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  1. TurbyDevil has joined the chat
  2. TurbyDevil: Darkest Greetings
  3. Anbeten: Hello there
  4. TurbyDevil: trips
  5. Anbeten: ahahaha
  6. TurbyDevil: everywher
  7. Anbeten: yup
  8. TurbyDevil: ;lol7
  9. Anbeten: the couch and chair are safe.
  10. TurbyDevil: damn
  11. TurbyDevil: lol ive no problems with the cuddly trips
  12. TurbyDevil: how are you?
  13. Anbeten: Def have seen better days. Yourself?
  14. TurbyDevil: pretty much the same
  15. LilithAriadne has joined the chat
  16. Anbeten: Hello three.
  17. Anbeten: there*
  18. LilithAriadne: hi
  19. Anbeten: Hows it gannin'?
  20. LilithAriadne: not bad
  21. LilithAriadne: you?
  22. LilithAriadne: hi turby
  23. Anbeten: Love your outfit.
  24. Anbeten: Im okay.
  25. LilithAriadne: thanks, love yours too
  26. Anbeten: Thank you.
  27. TurbyDevil: hello
  28. Anbeten: Some dude randomly gifted me clothes yesterday.
  29. LilithAriadne: haha love it when that happens
  30. LilithAriadne: rated 5, btw
  31. LilithAriadne: love it
  32. Anbeten: Thank you ♥
  33. LilithAriadne: certainly
  34. Anbeten: The name and room doesnt match which is what i find odd. lol
  35. LilithAriadne: your room, your rules... no need to match
  36. Anbeten: Lol Right.
  37. TurbyDevil: agreed
  38. Anbeten: come on in and have a sit.
  39. LilithAriadne: ty
  40. Anbeten: Your welcome. Im just waiting on my Daddy to get online.
  41. LilithAriadne: ahh
  42. LilithAriadne: you trying to blend in Turby?
  43. Anbeten: LOL
  44. LilithAriadne: psssstt.. we can still see you
  45. TurbyDevil: im tring to
  46. LilithAriadne: better try harder
  47. TurbyDevil: hmmm
  48. TurbyDevil: lol
  49. Anbeten: brb a sec loves
  50. LilithAriadne: tyt
  51. TurbyDevil: tyt
  52. TurbyDevil: lol im stealing that chair
  53. TurbyDevil: lol
  54. LilithAriadne: what chair?
  55. TurbyDevil: this one
  56. LilithAriadne: the spanking couch?
  57. TurbyDevil: yes
  58. LilithAriadne: ahh yea its a very common and fun one
  59. LilithAriadne: :)
  60. TurbyDevil: :)
  61. TurbyDevil: yes if you enjoy spanking
  62. LilithAriadne: yes, if one does
  63. LilithAriadne: soooooo Turby turb turbs... i came it to talk to you
  64. TurbyDevil: lol
  65. LilithAriadne: i was promised a kik chat... like forever ago.
  66. LilithAriadne: whats your deal?
  67. LilithAriadne: in*
  68. LilithAriadne  throws a dart at the bubble
  69. Anbeten: o.o
  70. Anbeten: <.<
  71. Anbeten: >.>
  72. Guest_boxerlyver13 has joined the chat
  73. Anbeten: music?
  74. LilithAriadne: wb
  75. LilithAriadne: hello boxer
  76. LilithAriadne: love music
  77. Guest_boxerlyver13 has left the chat
  78. LilithAriadne: i ususllay cant hear it when im at work... something with the wifi here
  79. LilithAriadne: maybe eventually it will stop lagging....
  80. LilithAriadne: - sighs-
  81. Anbeten: What kinda internet does your work have?
  82. LilithAriadne: shitty internet, lol
  83. Anbeten: lol
  84. LilithAriadne: im on the guest wifi
  85. LilithAriadne: they dont track it as closely
  86. Anbeten: Ah. What kind of job do you have?
  87. LilithAriadne: medical imaging
  88. Anbeten: Nice. In a hospital or at a dr office?
  89. LilithAriadne: both... but normally dr office
  90. Anbeten: Nice. Make decent money?
  91. LilithAriadne: it pays the bills i guess
  92. AnbetenAnbeten : Lol. I do Postmates and Doordash.
  93. LilithAriadne: im thinking about doing something else... im about to hit the salary cap
  94. LilithAriadneLilithAriadne : whats postmates?
  95. Anbeten: Its where you deliver food and other stuff to people. They place an order on the app or online...when your app is on for the fleet, you get a ping and you can accept or deny the order.
