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our unspoken side

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Jan 4th, 2021
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  1. Our Unspoken Side(self.CivRealms)
  2. submitted 6 months ago by Vanax35 to /r/CivRealms
  4. I’m sure by now you’ve heard a lot about the current conflict though I’m certain you haven’t heard our side yet. There has been a slew of disinformation and rumours.
  6. Varathia has been an unchecked beast and our conflict with them is completely justified. They committed crimes when they obbybombed public infrastructure (the CivCorp-Alexandria tunnel). They committed crimes when they attacked kicky in the AN. They committed crimes when they attacked and occupied foreign cities such as Boris. They committed crimes when they killed innocent naked players who happened to spawn near their vault.
  8. How many crimes must they commit before people realise, they need to be stopped? We finally retaliated and acted against Varathia for their crimes against our people, disabling their vault. What we did not expect was for the PVP-hungry players from Cantina and Blackwater to step in and interfere with a conflict that did not involve them at all. History repeats itself with world police groups. These players are burdened with a history of imperialism. Blackwater harboured altraiders and Cantina has been involved in countless conflicts as they virtue signal for peace and nationbuilding, while they are constantly foaming at the mouths for PVP action. When will we say NO to this world police, who reach their hand into every conflict for a crumb of PVP?
  10. It’s sad to see great nations like Alexandria fall for the propaganda that these players spew. But it’s understandable given we haven’t had a chance to explain our side. At this point, the reality is that we are outnumbered and outgunned by this axis of evil including Varathia, Cantina and Blackwater. Their numbers allow them to control public opinion and perception. We cannot defeat them alone and so we must ask for help from our allies and for neutral parties to stay uninvolved and stay safe. We are an animal trapped in a corner at the moment so it is difficult for us to be understanding and discern who is against us so we must assume anyone that is exploring around our vault is acting in bad faith.
  12. And finally, to Convoy
  14. kisses, Vanax35
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