q/ how to find my competitors?

Sep 2nd, 2020
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  1. q/ how to find my competitors?
  2. I have a niche website
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  14. I don't know how to optimize titles and also posts or comparison tables,
  15. how can I find my competitors and check their website?
  16. Just google for your niche and see who is ranking :D
  17. Do you already know which are the keywords you are targeting? If so, just do a search for those keywords and see who are already there
  18. If not, then brainstorm some ideas based of a word from your main topic, and use some tools like Keyword Planner to see which keywords have a decent amount of search, then search for them and pick your competitors as mentioned in first place
  19. ?
  21. write down all your niche keywords, than go to google and expand the list with related keywords, go to google again to check the first 10 results for each and every keyword you collected - it will be the list of your competitors. Start analyzing their websites & their backlinks.
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  26. List out your possible keywords and search it on the search engine. Those top sites are your competitor, analyze the website content, backlinks and other factors.
  28. if you want to rank for "buy potatos", then search the keyword, find the top sites and there you go, you have competitors. If you find your website at the top, well then congratulations you have no competitors
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  31. You should do keyword research instead of looking for your competitors
  33. First find the keywords and go through keyword research tools and find the competitors and analyze do better it will be good.
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  36. So what can we take from that?
  38. Well, given the creative resources that are required to produce the content, EBC must strongly correlate with higher conversion rates, otherwise, Amazon wouldn’t display EBC/A+.
  40. If you’re a Vendor account holder, then no doubt your Amazon account manager has encouraged you to invest in A+ content.
  42. If you’re not a Vendor account holder then the secret is out!
  44. Here’s how Amazon makes the most of Enhanced Brand Content.
  46. Example 12: Communicate Core Value Proposition
  48. Different sections of the page fulfill different jobs.
  50. The top of Amazon’s listing pages tend to be highly functional and aimed at closing the transaction. The EBC content is designed to appeal to emotional purchase drivers.
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