Rapeity (Carlity Style)

Jan 28th, 2014
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  1. Original story by gadget: http://pastebin.com/Br0wVfQN
  2. Changes made by myself
  4. >You exit Sugarcube Corner into the crisp, cool night. The first reactionary thing you do it crack you back in multiple places. Those Pinkie Pie parties… Phew.
  5. >You look back into the bakery to see Pinkie Pie waving goodbye to you while she cleans up the mess, and you gently wave back.
  6. >Aaaaaand that’s enough. Pinkie Pie is great, but only when taken in moderation.
  7. >After stuffing your hands in your front pockets for warmth, you slowly walk towards your small home on the outskirts of Ponyville.
  8. >You are Anonymous, and this is the end of your 21st birthday.
  9. >21 years in Equestria. Every single one. You have no idea how you were born into a land with no humans such as yourself, the princesses were stumped as well. Maybe your mother had some inter dimensional portal device hooked up to her vagina or something.
  10. >Funny enough, that’s probably the most likely thing too.
  11. >… Eeehhhh. Every birthday this topic pops back into your head. ‘Oh nooo! I’m having another existential crisis! Give me attention!’ You hate you sometimes.
  12. >Anyway, Pinkie’s parties always cheer you up.
  13. >Aside from her, the only friend you have is Lyra. Twilight is okay, but… Eh.
  14. >That seems to be an issue with ponies, but you don’t feel so bad about having only two close friends. It’s not like everyone else hates you or anything.
  15. >And Pinkie’s necessity to be friends with everyone didn’t make her any less enjoyable. When she moved to Ponyville in… what was it… the 7th grade? Yeah, around there. When she moved here, became everyone’s favorite pony because of all the PARTIES.
  17. >Parties weren’t an alien thing to Ponyvillians, but Pinkie kicked it up several notches.
  18. >The best part? You were invited to every single one. Even the super duper exclusive ones.
  19. >You recall being burnt out from partying after doing it for nearly two years straight, so Pinkie paid special attention to you.
  20. >She cancelled so many parties just spend time with you. Some classmates were really upset because of it, but fuck ‘em.
  21. >You and Pinkie remained close throughout the years, but once she became one of the Elements of Harmony, she drifted away a little. You saw her spending time with the other elements, most of which you’ve known for a long while too.
  22. >Applejack has been around as long as you can remember. She was nice, but the two of you never really clicked.
  23. >Rarity was always an odd one. She’d hate you one moment and be affectionate the next. Then there was one evening where she had a little too much to drink and… Well, you’re not going to get into that.
  24. >Fluttershy dropped out of flight school pretty early. Like, literally dropped. She’s always been too shy to approach you.
  25. >Rainbow Dash arrived in Ponyville when she graduated flight school herself. The two of you never talk much.
  26. >And Twilight was the last to arrive in Ponyville. Despite the short amount of time she’s been here, you two are a lot closer than you are to most other ponies. The two of you only share reading as a common interest though, and that only gets you so far.
  27. >Then Lyra—Oh, gravity’s gone.
  29. >You’re yanked into an adjacent alley via magic.
  30. >You stop when you’re clearly out of sight by anyone who may pass by and turned upside down as a bonus.
  31. >The magical aura seems to tighten as a shadowed figure approaches.
  32. >It stops about a foot away and quietly, yet daintily mutters,
  33. >”Hey dere Anon.”
  34. >That… Is a very distinct accent.
  35. “Rari-“
  36. >You’re cut off as the magical field jerks you down and slams the top of your head into the hard ground.
  38. >You wake up an undetermined amount of time later.
  39. >The lighting is dim, it’s much colder in here than it is outside for some reason, and your head is fucking throbbing with pain.
  40. >You’re lying on something soft though. That’s a start.
  41. >You groggily push yourself up while keeping a hand on the top of your head. After rubbing your eyes to get some of the blurriness to go away, you soak in your surroundings.
  42. >And god damn, they are unusual.
  43. >You’re in a cave. Gray rocks surround you on all sides with no visible exit. The light sources you previously mentioned are coming from several white, vanilla scented lit candles laid about on nearly every flat surface aside from the bed. Someone was actually insane enough to bring a very expensive looking rug down here. The large red rug with gold trim was laid out in front of the bed. The round-No, heart shaped-bed adorned the same colors.
