of confidence and answers him 'Yes.'

To be continued..
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