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  1. A year has passed since I saw him last
  2. And yet his memory endures.
  3. For he was my brother, the gentle and strong
  4. I catch him, to see him fade…
  5. ‘Oh brother! Oh brother!’ Why did you leave?
  6. And leave me to face the world?
  7. For it was you who guarded, shielded, and protected me
  8. Now you lie, still, in your grave.
  9. I still remember the day that he disappeared
  10. A bright, cheery Friday with sun.
  11. With his friends he went to Mt. Pyre
  12. That day passed well enough, yet as night fell
  13. Come home he did not, and later I learned
  14. Presumed dead, he was lost.
  15. Consumed with terror, I ran out alone
  16. ‘Oh brother! Where did you go?’
  17. Searched the woods, did I
  18. The beaches, the hills, the surrounding seas,
  19. No trace did I find, neither hide nor hair,
  20. Dazed with grief, I wandered the world.
  21. Exhausted, I sat down and looked at the moon,
  22. Yet the moon was dark ‘What is this?’
  23. Wondering, I saw, and gaped as it shone
  24. From behind Mt. Pyre, as it were.
  25. The graveyard that he went to
  26. And might never return from
  27. Sobbing, I stepped up to it’s shores.
  28. ‘Brother! If be here thou, I will find you!’
  29. The fog engulfs me  in it’s cold trickle
  30. Blinds, conceals, hides, and shades
  31. Tearing my face with nails I advance
  32. Searching, searching, and searching.
  33. Inside the mountain go I and shiver
  34. At the sight of the graves, gray and still.
  35. Hands reach out from the walls
  36. Eyes watch me in the halls
  37. The only sounds are my tears
  38. And my footfalls.
  39. Rows by columns of graves, graves, graves.
  40. Each houses a soul, forever lost.
  41. Determined am I that my brother shall have not
  42. A place among these graves.
  43. To the top of the mountain
  44. I ran, and saw a silhouette.
  45. Overjoyed, I called out, ‘Brother!’
  46. He turned, and my jaw dropped in horror
  47. For his eyes were blank, his hands jerky
  48. And he advanced closer with a smile.
  49. His mouth bloody, his hands dripping pus.
  50. I backed up as he approached.
  51. Yet suddenly he stopped and beckoned me closer
  52. And turned around his hands saying come.
  53. Went forward did he, as I trailed him.
  54. Suddenly he stopped, and I saw
  55. A huge hole in his back! My mouth constricted.
  56. Suddenly, I was pulled towards him.
  57. No longer a human, his body rounded
  58. Two stubby legs poked out.
  59. I looked into the hole, and a fire lit.
  60. The next day in the town, news reports abounded-
  61. ‘Martin brothers missing. Friends say younger brother went in search of older brother on Mt. Pyre after early reports pronounced him dead. Incidentally, Dusclops abound on Mt. Pyre at this time of year.'
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