v1.20 Backup Installation Rundown

Jun 3rd, 2017
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  1. - This is still dependent on this parent Pastebin post - everything you need is in this Pastebin (including uncensors - EVERYTHING), just use Ctrl+F in it.
  3. - For those from the (undead) subreddit, it's the stickied post in the HOT section - not the one in the sidebar.
  4. - If you have joined our Discord server, you may ask for the link in #help channel, you are also free to ask for help whenever you are stuck on something, but be sure to have done all the possible solutions that you can think of on your own first, before coming to us.
  8. 0 - Once you have the v1.20 BACKUP, back it up somewhere in case you mess up (if you can afford the space). Here's the torrent if you missed it or copy the magnet link at the bottom of this post - the FitGirl Repack is old, so don't use that.
  9. 1 - Install Illusion Plugin Architecture (IPA), this is your first staple mod, or rather, mod framework, extract it to your game's root folder.
  10. 2 - To actually make IPA work after putting it in your game's root folder, you have to drag & drop all the game's .exe files(HoneySelect_x, HoneyStudio_xx, StudioNEO_xx, etc) unto the included IPA.exe (the syringe with the red liquid), it will create new shortcuts for you to use - ignore the IPA folder with the green liquid.
  11. 3 - Read then follow the installation order highlighted below, so get your uncensors and staple plugins from the parent Pastebin (linked at the top)
  12. 4 - In the Pastebin, go to the "Installation Orders" section, go through the Pastelink for the English Translations Order.
  13. 5 - In that Pastelink translation order page, download English Translation (re)Package from the links given, drag & folder contents, read the included .txt file for more info if you want - You may want to also download then apply any other translation updates and fixes.
  15. - You should have a translated uncensored (don't miss step 3) Vanilla game with the majority of DLCs and updates, launch the game through the new shortcuts IPA created for you,
  17. if you are going to install new updates or DLCs when they come out, re-apply the translation pack(s) - although I don't recommend applying new updates right away (wait for the updated translations), you can check Renoa's guide linked below for an idea on how to update your game. keep in mind that some mods as of Mid-August 2017 now depend on the most recent update of the game (IE 4K Graphics/LRE).
  19. UNLESS you plan to commit to using Studio/NEO, in which case you will HAVE to update your game to the most recent versions, or the translation pack will cause the UI of NEO to glitch out, as the pack is made for most recent versions in mind, this is when you should really join our Discord channel, so we can help you out in case you mess up, check our #tutorials channel, you might find what you need!
  21. You should basically follow this order:
  22. 1.20 backup > Game Updates or DLCs (if you want) > SBX2 uncensor (or the other ones you choose) > Plasticmind's 4K graphic pack/LRE (includes 4K textures, if you want it) > all plugins (WideSlider, Shortcuts, HoneyShot, etc) > Translation Packs (always last)
  24. - If you ever plan to update your game, or re-install uncensors, install graphics pack, etc - just re-do this order from the 2nd part of the order (this is necessary to avoid bugs and glitches, you MUST re-do order) .
  26. >Note that you NEED Winrar to open the official game update files to drag the data out of them, as they don't work on systems that aren't natively in Japanese Locale (I have it, but even then still doesn't work for me).
  28. Here's an alternative guide that includes installing new updates by Renoa
  30. ----------------
  31. My Installation Guidelines post:
  34. - updated for the new torrent as of 14-06-2017
  35. - 06-07-2017: I updated this guide so I can use it as a temporary guide until I get to finish my in-depth installation guide, which is awfully overdue, I have just been relocated by my job and have just moved out, so I won't be posting it in a week or two.
  36. - 21-07: Cleared up a number of things, corrected mistakes and oversights.
  37. - 22-07: Added the magnet link below
  38. - 24-07: Added Renoa's installation guide, if mine isn't that quick enough for you!
  39. - 01-08: Added highlights(!), cleared up the uncensor part (people don't know how to look it up in the parent Pastebin)
  40. - 13-09: corrected and further cleared up a couple of things, mentioned Renoa's guide earlier
  42. The nyaa link that hosts this torrent doesn't work in some countries, which is why I have directly linked the magnet instead, just choose "add torrent" in your favorite torrenting client, and find something that allows you to add magnet links.
  44. TORRENT MAGNET LINK (Copy-Paste this into your torrent client): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5FZVTVU7AORWGJ334GBK27CO72X6VVM3&dn=Fully+Updated+HoneySelect+%2B+All+DLC+%26+Extra+Content+%5BBACKUP%5D+-+Version+1.20&
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