Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Sep 21st, 2014
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  1. >You are Sema and you are in deep doodoo now
  2. >Thankfully you’re not the only one
  3. >Flower Tart and Dandelion both look at you with shock as the three of you gather around the broken vase on the floor
  4. >Dandelion turns to look at you and Flower Tart with a panicked look on her face
  5. “What are we going to do!? That was Miss Butterscotch’s favorite vase!”
  6. >Flower tart answers her with a hint of panic in her voice as well
  7. “I don’t know! Maybe we can hide it and...”
  8. >”No wait!”
  9. >The two turn to look at you as you interrupted them
  10. >”We could try to glue it back together!”
  11. >Flower Tart and Dandelions faces brighten right away
  12. “Dandelion thinks that’s a great idea!”
  13. “I’ll get the glue!”
  14. >Flower Tart takes off running to fetch the glue
  15. >”I’ll get the mop”
  16. “Dandelion will clean up the flowers”
  17. >And with that the three of you get into action
  18. >You sprint as fast as your little hooves take you and quickly grasp the mops handle between your teeth’s and then take off running back to the site of the accident
  19. >Butterscotch will be home any minute now and you do not want to hear one of her lectures, especially since you already heard one today
  20. >It’s not your fault Orange Pop got soaked, she just walked right under the huge bucket of water you dropped
  21. >As you get back to the broken vase Dandelion has already gathered the flowers into a somewhat neat pile and is now chatting in panic with Flower Tart
  22. >You jab the mop right at the water on the floor and start to lap it up as fast as you can as the two stare in anticipation and hurry
  23. “C’mon hurry it up! She could be here any minute...”
  24. >”Ahm tfying!”
  25. >You do not look back at Flower tart as some sweat drips down your temple as you dry the floor
  26. “M-maybe we should have gathered the pieces first...”
  27. >Dandelions comment makes you gasp and drop the mop at this mistake
  29. >Now the pieces are all mixed up and none of you know where they go
  30. “What did you do! Now we will never get it fixed!”
  31. >You glare at Flower tart
  32. >”W-well you were not any smarter either!”
  33. >Flower Tart gasps and then glares at you
  34. “Was too!”
  35. >”Was not!”
  36. “Was too!”
  37. >”Was n-“
  38. “D-dandelion thinks we need to fix the vase right now!”
  39. >You and Flower Tart stop bickering and turn to look at Dandelion
  40. >She seems pretty panicked
  41. >You and Flower Tart look at each other and nod
  42. >”Let’s do it!”
  43. “Yeah, let’s get it fixed fast!”
  44. >Dandelion lets out excited moth noises as the two of you stop arguing and start to pick up pieces of the broken vase before joining
  45. >Soon enough all of you have all the pieces gathered
  46. >You gather around a small table with Flower Tart and Dandelion
  47. >And then the three of you stare at the pieces
  48. >”...Any on you remember what the vase looked like?”
  49. >Flower Tart lets out a groan and Dandelion impacts the table with her face, only to let out a whiny “Ow...” as she rubs her nose with her hoof
  50. >You stare at the vase pieces and crack your brain, but to no avail and scrunch angrily at nothing in particular
  51. >That is, until Flower tarts expression brightens as if a light bulb lights itself above her head
  52. “I remember!”
  53. >You and Dandelion both look at the grinning Flower Tart with hope as she starts to gather some pieces and to apply some glue on them
  54. >Suddenly Dandelion gasps
  56. “The flowers, what if they die when they are not in the water!”
  57. >You raise a suspicious eyebrow at Dandelion as Flower Tart keeps focusing gluing the vase back together
  58. >”I don’t think the flowers would die if they are out of the water for a while Dandelion...”
  59. >Dandelion turns to look at you with a pout
  60. “But why else would those flowers be in water constantly”
  61. >You gasp in shock
  62. >”You’re right, we need to save the flowers!”
  63. “We need to hurry!”
  64. >you and Dandelion quickly take off and run to the neat pile of flowers
  65. >”They’ve been out of the water for so long, what if they are dead already! Miss Butterscotch will then know we broke the vase!”
