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ulitmate wp query search filter

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Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. add_filter('uwpqsf_form_bottom', 'exclude_cmf');
  2. function exclude_cmf(){
  3. $i= '100';// number in the array of meta field, must greater than your meta field filter number.
  4. $metakey = '_thumbnail_id';//your meta key
  5. echo '<input type="hidden" name="cmf['.$i.'][metakey]" value="'.$metakey.'"/>';
  6. echo '<input type="hidden" name="cmf['.$i.'][compare]" value="2"/>';
  7. echo '<input type="hidden" name="cmf['.$i.'][value]" value="uwpqsfcmfall"/>';
  8. }
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