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  1. The Story of Norman Green
  3. Norman Green is a 58-year-old man who originally lived in the state of Kentucky. He had a rough upbringing being raised by his single father. He barely received the care he required as his father was always busy with work as a trucker. Unfortunately, his father was fired from his job as a result of an "unknown altercation" when Norman was just twelve-years-old. The father, not long after losing his job, resorted to buying and selling drugs on the street for profit in an attempt to keep money coming in for his son, Norman.
  5. A year after Norman's father lost his job, he started to lose his mind. He started hearing voices in his head, became paranoid, and started to blame Norman excessively for every little mistake, eventually leading to Norman being beaten by his father frequently. This left Norman with no choice but to seek help on his own, abandoning his father in the process.
  7. For 10 years, Norman was stuck on the streets begging for money until one day, an eerie, yet kind and relaxed old man approached him from a dark corner of the street asking Norman if he was looking for work. Norman, being 17-years-old at the time, and desperate for work reluctantly accepted the old mans offer. This would both end up being a great benefit and mistake for Norman.
  9. Norman ended up working for a Russian Mafia gang. His job was to deliver drug packages with other gang members to other Mafia groups around the streets, occasionally receiving packages from other groups too. He did this for over 13 hours a day. For years, Norman repeated a loop of delivering and receiving drug packages whilst making significant amounts of money (over $10,000 daily). He was taken care of well by the Russian Mafia, gaining the respect of the main man, which led to him treating Norman like a son.
  11. When Norman reached the age of 27, he was let go by the Russian Mafia, finally achieving enough money to purchase a plane ticket to Los Santos to begin a new life as an adult, finally able to live independently.
  12. Norman Green today at the age of 58 lives a mentally unstable life as a result of the trauma he experienced as a child. He strongly dislikes those that are extroverted and adores weapons and old cars. He also has a tendency to disregard the feelings of others.
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