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  1. After you've found your niche and did full setup for your niche you're ready to promote your niche! There's a lot of ways to promote your niche. Remember that if you promote more you'll earn more. More traffic = more $$$.
  3. Where To Promote?
  5. - YouTube.
  6. - Dailymotion.
  7. - Metacafe.
  9. - Facebook.
  10. - Forums.
  11. - Blogs.
  13. Promoting via YouTube is really easy. All that you need to do is to record your screen with Camtasia, showing people how your niche works / how to download / virus scan. Make sure after you're done with your video your WATERMARK your video, means you add link from your website on your video so if someone re-uplooad your video your website will be still here and bring you traffic. I recommend you to upload up to three videos per YouTube account so you don't get banned.
  15. Best tips and tricks to protect and rank your videos can be found on my other tutorial that can be found here:
  16. viewtopic.php?f=14&t=358
  18. Promoting via Dailymotion/Metacafe or any other video sharing site is same like YouTube. Just upload your videos to Dailymotion and Metacafe and read my YouTube tutorial again and do the same to your videos.
  20. - Promoting via Forums is really boring but can bring you awesome targeted traffic! First of all you need to find forums related to your niche. Search on google for your niche + add forums. For example If my niche is Wireless crack then I would search on google for Wireless Forums. Register on 5-6 forums and make new HQ threads explaining people how your program/niche works. Make sure your posts are HQ to avoid getting banned.
  22. - Promoting via Blogs is very good to get HOT targeted traffic. How I'm doing this? Same like forums but instead of searching for forums on google i'm searching for blogs (blogspot)'s. Example if my niche is Wireless Crack then on google I'll search for Wireless Crack blogspot. In first search results few good ranked blogs will popup related to your niche. Open them and scroll down and find comments. In comments explain people that you're offering free "your niche" and give them link. Using this method I was generating around 200-300 visitors to my niche per day.
  24. - Promoting via Facebook is very different. I have my own method of promoting but I'm not gonna tell it because it will get saturated. So to get some traffic related to your niche just go to facebook and search for fan pages related to your niche. Post your links in comments and on their fan page. I'm pretty sure you'll get some visitors. Do this every week!
  26. Thanks for reading,
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