  44. >Your first instinct was to get the hell out of here, so your body springs into action. You leap off the bed and land on the hard rock ground with great echoing slam.
  45. >Then you hear the flare of magic as something grips your torso and lightly levitates you just barely off the ground.
  46. >”Ey! Bout time you friggin' woke up!”
  47. >The source of the sound comes from right behind. The way the magic holds you makes it impossible to see who it is, but you can’t think of a single pony who does a good Rarity imitation.
  48. “Rarity!? What’s going on? Where are we?”
  49. >She gently plops you down on the bed with a silent ‘Pomf’.
  50. >Rarity steps into view. She looks a little dusty, but instead of freaking out about it like you’d expect, she just has an eerily familiar sultry look on her face.
  52. >Rarity circles around to the front of the bed before saying anything.
  53. >”Yeah look, I apologize for the terrible conditions in here, Anonymous. I-It’s a lil dusty, and cold... and damp... and dark. Ew, so friggin' uncouth man.”
  54. >You’re left speechless by her comment. Rarity is a clever pony, she’s purposefully ignoring the fact that she knocked you out and kidnapped you.
  55. >”Just try and ignore it. Celestia knows I a-“
  56. “Rarity, what the fuck is going on?!”
  57. >She stammers for a second before regaining her composure.
  58. >She scoffs.
  59. >"Woah, you raised inna barn or somethin'? You're talkin' to a lady here! Sure Rainbow Dash might be one for talkin' dirty, but I don't find that too romantic dere huh?”
  60. >Your mind is telling you to be speechless again, but you have far too many questions for that.
  61. “Seriously. Rarity. Stop playing around for a second, okay?”
  62. >She keeps up a stoic stare.
  63. “Ugh… Please?”
  64. >”Hey! Dere ya go! Well Anon, youse in my secret little chamber here I made for more, uh… Privacy.”
  65. “Uh…”
  66. >”Bedroom.”
  67. “… Okay? But why?”
  68. >”Oh, heavens! Even my places bedroom ain't nearly private enough.” She leans forward onto the bed, staring at you with those bedroom eyes of hers.
  69. >Asking her, ‘Private enough for what?’ would get you another misdirection. You know Rarity well enough for that, so you decide to get a little aggressive.
  70. “Stop it, Rarity. Whatever this is, I don’t care. Just tell me how to get out of here.”
  71. >Her face scrunches up into a sweet smile as she titters lightly.
  72. >Then she slides off the bed and trots over to a rather large wooden chest siting in the shadows.
  73. >"Ain't it just the worst friggin' thing to chase sumthin' around, hopin' to see results that just don't ever come? (Like that friggin diet I tried last summer.)"
  74. >She magically opens the chest.
  75. >”I'm speakin' from personal experience in case youse was wonderin'.”
  77. >”Aha!”
  78. >Rarity’s horn lights up with magic as a large bludgeon is withdrawn from the chest. It has a somewhat hexagonal shape to it. The skinnier side seems to be wrapped in darker brown leather, and the business end is studded with what looks like razor sharp rubys.
  79. “Whoooaaaa, hey-“
  80. >”Can ya guess why you're down here?”
  81. >Your silence is answer enough for her.
  82. >”Well, I have quite the affinity for more uncommon, harder to obtain things. Or as I like to call them, heehee, rarities.”
  83. >"Well, I got this thing for some of the uncommon, hard to find, harder to get things. Or y'know, RARITIES, heheheheh-YEAH, y'know what I'm talkin' bout."
  84. >You expect a follow-up to that, but she just stares at you.
  85. “… And?”
  86. >You break her smile as she scoffs once again.
  87. >"C'mon man. You and I both know ya ain't that stupid.”
  88. “Soooo… You… Want me?”
  89. >She raises her eyebrows expectantly.
  90. “Yoooouuu… Have a crush on me, or something?”
  91. >She chuckles at this.
  92. >”Anon, I had a crush on ya about nine years ago. Foals have crushes, dis here is a lil' sumthin more than dat.”
