(TF) Thing (I have no idea what I'm doing) *Discontinued*

Jun 15th, 2013
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  1. The wind beat the falling rain against the window as the lightning crackled outside once more. The intensity of the storm almost felt like the world was voicing its concern and anger about what was taking place in the home of one particular Pon-E enthusiast. For he loved the drug so much, he was about to make another step towards insanity for it.
  3. “Dude, are you -still- at this?” A particular blue mare with a multi-colored mane asked. Though she was a mere tulpa created by the enthusiast, she had no reservations about voicing her bewilderment by his actions. That’s how she was created in the beginning; to be more like her character in the show than anything.
  5. “It’s just about complete, my dear Rainbow Dash. Soon, I’ll have made history with this ‘contaminated’ off-shoot of the infamous drug. Bronies everywhere will beat a path to my door for it.” The human chuckled as he revealed his latest attempt at correcting what he thought was a fault of the drug. He continued mashing away at his keyboard, eager to reap the rewards of his efforts soon.
  7. “Ugh,” the mare groaned with disgust, “I thought I told you not to call me ‘my dear’ anymore. Anyway, what’s the half-baked idea you have this time? No offense, but your last attempt was far from a success if you remember.” She sat next to her benefactor and observed his activity. Her personality afforded her the ability to dislike his shenanigans, but she remained loyal to him just as he wanted. Of course, when he wasn’t going on and on about Pon-E, she still found interest in the things he would do.
  9. Before the drug, he actually led an active life-style. According to him, watching her push herself encouraged him to do the same. She tried her best to keep him at it, but it was nearly a lost cause once he had found the drug. Many times, she would have to lay there at his side as he slept in a dumpster in downtown. As soon as the drug came into his life, his “awesomeness” began to plummet.
  11. “Of course, Dash,” the man chuckled, “this new scheme will turn me into you. I believe I’ve finally isolated the proper formula for making the transformation with Pon-E more specific. In effect, I can finally have the athletic body I’ve always wanted.”
  13. “Wait,” the mare tilted her head, “what exactly do you mean?”
  15. “I mean, I believe I’ve found a way to alter Pon-E enough to produce an exact result of my choosing. I am going to make it so the transformation effect of the pill changes me into you,” the human looked back to his monitor and smiled, “permanently.” As clichéd as it sounded, he had timed that last word perfectly to the sound of thunder outside.
  17. The tulpa recoiled a bit under the revelation. To her, he had evolved far beyond an egghead and straight into insane territory. If he wouldn’t listen to her, she could only hope he would get struck with a spark of sanity before something bad happened. Not just for his sake, but hers as well. If something happened to him, that was it for her too.
  19. “You see, Dash,” he began, reaching over to scratch behind her ear, “Pon-E has a placebo type effect going on within its design. That’s why results are so different amongst those who take it. Whether it comes from their desire, or something in their subconscious, remains a mystery. At the same time, this effect seems to write itself into the person after the first dose. Their entire makeup is altered to host a new set of physical parameters so the change remains the same each time a pill is ingested.”
  21. “O-okay…” Dash was trying to enjoy the scratching while listening, but this stuff was over her head. “What does that mean in English?”
  23. “It means that a person becomes practically marked from the very first time they ever take a pill. Their body remembers the change, almost like a permanent scar. Given this idea, I think I have just the right tweak to the formula to produce a desired result instead of letting it rely on my own perceived interest. In short, I’ll have complete control on the outcome of the pony produced by Pon-E.”
  25. “And just how do you plan to get it onto the market if you’re OD’d as me?” She was waiting for this moment. A question like this is sure to make him reali-
  27. “Easy, I’ll test it and sell the formula on the onion site where I got the original.” He responded without a moment’s pause. Her only plan so far had backfired. It was hard enough to come up with the plan due to the scratching. He must’ve known what she was thinking, and acted to prevent her from making him come to his senses.
  29. The tulpa watched as he went back to his computer and entered more information into it. The look on his face terrified her. Not once had she ever seen him so joyful over something that sounded crazy and dangerous. He had enough trouble with the drug as is, and now it was as if he was playing with fire. What will happen to her if it all goes wrong? All she could do was rest her head in his lap, smiling weakly at the stroking of her mane just as he wanted, and wait. For what, she didn’t know anymore.
  31. A short time later, the potent aroma of pasta filled the air. It was slightly different from the original scent, possibly due to the alterations according to the human’s assumption. The tulpa didn’t really care as she was still preparing herself for what was hopefully just a minor mistake. In a way, she had begun almost wishing that the formula worked properly. Her benefactor felt the same to a greater degree as he so wanted to fly with his beloved Rainbow Dash.
