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Sequoia Session 17

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  1. [19:32:31 ][castfromhp] Rushing to the Leech manor grounds, our heroes arrived just in time to see a large bat swoop in and snatch up a Mareep corpse and the hapless fellow hiding behind it for cover. There's a moment of silence before the Watchers, led by Lenny, rush to help their injured companion who was swatted away by the monstrous creature.
  2. [19:35:25 ]* Adrienne lets out Mina. "Anyone catch what that Pokemon was?"
  3. [19:38:17 ]* Percival pulls out Basa Basa. "That's what we've been called in for now isn't it?"
  4. [19:38:45 ][@Doxy] The watchers all look at you like you're a big baby dum dum. "Uh, it was a big ass crobat," one of the watchers says.
  5. [19:39:33 ][castfromhp] "Larger than any I've seen the family raise before." Caitlyn speaks up as she carefully walks forward.
  6. [19:40:03 ]* LucianLavarre scans them for the wounded, setting down his supplies when he draws in closer to investigate.
  7. [19:40:21 ][LucianLavarre] Is it just the one?
  8. [19:40:32 ][@Doxy] Ranger Jeff: "Perhaps it wasn't a crobat at all, but a pleistocene era Swoobat? They had wingspans of up to 4 meters then."
  9. [19:40:56 ][@Doxy] Other Rangers: "Shut the fuck up Jeff."
  10. [19:41:25 ][zoofman] Lenny seems completely flabbergasted, rubbing his forehead and pacing around the spot where the young man and sheep were lifted off from.  "Nope, nothing okilly dokilly about this.  Whichever one of you fools organized this whole charade is going through basic all over again, that's for certain."
  11. [19:42:42 ][LucianLavarre] Did the man who got knocked away get bitten or scraped in a significant way?
  12. [19:42:50 ][LucianLavarre] Or was just the impact that cleared him?
  13. [19:43:04 ]* Dann- makes a mental note to investigate whether pleistocene Swoobat are a thing. He also releases Atlas.
  14. [19:44:19 ][Percival] "Even for a bat that's a mighty big version of it. Has there been a bunch of attacks from it recently?"
  15. [19:47:22 ][Adrienne] "I have an idea, let's follow the thing that kidnapped the other guy," she suggests, scooping up Mina. "You know, just in case?"
  16. [19:47:44 ][castfromhp] The guy who got swatted looks like he might have a broken rib or two, but he doesn't look like he got bit or clawed.
  17. [19:50:16 ][castfromhp] From the other side of the field, opposite from where the Mareep and guy got snatched, a trembling man slowly stands up and starts sheepishly walking over to the rest of the Watchers.
  18. [19:52:43 ][Adrienne] "One less problem to solve, go him." Adrienne still keeps an eye out.
  19. [19:52:46 ]* LucianLavarre explains to the Watchers, "He'll be okay but don't let him lie down."
  20. [19:53:18 ][LucianLavarre] "Keep him upright until you get him to the hospital. I would treat him right now but I need to get going with my team."
  21. [19:55:02 ][Percival] "Yeah our best chance might be folowing that thing, I can't imagine it'd be a good thing if it brought it back to wherever it might live."
  22. [19:55:56 ]* LucianLavarre joins the team again and gestures at the mansion, "Let's get going then. Ms. Leech, can you lead the way?"
  23. [19:56:10 ][zoofman] At this point Watcher Lenny is composed enough to walk up to you guys and explain what the heck is going on, "Well, as you can see," he waves at all the Mareep carcasses in the front yard, "this was absolute tomfoolery.  These Watcher Recruits came up from Aralia City with their boss, and thought they'd solve our little problem in the woods by luring out the beast."
  24. [19:56:19 ][zoofman] "Hate to say it worked, but maybe a bit too well."
  25. [19:56:52 ][castfromhp] As he gets closer, you see the trembling man is wearing a Watcher recruit uniform, different from the ones Lenny and the other Watchers sport. "Oh man, we fucked up didn't we?" He says, looking over at where his companion was kidnapped. "Hey, uh, I realllly need to call my commander. Could I borrow a phone by any chance?"
  26. [19:57:01 ][LucianLavarre] "Well, luring something out is only half of a plan. So on the bright side, they've still...failed?"
  27. [19:58:08 ][Percival] "Well you managed to get it out here but, what were you planning on doing when it arrived?"
