Desert Bus - in the style of Rob Cantor

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  1. You're driving through the desert
  2. There's no one around and your phone is dead
  3. Out of the corner of your eye you spot it:
  4. Desert Bus.
  5. It’s following you, about 30 feet back
  6. It drops down into 4th gear
  7. It’s gaining on you
  8. Desert Bus
  9. You're looking for you exit but you're all turned around
  10. It’s almost upon you now
  11. and you can see there's oil on its fender
  12. My God, there's oil everywhere!
  13. Driving for you life (from Desert Bus)
  14. It’s Going Over Time (It's Desert Bus)
  15. Lurking in the shadows
  16. Zeta Shift of Desert Bus
  17. Living in the sand (Desert Bus)
  18. Killing our time (Desert Bus)
  19. Drinking all the coffee
  20. Actual insomnia Desert Bus
  21. Now it's dark and you seem to have lost it
  22. but you're hopelessly lost yourself
  23. Stranded with a bus
  24. you coast silently through the scrubland
  25. Aha! In the distance
  26. A small bus stop with a light on
  27. Hope! You move stealthily toward it
  28. but your tire! Ah! It's caught in a pot hole
  29. Try to change a tire (Quiet, quiet)
  30. Coasting to the bus stop (Quiet, quiet)
  31. Now you're on the curbside
  32. Sitting inside: Desert Bus
  33. Sharpening an axe (Desert Bus)
  34. But he doesn't hear you pull up (Desert Bus)
  35. You're sneaking up behind it
  36. Strangling Zeta Shift Desert Bus
  37. Fighting for your life with Desert Bus
  38. Wrestling some time from Desert Bus
  39. Oh hey look a bug splat
  40. Safe at last from Desert Bus
  41. You drive into the dark sands
  42. Air seeping from your spare tire
  43. But you have won; you have beaten
  44. Desert Bus
  45. Wait! He isn't dead (Omega Shift)
  46. There's a chat in your head and Donations pouring in
  47. But you can do Jus Jitsu
  48. Body slam Omega Desert Bus
  49. Legendary shift with Desert Bus
  50. Normal Thurdsay night Desert Bus
  51. You try to swing an axe at Desert Bus
  52. But caffine is draining fast from your blood stream
  53. It’s dodging every swipe, it gives away some stuff
  54. You counter to the right, you finally get a nap
  55. You’ve reached the final hour
  56. You have just completed the Desert Bus
  57. Its controller Topples to the floor, expressionless
  58. You fall to your knees and catch your breath
  59. You're finally safe from Desert Bus ...
  60. (Until next year)
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