Failure to Disclose Partnership Between Intel and Vox Media

Jan 10th, 2016
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  1. Summary:
  2. Intel and Vox Media have recently announced their partnership together on January 5th 2016 to curb online harassment. ( Since then Vox Media and subsidiary sites of Vox Media (The Verge, Polygon, and Re/Code) have failed to disclose this in articles and ads covering Intel.
  5. List of Articles and Ads Lacking Disclosure:
  7. 1) Putting your face into Fallout 4 is exactly as cool as you'd think ((The Verge))
  9. "Intel is very keen for you to know all about its RealSense technology, which combines three cameras to see and map the world. At CES 2016, it has a fun little demo that puts your noggin into Fallout 4. To do it, you sit very still in a chair with a dour, "I live in a post-nuclear-apocalypse-hellscape" expression and don't move. A very nice man takes an HP tablet with Intel's cameras on it and walks around you slowly while pointing it at your head with the itSeez3D app."
  11. Promotes Intel's RealSense technology. Fails to disclose the partnership between The Verge's parent company Vox Media and Intel.
  14. 2) Intel is helping build a mobile VR headset you can use to walk around a room ((The Verge))
  16. "Intel RealSense was in some ways an idea ahead of its time: its depth sensing technology didn't start feeling really necessary until virtual reality came on the scene. But 2016 is the biggest year for VR since the '90s, and Intel doesn't want to miss out. It's partnering with a small headset company called IonVR to create a mobile headset that can map the world (and your hands) without wires, controllers, or external cameras."
  18. Promotes Intel's RealSense and IonVR. No disclosure between their parent company partnering with Intel.
  21. 3) Intel Shows Its Sporty Side at CES, but Can It Really Outrun the Competition? ((Re/code))
  23. "At CES this year, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is putting a particular emphasis on sports. During his keynote he is set to announce deals that will see Intel’s chips put inside snowboards at ESPN’s X Games and a partnership with New Balance to work together on an Android Wear fitness watch. The watch, due out by next holiday season, won’t require a smartphone for connectivity, New Balance said."
  25. Discusses Intel's approach to get into the wearable electronics market. Along with the other two articles, there is no disclosure of Vox media's recent partnership with Intel.
  28. 4) AD ((SBNation))
  31. Embedded ad can be seen at the top of their site next to the Fantasy Online College logo. No mentions around the ad or on the site of Intel's recent partnership with Vox Media.
  34. 5) Segway and Intel announce a hoverboard butler ((The Verge))
  36. "Tonight at its CES keynote, Intel has unveiled a "personal transporter" (aka hoverboard) that can also transform into a robot. Created in partnership with Xiaomi portfolio company NineBot and Segway, the robo-rideable butler can stream video, make cute expressions with its front display, and whatever else you want, really, since it'll be open platform starting second half of the year. (Hoverboard Butler uses Intel RealSense technology, which we are hearing a lot about tonight.)"
  38. More promotion of Intel's RealSense along with their robot butler. No mention of partnership.
  41. 6) Intel and Oakley made sunglasses that talk to you ((The Verge))
  43. "During its keynote address at CES 2016 tonight, Intel showed off a pair of sunglasses made by Oakley that come with a built-in running and exercise coach that talks to you as you work out via a set of attached headphones. Radar, as the system is called, also responds to voice commands, so you can ask it how far you've gone, how far you need to go, your current pace, and other data."
  45. Promotion of sunglasses made by Intel and Oakley. No mention of partnership.
  48. 7) Intel's CES 2015 keynote was among the best — watch the highlights here ((The Verge))
  50. "Drones with RealSense and doors with a sense of humor: just a small taste of the future"
  52. Title is self-explanatory. Includes another promotion for RealSense. No disclosure.
  55. 8) Intel earnings show a company holding steady even as PC sales tumble ((The Verge))
  57. "Growth in its data center and Internet of Things divisions helped Intel avoid a sharp decline"
  59. Includes talk over Intel's earnings in 2015. No disclosure present over their partnership with Intel.
  62. 9) Intel Reports a Pretty Decent Fourth Quarter, but Shares Fall on Less-Than-Rosy Outlook ((Re/code))
  64. "Intel posted stronger-than-expected profits in the fourth quarter, a sign that the world’s largest chipmaker continues to sell a whole lot of processors even though it has largely failed to capitalize on the smartphone revolution."
  66. More talk over Intel's earning's in 2015. No mention of partnership.
  69. 10) Intel's new ad campaign reminds you it's inside more than just PCs
  71. ""Intel Inside" has been the US chip maker's calling card since the slogan was introduced in the early '90s. (Along with the accompanying "bong" sound mark.) However, while this motto was originally deployed to make customers think about what chips were inside their PCs, the scope for Intel's products has widened since. The company's new advertising campaign emphasizes this fact with a montage of Intel-powered devices, from 3D printers and robot assembly lines, to solar-powered cars and fitness trackers. Intel is inside everything, seems to be the intended message."
  73. The article evaluates an advertisement by Intel without mentioning their partnership.
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