  96. LilithAriadne: i googled, looks really cool
  97. Anbeten: I make decent money.
  98. Anbeten: But my bills are less than $1200 a month.
  99. Anbeten: lol
  100. TurbyDevil: ummm no deal.. i just idk a little shy when it comes to this. i need to be in the right mind set..which i havent been lately and for this i am sorry.. im going through something in IRL which is kinda taking up all my fun time.... i will fulfill that promise.. block me if you must i understand. :/
  101. LilithAriadne: thats awesome, and you make your own schedule id assume?
  102. TurbyDevil has left the chat
  103. LilithAriadne: lol, thats guy. FYI, the reason your daddy isnt here when he is, is its the same person
  104. Anbeten: Yea, i do.
  105. LilithAriadne: and the video kik would prove it
  106. LilithAriadne: thats why he is avoiding it
  107. Anbeten: You know Nohr?
  108. LilithAriadne: id bet.... he shows up any minute
  109. LilithAriadne: yes and i know his 3rd account too
  110. LilithAriadne: i was once married to him
  111. Anbeten: 3rd account?
  112. Anbeten: -blinks-
  113. LilithAriadne: he is a snake in the grass
  114. LilithAriadne: be careful with him.
  115. LilithAriadne: i know i sound like a crazy jealous fool...but trust me when i say im not
  116. Anbeten: His first account StrixValkerie.
  117. LilithAriadne: then he has 4
  118. Anbeten: I was just wondering because Strix is my ex...
  119. Anbeten: and i often thought it was Marcus.
  120. LilithAriadne: idk if he is Strix...
  121. LilithAriadne: AxelSinz is who i was married to
  122. LilithAriadne: he says the same things... word for word
  123. LilithAriadne: same mannerisms, same thought pattern
  124. LilithAriadne: same slang
  125. Anbeten: I was with AxelSinz
  126. Anbeten: once
  127. LilithAriadne: he wont video chat because he will prove me right
  128. LilithAriadne: all the same dudu
  129. LilithAriadne: dude*
  130. Anbeten: Whats your kik, love?
  131. LilithAriadne: SeksiP
  132. Anbeten: Because....
  133. Anbeten: i wanna show you who DarhkNohr is showing me he is.
  134. LilithAriadne: does he -walks up from behind and wrap his arms around your waist?
  135. Anbeten: Thats my Daddy?
  136. LilithAriadne: the pics are all different
  137. LilithAriadne: maybe some people he knows or screenshots form FB, but he has been following me around on imvu for years
  138. Anbeten: I've heard Marcus on skype call.
  139. LilithAriadne: does he sound italian or Irish?
  140. Anbeten: British.
  141. izumishiinai has joined the chat
  142. Anbeten  > LilithAriadne: mixed with irish.
  143. LilithAriadne  whispers: thats because Axel/Richie is Irish
  144. Anbeten: Hello there.
  145. LilithAriadne: hello
  146. Anbeten  > LilithAriadne: It makes sense, because i dumped him.... after 3 days.
  147. izumishiinai has left the chat
  148. LilithAriadne: he will deny it im sure
  149. LilithAriadne: even a friend of mine swears that Nohr and axel are the same person
  150. Anbeten: Nohr has been promising me for weeks he is going to get us the marriage package and we are gonna get married.
