Sennamon DBR Race Notes

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  1. These are observations/notes I took on the 2015 source that Kopmon and Sennalove ran for a month, July-August of 2018. I just thought some of it was funny, some of it was interesting, and some of it kinda neat, so.
  3. ______________________________
  5. Saiyans: me changed them
  7. Half-Saiyans:
  9. Tuffles: 1.5, then 3, then 6, then 15x BP Mod. 1.25x recov and stats at Asc 2. Energy goes to 3, to 6, to 9. Cyberize is in, allowing for two strong minds at 1.5x defensive stats both times, 500% anger from wrath, cyber BP, and 20x energy.
  11. Humans: 1.35x stats and speed at HT, 1.25 stats at red asc and blue path both give speed as well, 1, then 1.25, then 1.5, then 2.5 BPM. 1.35x then 1.35x for HT and SHT. Doubled BPM for both, for a total of 10. Humans are absolutely disgusting in terms of raw scaling.
  13. Aliens: Berserk is 1.1x stats, auto-anger. Each level of berserk adds .5 more stats, and nerfs recov. 3, then 6, then 15 BPM. 4m, then 17m, then 50-60mish add. possibly the worst endgame in DBR. pls.
  15. Namekians: 1.8 base, 2.5x first, 5 second, 15 third asc. 1.25x Recov second asc. Recov is 5 in final asc.
  17. Spirit Doll: My Spirit Dolls from Underground Wipe.
  19. Kitsunes: 1 BPM, then 3, then 6, then 9. 1st asc gives 2x recov, 1.5x energy. 2nd asc gives speed/force/off/def/str. Looks about...1.25x, too lazy to care, it's gay regardless. Fox Stance buffs up with ascensions. At final asc it's 2x force 1.25x off/def.
  21. Tanuki: Actually autistically strong start wipe. Probably the best early-game bully among all DBR commons and semi-rares. Tortoise Stance Tanuki can flex over 10x str with 15x end/res. First ASC raises BPM to 5. Second asc raises BPM to 15. That's it. No midgame, no endgame. Just a really strong SSJ1.5 and 2.5 it looks like.
  23. Demigods:
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