  93. >She leaves you to process 'dat' and continues to yank things out of her chest. The jingle of chains and clanking of metal go unheard while you recall the past and look for any obvious signs.
  94. >For the most part, there weren’t many. Rarity would nervously ask to borrow your pencil constantly and she would NEVER return it.
  95. >Then there were the nearly daily sleepover requests.
  96. >Then she started picking on you for a while. That wasn’t very fun.
  97. >After that, the following began. She was subtle about it, but she would follow you halfway home every day after school.
  98. >And of course.
  99. >Senior prom.
  100. >In your flashback stupor, you fail to see Rarity’s horn lit up.
  101. >And the large metal cuff attached to a pole hovering a few inches from behind your neck.
  103. >CLINK
  104. >The solid circlet of steel clamps around your throat.
  105. >The noise alone causes you to jump. When you process the cold steel against your skin, that’s when you really begin to panic.
  106. >You start to scramble off the bed but the shackle around your neck begins to pull back.
  107. >Rarity’s horn glows brighter as she puts all her effort into pulling that attached pole back. On its end lies a small loop. Rarity pulls it closer and closer to a small hook on the head of the bed unseen by you. It’s a tight fit to get the loop inside the hook, but it makes it much harder to remove it as well. After some time, Rarity finally manages to place the loop in its proper spot and releases her magic. She catches her breath while you continue to struggle.
  108. >It doesn’t take long for you to get all tuckered out.
  109. >Rarity sighs in relief and picks up a small metal object in her mouth and trots over to you.
  110. >Once she draws close, you notice it’s a padlock in her mouth.
  111. >You get ready to struggle once more, but she places the lock in the middle of the hook and the loop successfully.
  112. >”Yeah, there we go. Now where the hell were we?” She pretends to ponder for a moment. “Oh yeah! You finally realized that I might like you a little.”
  113. >Might. Yes, might. Sure. Fine.
  114. “Rarity, no offense but you weren’t very good at dropping hints.”
  115. >”I wasn’t? Well, it ain't from a lack of effort dere, dear.”
  116. >She levitates several more objects over.
  117. >You were able to adjust given that the neck cuff and pole were attached with something that pivots. That’s… a plus?
  118. >The bludgeon, a few sets of smaller cuffs, chains, and…
  119. >A ballgag.
  120. >… A ballgag.
  121. >Oh my god.
  123. >Rarity sets all her tools of the trade on the opposite end of the bed and begins to organize them while humming a pleasant tune.
  124. “Rarity-“
  125. >”Them pencils… I always kept 'em because I wanted you to come find me and ask for 'em back. I just wanted to talk to ya some. I was curious at the time.” She titters lightly. “I still have some left in my workshop drawer…” She realizes what she said and a light blush forms across her face. “N-not dat I keep them as an obsession or anythin'. I just didn’t want to let em' go to waste… Y'know?”
  126. “Yeah, no obsessions whatsoever…”
  127. >She lifts the bludgeon aggressively.
  128. >”Ah, ah, ah!” She waves it in your face. “I'm not gonna have runnin' your mouth off at me like dat.” Then she boops you in the nose with it.
  129. >”Now, then I tried passin ya cute little notes in class.” She goes back to organizing her tools. “I never got a single one of 'em back…”
  130. “I… Never got any of those.”
  131. >”You friggin kidding me man? Hm, your friend Lyra dere always said she’d give 'em to ya.”
  132. >Now that you think about it, Lyra always sat between you and Rarity during class. You could say that she was blocking communication from Rarity to you, but Lyra is a little… eccentric.
  133. >”And the sleepovers, maaan. Tsk, those would have been so friggin awesome for the both of us. I guess it’s for the best ya always said no. I woulda rocked ya like a hurricane the moment my folks went to sleep.”
  134. >Okay.
  135. >Whoa.
  136. >Lots of heavy information here.
  137. >”I won’t hold it against ya though. I was too young to fall in love at dat age. How do you feel about Coltley Crüe?”
  138. “Ugh,” Rarity looks up. “Why me? I know I’m different, but am I really sexually attractive to you or something?”