  151. Anbeten: I sent you a pic.
  152. LilithAriadne: and if you think he is also Strix, that makes sense because he tried to get with me too
  153. Anbeten: Strix is still trying to get back with me.
  154. LilithAriadne: i have blocked Axel and Strix
  155. LilithAriadne: about to block Nohr and Turby too
  156. Anbeten: And appearently Nohr is wanting me to come live with him in the Isle Of Mann
  157. LilithAriadne: he told me that was your idea :)
  158. Anbeten: wait... what?
  159. LilithAriadne: mhm
  160. LilithAriadne: that you are wanting to leave your rl and go there
  161. LilithAriadne: i just dont want you to be hurt or catfished
  162. Anbeten: No the orginal plan was for him to come here, and he would be with me, and my husband have a gf.
  163. Anbeten: He quit talking to Luna... Which i found odd.
  164. LilithAriadne: thats all your business... all i know is what he told me
  165. Anbeten: Is this why he is appearing offline, but shows online on the app.
  166. LilithAriadne: he is DND here, but on the app
  167. LilithAriadne: always dnd here
  168. LilithAriadne: i saw turby was here because you have your room location on and we are friends
  169. Anbeten: mhm... i friend everyone that follows me.
  170. Anbeten: lol
  171. LilithAriadne: he used to come t my room the second i logged in... until i asked for a vid chat
  172. LilithAriadne: and i follow everyone :)
  173. LilithAriadne: im a follow whore
  174. LilithAriadne: loll
  175. Anbeten: LOL
  176. LilithAriadne: and a cuddle slut... but thats not the point
  177. Anbeten: Know what would be funny?
  178. LilithAriadne: lol.
  179. LilithAriadne: hmm?
  180. Anbeten: Wanna help me bring out the truth?
  181. LilithAriadne: yup
  182. Anbeten: We are talking about having another baby on here.
  183. Anbeten: we have 2 already.
  184. Anbeten: Possibly, we could kinda set it up to you being our daughter.
  185. Anbeten: -snorts-
  186. LilithAriadne: that would be funny but idk if i could rp that
  187. LilithAriadne: im waaaay too bitchy to rp a kid
  188. Anbeten: Trust me, your like a kid for a day
  189. Anbeten: hahahaha
  190. LilithAriadne: i can sacrifice, for the truth
  191. LilithAriadne: if im wrong ill appologize to everyone
  192. LilithAriadne: but i know im not
  193. LilithAriadne: lol.
  194. Anbeten: When he was with you, did it take him forever for him to answer you on kik?
  195. LilithAriadne: usually
  196. LilithAriadne: the real dude has physical disabilities... his hands arent 100%
  197. LilithAriadne: and when confronted... like i just did he goes silent while he thinks of a suitable lie
  198. Anbeten: I kinda figured that when i saw Axel.
  199. LilithAriadne: its pretty easy to screenshot a bunch of pics from someones FB or IG and use them as your own
  200. Anbeten: Yea i know.
  201. LilithAriadne: thats why i asked for video, and live video
  202. Anbeten: He sends me voice clips....
  203. LilithAriadne: axel did that allll the time
  204. LilithAriadne: to the point of it getting annoying
  205. Anbeten: LOL no, hes only sent me a few.
  206. LilithAriadne: lucky
  207. LilithAriadne: lol.
  208. Anbeten: When im driving i do voice clips.
  209. LilithAriadne: me too, easier than typing or voice to text
  210. Anbeten: When you did the kik video was it blacked out and it buzzed.
  211. LilithAriadne: but shhh if anyone askes i never use my phone and drive, lol
  212. Anbeten: LOL Same.
  213. LilithAriadne: yep
  214. Anbeten: Same with strix.
  215. LilithAriadne: sometimes... or just a ceiling
  216. Anbeten: hm.
  217. LilithAriadne: i told strix im not fucking anyone without proper ID... he sent me the worst photoshop ive ever seen
  218. LilithAriadne: thats when i blocked him
  219. Anbeten: LMFAO i can send you a picture of him?
  220. Anbeten: Supposedly
  221. LilithAriadne: im sure its the one he used on his profile
  222. LilithAriadne: or similar
  223. LilithAriadneLilithAriadne : if you have seen the real richie, then he would have to lie about all of the accounts to you too then