  28. [20:00:37 ][Dann-] "We may want to get moving if we're going to help that guy."
  29. [20:01:16 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, you seriously bungled this one," Adrienne tells the recruit. "Dann's got the right idea, let's run after the big one before it gets away."
  30. [20:01:22 ][LucianLavarre] "Lenny, we're going on ahead. Can we trust you to keep us posted?"
  31. [20:01:51 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn is looking over the field of corpses but turns when addressed. "Caitlyn is fine, like I said before. Lead the way where? We saw the direction it fled, but we can't be sure it stayed that course if it's flying."
  32. [20:02:39 ][LucianLavarre] "You have bat Pokemon, right? Do you think they would be able to track it?"
  33. [20:03:30 ][zoofman] "Oh sure I can clean up here...or more correctly make sure these bozos do."
  34. [20:03:46 ][Adrienne] "I didn't get a good look at the corpse, but was it drained? If it wasn't, we can follow the blood trail. The big bat's bound to leave a clue or two, I'm guessing."
  35. [20:04:02 ][castfromhp] "Help me find something to track its scent by. And if you have any Pokemon that can pick up the trail, the more the better."
  36. [20:04:30 ][Percival] "Right, we'll all see about getting on it's trail. Maybe it's left something on some of the sheep?"
  37. [20:05:23 ][castfromhp] The recruit manages to get a phone off one of the other Watchers, and as he walks away and dials a number you can hear very loud yelling from the other side. Lucian, you recognize it as Nick Explosion's voice.
  38. [20:06:50 ][castfromhp] "Indeed. Let's look." Caitlyn says, gesturing to her Swoobat and heading towards the Mareep corpses.
  39. [20:06:59 ]* Dann- calls out Kai.
  40. [20:09:08 ][Dann-] "Kai, some enormous bat was just here. It may have left its scent on some of these corpses. Can you find anything?"
  41. [20:10:43 ][Adrienne] "Maybe something got left behind on the guy with a broken rib," Adrienne suggests, calling out Arthur. "Hey, Arthur. Try sniffing that guy over there," she points to the guy in question. "And tell me if you smell anything funny?"
  42. [20:10:50 ][castfromhp] Kai begins sniffing around, but there's a pretty heavy stench in the air from all the corpses so he'll need some help finding something to anchor his search. Roll perception if you're looking around the corpses too.
  43. [20:11:01 ]* LucianLavarre lets Olivia and Ishtore out, calling both of them to settle on his shoulders.
  44. [20:11:10 ][Dann-] 2d6 I am bad at Perception
  45. [20:11:11 ][CritSenpai] I am bad at Perception: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  46. [20:11:13 ][LucianLavarre] 4d6+1 Perception
  47. [20:11:13 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 18 [4d6=3,6,6,2]
  48. [20:11:16 ][Percival] "Hm, Basa Basa think you might want to help us in finding a bat friend?"
  49. [20:11:27 ][Percival] 3d6
  50. [20:11:27 ][CritSenpai] 3d6: 10 [3d6=4,5,1]
  51. [20:11:38 ]* Adrienne helps too, might as well.
  52. [20:11:39 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  53. [20:11:39 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  54. [20:13:33 ][castfromhp] Lucian, your medical experience helps you out here as you stoop down to look over some of the corpses - you see large fangs lodged in a couple of the Mareep, soaked red by blood and partially obscured by viscera.
  55. [20:15:59 ]* LucianLavarre puts on gloves and kneels down to better examine the bite marks, carefully prying the fangs out.
  56. [20:16:35 ][castfromhp] Medicine or Pokemon Edu. Anyone else looking can help too.
  57. [20:18:04 ][LucianLavarre] 4d6+1 Tool Assisted Medicine
  58. [20:18:05 ][CritSenpai] Tool Assisted Medicine: 16 [4d6=6,1,6,2]
  59. [20:18:15 ][Dann-] 5d6 PokeEdu
  60. [20:18:16 ][CritSenpai] PokeEdu: 12 [5d6=1,3,2,3,3]
  61. [20:18:18 ]* Percival comes over to check out the fangs.