  140. >”You’re exotic man. You don't just interest me, Anon. You drive me wild, you drive me crazy.”
  141. >She licks her chops just for you. That, combined with that sultry stare, you start to feel a little uncomfortable… down there.
  142. >”Mmmm, of course all of dat just made things worse. I began stalking you, I would sit outside you window while you slept, I wrote about all the nasty things I would do to ya and you to me in notebook… Hmm, now where did I put that friggin thing?”
  143. >She levitates two of the smaller cuffs up.
  144. >”Could you be cool for a second and lift your arms for me?”
  145. >Is she serious?
  146. “… No?”
  147. >She ‘tsk’s once more and sets the cuffs down.
  148. >When you see magic wrap around the bludgeon, you have a sudden change of heart.
  149. “Okay! Okay, okay, okay… just… put that down.”
  150. >”Alright now we're gettin somewhere!”
  151. >The cuffs quickly float over and clink around your wrists and attach themselves to the bed.
  152. >Rarity then climbs up on the bed and takes a few steps closer to you before sighing and sitting down on her rump.
  153. >”And… Then there was prom. What a disaster dat night was man."
  154. >You look away from her at that.
  155. >”You remember, right? Neither of us had dates. The only two losers who showed up by themselves. Ha ha… I was so lonely.”
  156. >She looks down at her hooves.
  157. >”Anon man, I turned down so many stallions just hopin' that you would come and ask me. Even as your last resort. I didn’t care. Really.”
  158. >Rarity takes a slow, deep breath.
  159. >”But you didn’t ask me… You still showed up though! Dat… Dat gave me hope. But as I stood next to ya… and you just watched all dem other ponies dance instead of hittin the dance floor with me… I… I lost control.”
  160. “Someone spiked the punch, Rarity. It wasn’t your fault.”
  162. >Huh. That’s one way to keep your record clean, you guess.
  164. >”AND THEN… And then I bucked up…”
  165. >Most of your memories during that prom were vague except that moment.
  166. >When Rarity stumbled towards you.
  167. >Looked you in the eye.
  168. >And straight up told you she loves you.
  169. >To you, it was clear she was drunk. Ponies say things when drunk. You didn’t think much of it.
  170. >She was soon taken away by a parent chaperone.
  171. >And she didn’t go quietly.
  172. >The weight of her statement finally sunk in after so many years.
  173. “Look, Rarity… I’m sorry I didn’t pick up on these things. Maybe-“
  174. >She hops back on all fours.
  175. >”Maybe what?! Maybe I shoulda tried harder? Maybe I shoulda done dis sooner!? Y'think maybe?”
  176. “Maybe you should have just asked me out.”
  177. >She stares at you blankly for a few seconds before saying,
  178. >”C'mon now, Anon. Every pony who's any pony knows dat a stallion asks the mare out, not the other way around. It's long standin tradition.'”
  179. >She poofs one of her curls.
  180. >And your jaw drops.
  181. “So… This… I…”
  182. >You throw your arms up in defeat the best you can. You’re mad. You’re so fucking mad.
  183. >But with that bludgeon hanging around, you dare not have an outburst.
  184. >”And before we forget,” She leans in close with a disappointed look on her face. “I’ve been flirting with ya for all these years and you haven’t picked up on that even once.”
  185. “I, um…” You really have no idea why you haven’t noticed. If she’s telling the truth, then it’s comical how ignorant you are to mare signals. It also makes you wonder if other mares ever flirted with you. “… Species… Barrier?”
  186. >She raises an eyebrow.
  187. “You know… I’m just not attracted to ponies… so I don’t really notice when one is flirting with me… Heh.”
  188. >Rarity rolls her eyes.
  189. >”I thought Applejack was a bad liar, but that was just painful man.”
  191. >”Still, I think we're through talkin' here. The real reason you’re here is to make all my dreams come true, ya feel me?” She adopts that sultry stare once again. “This is where our romance is gonna turn into something beautiful. Like an airbrush mural on the side of a wagon. Greasy take out in the afternoon, leftovers in the morning and a good night’s rest, or sometimes…” She traces a hoof down your thigh. “A not-so-good night’s rest…hehehehehe-YEAH!”
