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Operation Blackout

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Dec 30th, 2011
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  1. #OpBlackout
  2. Personal spending power is directly shaping the country and the world. The products we buy directly affect the world around us, our quality of life and now more than ever our political system. We create our own reality. The governing bodies of the world have declared open war on the Internet and the free peoples of earth. The following is a template that if followed will topple the tyrants without firing a single shot. Not all of it is practical for every persons situation but some of it always will be and those are the parts that matter.
  4. Withdraw your money from big banks and use a credit union and stop using credit cards. You are only as free as you want to be.
  6. Vote independent or third party. It only takes a few seats to change the entire flow of national politics and several countries have sprouted 3rd parties from such efforts.The majority of political candidates from both political parties are firmly in the the pockets of the plutocracy and seek only to pillage the populous.
  8. Buy locally and get to know your local community and activist. People are always fighting the good fight. Find them.
  10. Cancel your cable television, find your own news and
  11. boycott Hollywood. Every penny spent and every commercial viewed via the old guard media is a dagger in the eye of free speech and a blow to the internet and it's communities.
  13. Every gallon of oil has a price in lives and environmental damage and every product you buy is coated with the tears of child laborers. Many dictators around the globe have come to power only by being oil friendly with the United States and atrocities are committed every waking hour with our weaponry. Walk when you can and use public transit and always be mindful of what you buy.
  15. Refuse to buy food that is dangerous and be wary of untested chemicals in your domestic wares and water. The watchdogs only show up in force when people die and they are paid not to care so it's buyer beware. Monsanto and Dow are dooming mankind with their cross pollinating strains and poisoning all living things. End them.
  17. Invest in sustainable technology whenever possible. Solar power always comes in handy. Even a small panel for a portable device is better than nothing and may come in surprisingly handy someday.
  19. Support open source and free technology. Refuse to buy products or services that employ artificial limits and restrictions. It is your duty to end any company behaving this way.
  21. Remember your rights and demand them. Record police abuse, upload and stream. You are the media. Practice non violent resistance and take to the streets whenever possible. First the street corner then the square.
  23. Above all else resist.
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