  66. >Dandelion looks around and then notices something and points at it
  67. “A bucket! Let’s put them in there!”
  68. >You look in the direction Dandelion is pointing and then smile happily
  69. >”Good, I’ll get the bucket you bring some water in something”
  70. >Dandelion runs off to the kitchen as you rush to the bucket and drag it to the flowers
  71. >But you pause as you hear Dandelion let out a surprised loud Squeak from the kitchen
  72. >You rush to see what is going on
  73. >”Dandelion what ha-“
  74. >You stop and look at the now wet kitchen with a very wet dandelion looking very unpleased on the floor
  75. “Dandelion tripped...”
  76. >You stare in shock at the total mess but then remember how much of a hurry you are in and grab a small container and fill it with water
  77. “Chome ohn we neeh to hully”
  78. >Dandelion gets up and grabs some water as well and follows behind you as the two of you rush to the bucket, Danelions hooves making wet sounds behind you as they hit the floor
  79. >You pour the water into the bucket and drop the container as the wet Dandelion pours hers in as well and then shakes her head, sending droplets everywhere
  81. >You, now a bit wet, glare at her a bit as Dandelion smiles a bit sheepishly while blushing a bit but then the two of you throw the flowers into the bucket of water, some going into it some missing it
  82. >But before the two of you can get to putting the rest of the into the bucket Flower Tart lets out a yell
  83. “Ready!”
  84. >you and Dandelion rush to her to look at the vase
  85. >And your mouth drops open while Dandelion tilts her head at the thing on the table
  86. “Isn’t it pretty?”
  87. >Flower Tart beams at the two of you while looking triumphant
  88. >You glare at Flower Tart
  89. >”It does not look like the vase at all!”
  90. >Flower Tarts look now turns into smugness
  91. “I know, I made it even prettier. Isn’t it the best vase you have ever seen?”
  92. >You stare at Flower Tart like she grew a second head before slamming your hoof on the table
  93. >”But now she’ll know we broke it!”
  94. >Flower Tart looks at you and shrugs
  95. “She’ll like this one more”
  96. >Dandelion keeps looking at the vase and gives it a small poke with her hoof
  97. >The vase falls to its side
  98. >”It does not even stay up properly!”
  99. >Flower Tart now glares at you angrily
  100. “It does not need to it is art!”
  101. >You and Flower tart stare at each other and growl
  102. >that is, until Dandelion says something that makes both of you look in her direction
  103. “Dandelion made it better!”
  104. >Both of you look at the vase and gasp in shock
  105. >Dandelion has now applied glittery decorative glue on it
  106. >”We were supposed to fix it!”
  107. >Dandelions eyes widen and then she rubs the back of her head in embarrassment
  108. “Dandelion forgot...”
  109. >you quickly smash the vase with your hoof
  110. >”We still have time to fix this”
  112. >you pull up your hoof, only to notice some pieces are now stuck to it
  113. >”Oh horsefeath-“
  114. >Then there’s a sound that makes all three of you jolt in shock
  115. “What’s going on here?”
  116. >All three of you slowly turn your heads towards the voice
  117. >Butterscotch stares at the three of you with a dry Orange Pop behind her
  118. >Butterscotch looks around and so do you with your friends and finally notice the state of chaos her house is in
  119. >As Butterscotch turns back to look at all of you you raise your hoof and point it at Flower tart
  120. >”It’s her fault”
  121. “Hey!”
  122. >Flower Tart now glares at you once again and points at you
  123. “No it’s her fault!”
  124. >Butterscotch now looks at Dandelion
  125. “Whose fault is this Dandelion sweetie?”
  126. >Dandelion points at you and Flower Tart
  127. >Now both of you gasp in shock and stare at Dandelion
  128. >”Hey no fair!”
  129. “Yeah!”
  130. >Butterscotch shakes her head
  131. “You two need to learn...”
  132. >You and Flower Tart both sulk as Butterscotch starts to scold you two while Orange Pop shakes her head and sighs before going off to play with Dandelion
  133. >Stupid vase...
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