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  1. [] Search for Death Note in Screener ignoring ETA
  2. 08-29 11:10:12
  3. INFO
  4. [] Wrong: Death Note II The Last Name 2006 iNTERNAL DVDRip x264-WaLMaRT, undetermined naming. Looking for 'Death Note (2017)'
  5. 08-29 11:10:12
  6. ERROR
  7. [   couchpotato.core.event] Error in event "quality.single", that wasn't caught: Traceback (most recent call last):
  8.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\couchpotato\core\", line 15, in runHandler
  9.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\couchpotato\core\plugins\quality\", line 115, in single
  10.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\libs\CodernityDB\", line 43, in _inner
  11.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\libs\CodernityDB\", line 944, in get
  12. RecordNotFound: Not found
  13. encoding=cp1252 debug=False args=['--quiet'] app_dir=C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32 data_dir=C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato desktop=<__main__.CouchPotatoApp; proxy of <Swig Object of type 'wxPyApp *' at 0x3a41c50> > options=Namespace(config_file='C:\\Users\\Lynkz83\\AppData\\Roaming\\CouchPotato\\settings.conf', console_log=False, daemon=False, data_dir=None, debug=False, pid_file='C:\\Users\\Lynkz83\\AppData\\Roaming\\CouchPotato\\', quiet=True)
  14. 08-29 11:10:12
  15. ERROR
  16. [] Search failed for tt1241317: Traceback (most recent call last):
  17.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\couchpotato\core\media\movie\", line 95, in searchAll
  18.   File "C:\Users\Lynkz83\AppData\Roaming\CouchPotato\application\CouchPotato-3.0.1.win32\couchpotato\core\media\movie\", line 200, in single
  19. TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__'
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