  224. Anbeten: Yup....
  225. Anbeten: So the AxelSins person...
  226. LilithAriadneLilithAriadne : mhm
  227. Anbeten: God i hate having to piece shit together.
  228. LilithAriadne: now i wish i hadnt blocked him on facebook... id search his friends for lookalikes to the aliases
  229. Anbeten: Isnt there a place where you can put the picture up and see who it comes out to be.
  230. LilithAriadne: not that i know of
  231. Anbeten: You can go unblock
  232. Anbeten: lol
  233. LilithAriadne: ill try that after i get home... i get off work in 30 minutes
  234. LilithAriadne: and i thin that will take me longer than 30 min
  235. LilithAriadne: lol
  236. Anbeten: LOl.
  237. Anbeten: Okies.
  238. LilithAriadne: think*
  239. LilithAriadne: does Norh say yesh yuss and nuuuuu instead of yes and no?
  240. Anbeten: no.
  241. Anbeten: He says Yes and No.
  242. LilithAriadne: he did when he was in my rooms.... funny
  243. AnbetenAnbeten : It makes sence because hes only been on kik for 62 days.
  244. LilithAriadne: maybe because he was my sub.. and that side comes out
  245. LilithAriadneLilithAriadne : and turby even less
  246. LilithAriadne: like 2 weeks, tops
  247. LilithAriadne: that sort of looks like the pics i saw of Strix... he didnt have a hat or beard
  248. Anbeten: Hm... Nohr just wrote me on kik... and said he wouldnt be getting on tonigh.
  249. Anbeten: tonight*
  250. LilithAriadne: im sorry, probably my fault
  251. Anbeten: how so?
  252. LilithAriadne: maybe he will if i leave
  253. Anbeten: I dont want you to leave... i need this information.
  254. LilithAriadne: aww you are the sweetest.
  255. Anbeten: I also want his mom and our daughter to know all this.
  256. Anbeten: I dont want to be fucked over emotionally.
  257. LilithAriadne: i dont want you to either
  258. LilithAriadne: i have no hard proof, just gut feelings
  259. Anbeten: The feelings are already there... i love Nohr, but i've had my gut feelings.
  260. LilithAriadne: where does Strix live?
  261. Anbeten: In the states.
  262. LilithAriadne: do you remember which?
  263. Anbeten: Indiana.... i believe.
  264. LilithAriadne: funny... he actually once tried to tell me he lived in IL, like 50 miles from me
  265. Anbeten: It could have been IL.
  266. LilithAriadne: maybe, his profile said NY and then IL when i was friends with him
  267. LilithAriadne: said he moved to IL to take care of his sick father
  268. Anbeten: He told me his mom passed away.
  269. LilithAriadne: was dad for me
  270. LilithAriadne: to lie about a parents death... sick fuck
  271. Anbeten: With Strix, I let him know that i got my taxes and i couldnt really get on or talk much because i was super busy.
  272. Anbeten: Well during that time my husbands mom got put in the hospital and passed away.
  273. LilithAriadne: ohgosh, im so sorry to hear that
  274. Anbeten: Its alright, she drank herself to death.
  275. LilithAriadne: my grandparents did that...
  276. LilithAriadne: sad to see
  277. LilithAriadne: but yes, inevitable
  278. Anbeten: For the last month of her life, she barely ate anything and would only drink wine.
  279. LilithAriadne: and there is nothing anyone can do at that point
  280. AnbetenAnbeten : Nope
  281. Anbeten: we had been telling for years to stop drinkin
  282. LilithAriadne: there was an old ( some would say sick) joke around my family..... You can tell an alcoholic, but you cant tell them much
  283. Anbeten: LOL you cant.
  284. Anbeten: Trust me i know. my husband is following her footsteos.
  285. Anbeten: steps*
  286. LilithAriadne: well lovely, i do need to head out, gotta clean up my room and close the office
  287. LilithAriadne: awww, im sorry to hear that too
  288. Anbeten: Okies.
  289. LilithAriadneLilithAriadne : kick his ass now
  290. LilithAriadne: im really glad i came in today, you are a cool chick
  291. Anbeten: I will be here, i'll kik you with some other stuff i've pieced together.
  292. Anbeten: LOL thank you .... i do try
  293. LilithAriadne: sounds good and ill do the same, lmk if you need a daughter
  294. LilithAriadne: lol
  295. Anbeten: LOL i will
  296. LilithAriadne: see you later
  297. Anbeten: yes ma'me
  298. LilithAriadne has left the chat
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