GAB Frequently Asked Questions v1

Aug 16th, 2016
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  1. GAB Frequently Asked Questions
  2. ------------------------------
  4. 1. What size image do I upload for cover photos?
  6. If you have a good photo with great resolution 850x315 will be perfect. But you can also do 1700x630 and it will scale down to 850x315 and make the image more sharper.
  8. 2. What size profile image should I use?
  10. Decrease your image to a width of 200 and then edit it to a 1 to 1 ration ie 200x200 - If you attempt to upload an image that is say 400x200 the image will work but will stretch.
  12. 3. I want this feature added, who do I talk to?
  14. Keep in mind GAB is in EARLY BETA and new features are being added daily. The current developer has a boat load of feature request already and it is likely that yours is included. Give it 5 days to see if your feauture gets added, and if not send a message to @support
  16. 4. Is the site mobile friendly?
  18. Yes, simply login and GAB will be fully responsive to any screen be it a computer, laptop, tablet, phone, or other device.
  20. 5. Is there an Android or Apple app?
  22. Not currently but in the works.
  24. 6. Where are all my profile settings?
  26. Click your profile picture in the upper right hand corner of the site, then on settings. Look for the grey shaded button. From here you can set your Bio information, username if available, password, cover photo, and profile photo, email address, and physical name.
  28. You can also set whether you want, or do not want to receive site emails when you get new followers, mentions, likes, and reposts.
  30. 7. Where do I set site notifications I receive from the site by email?
  32. See number 6 above.
  34. 8. I forgot my password to login and see nowhere to reset it.
  36. This is a critical feature that is currently being worked on. If using a mobile device, and you logged in on a laptop/computer see if you are still logged in there or vice versa and if you can get in, change your password. If not, jump on Twitter and contact @Torbahax and he can reset your password manually.
  38. 9. Can I change my username?
  40. Yes, as long as nobody else on the network is using it.
  42. 10. How many characters can my Bio be?
  44. 300 characters, no hashtag linking at this time but it is coming. Clickable URL links is a feature coming soon as well.
  46. 11. Do hashtags work on GAB?
  48. Yes, the same format as all social networks ie #Gab
  50. 12. I see nowhere to upload an image when making a post.
  52. That feature is coming. For now go to https://sli.mg and upload your image and then paste the link they give you and your image will appear as expected.
  54. 13. Can I paste Youtube links?
  56. Yes, and they will appear as expected.
  58. 14. How does trending work on Gab?
  60. On GAB, we use upvotes as liking a post. The more upvotes the higher you will see it under the popular section at the top menu of the site.
  62. 15. How can I help the site grow?
  64. By simply letting others on other networks know that we are up and running. Keep in mind that the staff of GAB is 100 percent committed to free speech for everyone as long as they meet our basic community guidelines. There will be no shadow banning or manipulation of upvotes/downvotes on this network.
  66. 16. I heard this was a network for conservatives and Trump supporters, and I am not voting for him and I am a Progressive?
  68. The reason you have heard that the site is for Trump supporters or conservatives is because that group created this network because on other sites we were censored. But, we VERY much want differing thoughts and for you to engage in dialogue along open free speech on this network as long as you meet the community guidelines EVERYONE must adhere to.
  70. 17. I do not see a search field to search for people, keywords, or hashtags.
  72. This is a critical feature being worked on now. For now, find people in the popular section or manually load gab.ai/hash/HASHTAG to see that hashtag's archives.
  74. 18. Where is GAB's Terms of Services and Privacy Policy?
  76. TOS = http://pastebin.com/Vg6QvWdH
  77. PP = http://pastebin.com/e8uj5S8r
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