  192. >You expected that would be her goal by the end of this exchange.
  193. >You fold your leg in to sort of remove her hoof from it.
  194. “C-Come on, Rarity. Look, we can just start over. We can go to Ponyville and spend a nice evening on-“
  195. >”Ha! Oh, you’re so hilarious sometimes!”
  196. “That… That wasn’t a joke…”
  197. >”Hmhm… you think I would just let ya go after everything I’ve done here? Oh no, I’m so friggin dedicated to this now. I’ve been planning it for quite a while and it’s far too late to go back.”
  198. >She levitates the ballgag to inspect it.
  199. >”Anon man, over the years I have become very uh, frustrated? Yeah that's it, frustrated, with… you.” She puts a hoof to her chin. “Yes, you in particular.”
  200. >You let out a low grumble.
  201. >”So here’s the thing.” She trots forward on the bed, standing right over you. “I need to relieve several years of frustration, and we can do this the easy way,” She levitates the ballgag a little higher into the air. “Ooorrr…” Then the bludgeon and chain float up. “I can just beat it out of you until I finally feel better.”
  202. >Sweat forms on your brow. The answer is obvious, but Rarity doesn’t seem like she’s in the right mental state to make ‘the easy way’ a pleasant ride as well.
  204. >You let out an exasperated sigh.
  205. “Rarity. Please, please, please, please don’t do this. There’s time to fix this. We can leave this cave and pretend nothing has happened. I know you don’t want to do this to me, so look inside yourself and-“
  206. >”So what you’re trying to tell me here, is that you want the hard way?” She lifts the more frightening of the two choices.
  207. >Your last shred of hope dissipates and you slump your head down.
  208. “No… Not the hard way.”
  209. >”Oh-hohoho, so that means you want… ?”
  210. >She’s going to make you say it, which is something you really don’t want to do. But, if she’s going to play this game…
  211. “… Yeah. Easy way.”
  212. >She squeals in delight as she forces the ballgag over your mouth and wraps it around the back of your head.
  213. >Well, fuck. Now you can’t even talk your way out of this.
  214. >”Ah! I got ahead of myself dere…” She removes the ballgag from your mouth and immediately dives right into your face.
  215. >At first, her lips and yours touch gently, as if she’s testing the waters.
  216. >After a minute of innocent little smooches, Rarity begins to explore with her tongue.
  217. >The taste of hot wings and nachos fill your mouth.
  218. >She tries to revive your still tongue with her own, but quickly gives up on that endeavor and instead explores the roof and upper back of your mouth.
  219. >She continuously elicits little moans and presses her body tightly against yours with every passing… Ugh, you can’t keep track of time right now.
  220. >Rarity finally pulls her lips away from yours and stuffs the ballgag back into your mouth while she overdramatically catches her breath.
  221. >”Oh MAN, Anon.” She caresses a one of your cheeks while she talks. “You’re pretty good at this kissin thing, y'know.”
  222. >A small laughter escapes from her as she begins to slide down your body. You feel her apply extra pressure from her lower body onto you.
  224. >Her hooves trace down your shoulders, the chest, then stomach… Then…
  225. >Your body tenses as she begins to nuzzle the bulge in your pants.
  226. >”Ooohhhoho… I think I found what I’m looking for~.”
  227. >Rarity lifts your shirt up with a hoof and begins to fiddle with your pants with her other hoof.
  228. >She only tries for a few seconds before using magic to easily unbutton the pants.
  229. >Unable to pull the shirt off, Rarity loses patience and magically rips it off.
  230. >You give her an annoyed look and she retorts with, "What? Don't give me dat look. Fine I'll make ya a new one, friggin crybaby."
  231. >She then dives back down to remove the pants. With those off, only your undergarments block her from the prize she’s after.
  232. >You feel your heart begin to beat faster and faster. You worry what she might do if she sees something that doesn’t appeal to her. If she doesn’t feel what she was expecting to feel. A million worries a second race through your head as she begins to slowly pull down your drawers. You begin putting up a minor struggle, but the cuffs around your neck and arms remind you that you’re not going anywhere.
