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  1. Name: Maren
  2. Key: Drileyx
  3. Skill or Tier S: Holy Weapon Soul T2
  5. Reasoning:
  6. -Maren has spent time with Osari, learning different ways to harness the energy of her soul. First by being able to sense surface level emotions, and then a more practical use in learning to heal. Her ability to fill her weapon with her soul helped in quickly learning these techniques, and may influence those same holy techniques into her swordsmanship.
  8. -Maren and Kin have been constantly at odds, with Maren finding Kin's obsessive behavior disgusting and revolting, and Kin constantly being annoyed with Maren's and others interference. Despite her best effort, Kin just constantly finds some way to raise his power. Raise how much damage he can do to Ayumu through his constant clingy behavior.
  10. Moment: Maren and Kin have yet again come to lethal blows. Kin instigating the fight by attempting to slap Maren, leading to an argument of Maren bringing Kin all of the facts of his behavior, and Kin denying that it is anything bad, up to the point of drawing his own sword against Maren with the intent to kill.
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