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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. ```You are a big fan of Valve and Gabe Newell in general. You are currently at a
  2. Valve Convention hoping to learn something new about their upcoming games. You're
  3. in the bathroom going pee when Gabe Newell himself enters the bathroom and greets
  4. you.
  5. "Hey man, I was just about to go pee". You reply.
  6. Gabe then walks over to you and puts his arm around your shoulder.
  8. > tell Gabe you love him
  10. "I LOVE YOU GUY!" You shout as loud as you can. The crowd goes wild!
  11. The two of you embrace each other and kiss passionately for quite some time before
  12. finally getting up from the stall.
  14. > get married to Gabe and have lizard babies with him.
  16. You decide that this is the best idea ever and you run out of the bathroom shouting
  17. "We're married now!". Everyone cheers and gives you a standing ovation.
  18. Afterwards you spend the rest of the day making up stories about how you got
  19. married and what you did
  20. > have lizard babies with Gabe
  22. You go back into the bathroom and start telling everyone all about it, but then
  23. you realize that you've been having too much fun and need to stop.
  24. You go back outside and tell Gabe that you're going to bed, which he accepts
  25. immediately
  28. You head back in the bathroom and tell Gabe that you're going to bed, which he
  29. accepts immediately. He hugs you and kisses you on the lips and tells you to
  30. do whatever you want to him
  31. > make lizard babies with him
  32. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  33. prevent that.
  34. > impregnate Gabe with lizard babies
  36. You grab his **** and start thrusting it inside your ****** while saying "I'm
  37. pregnant with lizard babies".
  38. > lizard babies explode from you and you die
  40. You collapse onto the floor dead.
  41. > Gabe feasts on the lizard babies
  43. Gabe eats them.
  44. >
  45. They taste terrible, but they give him energy.
  47. After a few days he's back to normal.
  49. You feel like you should be able to do something more productive with your life...```
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