  233. >You’re scared. You’re scared, vulnerable, and imprisoned by an insane mare.
  234. >You try your best to shut yourself out from the conscious world, but all that accomplishes is you looking at the ceiling with your eyes closed.
  235. >Rarity makes some sort of exclamation once she sees you in your entirety. You ignore her comments and what sound like complaints.
  236. >But you can’t ignore the instant feeling of pure ecstasy when you feel her warm, moist tongue connect with the base of your member.
  238. >You can’t suppress a moan of pleasure, quiet as it may be. Rarity of course takes it as a sign to continue. She uses the tip of her tongue to slowly work its way up; torturing you with the time she takes.
  239. >A moan is suppressed this time, but your body still remains completely ridged while she tenderly licks and kisses you.
  240. >Despite all bodily protests, she manages to get you erect in little time.
  241. >She pulls her mouth away and lightly giggles while still massaging the tip with a hoof.
  242. >”Yeah, I knew you'd be so into this, darling.”
  243. >After pulling her hoof away, she begins climbing back up your body to position herself.
  244. >Once high enough, she sits her nethers down onto your shaft and begins a slow grinding motion.
  245. >She wraps a hoof around the back of your head and forces you to look directly at her.
  246. >You attempt to avert your gaze but every time you try, she lightly and repeatedly slaps your cheek, saying, “No, no. Eyes over here.”
  247. >You finally get the message after a few times. You try closing your eyes completely but that earned you a hard hoof to the head.
  248. >Wishing you could rub that mark on your forehead, you reluctantly stare into Rarity’s eyes while she stares back.
  249. >She only breaks contact when checking her position as she rises her rump over your member.
  250. >”Anon man…” She wraps her hooves around your neck. Or, what she can with the cuff around it. “I love you, (man that would sound so friggin gay if I wasn't a mare.)”
  251. >She drops her flank down onto you, forcing the two of you to simultaneously moan.
  253. >Rarity remains still for a moment, heavily panting to help get used to this whole new feeling she’s experiencing.
  254. >Her breath smells of cheap beer.
  255. >She pulls you in tighter for another quick kiss before rising and bringing herself down once more, much slower this time, near-silently moaning the whole way down.
  256. >She clenches around you for the second time as you hilt with her. Rarity rocks back and forth for a moment before rising once more.
  257. >She repeats the process over and over again with increasing speed, drawing little moans and gasps out of the both of you. She’ll sometimes draw out a rise or remain hilted for extended periods to add some variety to the coitus.
  258. >All the while, your internal struggle gets worse by the second. Your body loves what’s going on while your mind protests everything about it. The clash causes your head to pound in pain and your mind to scatter.
  259. >That is, until Rarity’s lips meet with yours again.
  260. >She keeps her neck stretched long enough to keep her mouth on you, and her flank where she wants it.
  261. >Then Rarity begins pumping with greater speeds and moaning louder while breathing heavier.
  262. >She lets out the occasional, “Hahaha, yeah…” and, “Oh man~!” with every time her insides flex and squeeze.
  263. >Rarity halts for a quick second at the peak, then slowly exhales at the speed of her decent. She stops to breathe for a moment as she takes it all in, then begins her sprint towards the finish.
  264. >She’s now focused on her own pleasure instead of both parties, constantly reaching a hoof down to invoke even more pleasure.
  265. >And with a final, loud moan, Rarity lets out all her built up frustration and anticipation in one glorious moment.
  266. >She slumps forward, the two of you still entwined, panting heavily on your chest.
  267. >”Was… it as good for me… as it was for you?”
  268. >Of course, you can’t answer. You sit there, waiting for her to call it quits. She didn’t last nearly long enough for you to finish, so you wouldn’t have an answer for her anyway.
  269. >”Aah… The hell's goin on here?”
  270. >She leans back, looking down at your crotch. She then moves her lower section a little to find what she’s looking for.
  271. >”Ohohoh! Anon man, it seems you’re ready for more!”
  273. >Your response is a groan, which is about as much use as any other response will do.
  274. >She gives you another quick kiss on the cheek and crawls off you.
