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Nov 13th, 2019
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  1. ''December. 16. 1944. Near the village of Lanzerath''
  3. 3 Degrees Fahrenheit in Belgium is feels likes hell out on the front, especially during Christmas time. I don't get why General Walter has us stationed, the winds so loud we couldn't hear them Germans even if they were 3 inch's away, the storms so thick so we couldn't see them even if they were 3 inch's away, and there just wasn't any chance of an offensive during this weather
  5. ''3 hours later''
  7. It feels off this night. I am the only one awake in my division so everything was unusually quite, plus the wind finally died down so everything can now be clearly heard, and for once I get to be the Night watch, which means I keep up with the fire. conveniently we ran out of fire wood when I started my shift so now I have to go alone to get some. Leaving the camp was scary especially at night. The long walks are always calming however, I started to drift off to the far off place of home when... (''craaack). ''my heart sunk as I shined my flash light in the direction of the noise, and saw a German soldier pointing his Stg right in my direction!. (phew, phew, phew, phew, phew) the German Kurz bullet grazed my helmet knocking me to the ground "hier ist ein schmutziger Amerikaner!" howled the German. dizzy from the shot I crawled to the nearest hole and tried to hide, hoping the German didn't see me in the pitch black. (tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink, tink) The German started firing all over the place. "du bist schwach, wir werden dich stark machen, unser Weg ist der einzige Weg, gottzuerreichen!" (click) He was reloading now was my chance, I took my 1911 out and charged the megalomaniac, shooting in the direction I last heard him. (tik, tik, tik) my gun runs out of ammo. (BASH) I get hit in the head with something and fall over. I couldn't see but I do remember what I hear: "Armer, einfach gesinnter Narr" (chh chhi) "Aber alle Narren müssen sterben" lightly says the German "Get on the ground!" "Not one more inch!" "Ich würde lieber in der Hölle brennen, dann in den Händen schwächerer Menschen verrotten, der Herr wird mich beschützen, auch wenn ich in der Hölle bin" were the Germans final words before he took his own life. I still thank the lord for waking up my division.
  9. January. 15. 1985. Elsah. Illinois
  11. Danny, Danny is the name. people usually never (Not finished)
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