  33. “Hey,” Dash looked up to him again, “you said you wanted to be me, right? I don’t think I’ve seen any of the pegasi on Pon-E ever take flight before, so how are you going to get in the air if they can’t?” Not exactly a question to make him quit, it was more of a curiosity. They had both seen more than a few new pill poppers attempt to flap their wings, but none ever seemed to succeed. It was like the weight of the world held them down, though that also could just have been their inability to control their wings properly. Some flapped wildly in the worst ways, and others failed to keep their beats in sync.
  35. “Heh, the original formula doesn’t allow for such operation. The mass of the human usually must remain unaltered in order for the return to occur without incident. This means those small wings don’t have the muscle capable of fighting gravity properly. During my tweaks, I’m certain I managed to apply a burn off of excess mass and increase of the muscle strength in the wings to allow even basic flight. With guidance from you, of course, I imagine sailing through the clouds would be no challenge at all.”
  37. Her concerns still weren’t relieved after that explanation, especially his chuckle at the end. Even if he was right, that still meant that his test was going to be permanent. If she heard right, he won’t be able to return to normal properly if his overall weight was taken away.
  39. “I thought you said you were going to test it first. If I heard right, you can’t go back to normal if your ‘mass’ stuff isn’t the same. You could stand to shed just a few pounds since you stopped exercising, no offense, but are you certain it’ll be safe?” In her mind, her logic was flawless. What could he possibly have to answer that question?
  41. “The burn off will just be excess fat I won’t need. I made sure to save some for health reasons, but a good portion of it is going to change into configuring the body just right and applying my specifications to the wings. If I come back to being human, I’ll just look a tad anorexic, but I’ll only remain human long enough to get the formula and everything up for bid. After that, I’ll return to your form and finish the deal. I can still use the computer like that, as I’ve shown you, so I won’t have any need for the human body any longer. Onion transactions, unless they’re contract killings, never occur in person. My bank account will be full, and I’ll be capable of getting all I need from the computer without ever revealing that only a pony lives here.”
  43. He had an answer for everything. In the depths of his insanity, at least according to the tulpa, he had taken the time to account for as many details as possible. The only issue that seemed to remain was whether his plans would be a success, or if he was doomed to failure, taking her with him.
  45. The answer was soon at hand as the ding from the timer signified that the pills were ready. With a gulp, the tulpa watched as their creator moved to retrieve them. Hope for success was all she had left. If nothing else, she wished for a decent enough result that didn’t involve some sort of monstrosity. As she struggled to erase the images of the human having a half-pony and half-human body, she heard the all too familiar sound of him gulping down water. He had swallowed one of the pills.
  47. The two stared at each other in silence as they waited. A worried look was still visible on Rainbow’s face, which starkly contrasted the grin upon his. It normally took Pon-E a few moments to kick in, but the tulpa had guessed that his changes were delaying the effect somewhat. The human wasn’t bothered by the delay anyway, so she felt there was no cause for alarm there.
  49. When he was about to make a comment, the words seemed to disappear in his throat. Looking down at his hand, his eyes began to widen more and more. Rainbow’s worried look intensified as she took a step to approach the human, but he held up his other hand to stop her. Obediently, she stopped and continued watching, becoming increasingly scared.
  51. She didn’t have time to think before a loud cracking sound rang out through the lab. This brought the human to his knees and a shrill cry of pain erupted from his vocal chords. Closing one eye and cringing, Rainbow watched as the human began favoring his hand. Whatever caused that loud noise, it was coming from that limb.
  53. More cracking and another scream, punctuated by the sound of thunder outside, reverberate through the room. This time it seemed the pain was coming from his legs as he began to curl up into himself. That position altered when she heard more noises, and he arched his back. The look upon his face practically burned itself into her retinas as he cried. He was in nothing short of agony now, judging by the twisting of his facial features. She felt every single part of her coat begin to stand on end; even her mane was joining in on the act.
  55. Finally, after a few minutes, the cracking sounds died out, but a strange gurgling sound quickly replaced them. It had to be the stomach as Rainbow observed the human holding his abdomen and groaning as if he had eaten another poorly constructed meal from Taco Bell or something.
  57. Still, the torture was seemingly only getting started as the human apparently had the urge to look upon his hand. Holding it up, both could plainly see it wasn’t a hand anymore. The fingers had all but disappeared, and what looked like the bottom of a hoof was emerging. It was even more disturbing to watch the flesh appear to sink in on itself as a coat started to appear around his arm. Attempting to favor the hand once again, he only saw the same thing happening to his other hand.
  59. The two exchanged looks once again. Rainbow’s cringe and horror wasn’t what the human wanted to see, as evidenced by his rapidly falling face. She imagined that he was looking to her for signs that it wasn’t as bad as he was feeling, but there was no underselling those noises she was hearing. Another cringe from the sounds got that message through perfectly. At this point, the human began to entertain the idea that he had made a grave mistake.
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