  275. >Rarity trots around the bed, inspecting your body from multiple angles. She wants this next part to be perfect for you.
  276. >But she knows she can’t waste much time. She’s going to have to settle with something not too extraordinary.
  277. >She steps over you and gives your body another look over before slightly nodding to yourself. Rarity then turns her rump to face you, gives it a little shake, which you turn away from, and lowers it back down on you.
  278. >Once again, both of your moans echo throughout the desolated caves as Rarity wastes no times in pumping away.
  279. >She starts with a good rhythm, but it falters quickly as Rarity falls back into her little cesspool of lust and pleasure.
  280. >One that you feel yourself falling into as well.
  281. >Rarity picks her pace up once again, moving with rough oscillating movements that somehow push past your pounding headache and conflicted body and draw you closer and closer to the edge.
  282. >She feels you drawing close. She isn’t quite ready for you. Not yet.
  283. >Rarity’s speed instantly drops to an almost standstill as she begins furiously stimulating herself with a hoof.
  284. >It’s nearly a whole minute before Rarity feels confident she can pull this off.
  285. >She picks her old speed back up and keeps her rhythm up with your breathing rate.
  286. >Rarity begins making those small noises again, signaling she’s just as close as you, if not closer.
  287. >Wait, was that a fart?
  288. >Her moans begin reaching their peak once more. You’re able to suppress the moaning, but there’s no way to suppress your imminent release.
  290. >Your head hurts worse than ever. You’re sure you may throw up soon.
  291. >And this is one of the greatest things you’ve ever felt.
  292. >Rarity’s tensing becomes sporadic and tighter than ever. She’s already there, she only need one… last…
  293. >Then comes the final moan. Her back arches in an impossible angle as waves upon waves of absolute pleasure reverberate through her body, causing muscles to spasm and twitch, including the ones gripping your member, sending you over the edge as well.
  294. >Despite so many reasons why not to, you managed to release a huge load into Rarity, only seeming to add to her own orgasm.
  295. >The two of you sit in that position for several seconds before you can deem the orgasm over.
  296. >Rarity, finally satisfied, leans back into your chest and snuggles you closely.
  297. >”Thank you…” She whispers. “Thank you so much…”
  298. >Your mind is mostly blank at the moment, but the headache and nausea begin to creep back in.
  299. >But for now, sleep.
  300. >Both you and Rarity quickly drift off into dreamland.
  301. >You dream or… Nightmare… whatever it is, ends up being a chaotic mess. Nothing but noise and neon visuals for what feels like forever.
  302. >While your mind runs rampant, Rarity wakes up at some point during the night.
  303. >She sighs softly and rests her head against your chest, listening to your quickened heartbeat without a single care as to why it’s racing.
  304. >But, being the busy pony Rarity is, she unfortunately cannot remain here forever.
  305. >She leans in and gives you a small peck on the chin.
  306. >”I… gotta see this guy about something that's unladylike of me to speak of.” She whispers. “Sorry but you’ll have to wait until later for some food.”
  307. >Rarity leans in once again and whispers with her eyes closed,
  308. >”Yeah, sorry…” Another little peck, this time on your lips.
  309. >She repeats herself as she traces little kisses down all the way to your bellybutton.
  310. >Taking her time, she snuffs out every candle, savoring every last sliver of light as it dances around on your body.
  311. >As she approaches the final candle, she can’t help but sigh sadly.
  312. >Now that she has him, any time away would feel too long.
  313. >But, Rarity is a mare of responsibilities, so you must unfortunately wait.
  314. >Rarity takes a deep breath, and extinguishes the final flame in the room.
  315. ==
  316. >Hours later, Rarity finds her exit from the cave. She has the path cleverly and subtly marked.
  317. >There’s no chance anyp0ny would find their way to Anonymous and Rarity’s room, and ever since the Diamond Dogs were cleared from the caves, they’re nothing to worry about either.
  318. >Rarity sighs, and takes a deep breath of fresh air.
  319. >”Aah… Jeez, dere is no way staying down there for long is good for my lungs.”
  320. >Rarity retightens her good chain and begins humming a tune as she canters back to her boutique in the chilly starry night.
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