  62. [20:18:19 ][Percival] 4d6 pokemon edu
  63. [20:18:19 ][CritSenpai] pokemon edu: 12 [4d6=4,6,1,1]
  64. [20:18:20 ][Adrienne] 4d6+1 AP
  65. [20:18:21 ][CritSenpai] AP: 23 [4d6=4,6,6,6]
  66. [20:19:46 ][castfromhp] Lucian, the first thing you notice is the root of the fang is nearly rotted away.
  67. [20:21:36 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you pick up on that, but your Pokemon knowledge also tells you that a Pokemon with fangs this big should have a much stronger bite than what's presented on the corpse here. Judging from the other Mareep around, it seems like this thing had a lot of trouble getting a good bite in so it could drink up blood - and its fangs broke off very easily in the process.
  68. [20:21:58 ]* LucianLavarre wrinkles his nose at the smell but doesn't shy away from the unpleasantness. "There's something wrong with the thing's teeth...or it's an older specimen than we might have expected."
  69. [20:22:27 ][castfromhp] Basically, a Zubat-line Pokemon drinking blood would make a small, clean incision and then lap up the blood. This thing looks like it strugged for a while and messily tore the sheep open but still broke off one of its teeth in the process.
  70. [20:22:30 ]* LucianLavarre chuckles morbidly, "Maybe it's a Sharpedo cross..."
  71. [20:22:37 ][castfromhp] *struggled
  72. [20:22:41 ][Percival] "You know I wonder how many teeth it has left if these broke off from it too."
  73. [20:23:18 ]* LucianLavarre walks up to Caitlyn with the broken off fangs, "Can you use these?"
  74. [20:23:28 ][LucianLavarre] broken off fangs, blood and all*
  75. [20:23:35 ][Adrienne] "Huh, whatever Pokemon this came from is supposed to be a lot stronger than what this wound suggests; it has problems getting a good bite in."
  76. [20:23:49 ][Adrienne] had*
  77. [20:24:12 ][castfromhp] "Certainly." Caitlyn grimaces but lets her Swoobat examine the fang. Kai also trots over for a sniff.
  78. [20:25:07 ][LucianLavarre] Once the two trackers have had their fill, he deposits them in a sealed plastic baggie and stuffs it somewhere apart from his medical supplies.
  79. [20:25:22 ][castfromhp] After a moment, both of them turn towards the direction the creature fled and nod at you all, to indicate they've found the scent. Kai pauses for a few seconds longer though, and he begins sniffing toward the direction of the Leech Manor.
  80. [20:27:42 ][Percival] "Eh? That's a bit strange to be checking in that direction."
  81. [20:28:43 ][Dann-] "The manor? The scent goes that way, Kai?"
  82. [20:28:45 ][LucianLavarre] "It did come from there originally, didn't it?"
  83. [20:30:02 ][castfromhp] "I had hoped not." Caitlyn says with a concerned look. "If it's true the Leeches are harboring the Pokemon that exsanguinated one of the Luna family Houndooms, then there is little hope for a peaceful resolution to the feud."
  84. [20:30:56 ][LucianLavarre] "The actions of a select few do not represent the whole, Ms. Leech."
  85. [20:31:07 ][LucianLavarre] "Let's see where this leads before we make any judgements."
  86. [20:31:20 ][LucianLavarre] "Your fears may not come to pass."
  87. [20:32:19 ][castfromhp] "Truth and reason mean little in a conflict driven by passion and tradition." Caitlyn says with a sigh as she follows Kai around. The little fox is snaking around the side of the manor towards the back now.
  88. [20:33:02 ]* LucianLavarre looks at her and decides just to nod along, "Uh, yeah."
  89. [20:33:21 ][LucianLavarre] He hurries along as well, wondering if everyone in her family was this dramatic.
  90. [20:33:34 ]* Adrienne follows Kai and doesn't say what's on her mind.
  91. [20:33:53 ]* Dann- follows behind his pyromaniac.
  92. [20:33:57 ]* Percival follows Kai around to the back.
  93. [20:36:57 ][castfromhp] Kai stops in front of a small brick wall built into the side of a hill behind the manor. There's an aged, strong looking wooden door built into it.
  94. [20:37:19 ][LucianLavarre] "Before you ask, no let's not burn this door down."
  95. [20:37:30 ][castfromhp] "The old wine cellar." Caitlyn says as you all approach. "It hasn't been used for years."
  96. [20:37:33 ][Adrienne] "This is definitely weird."
  97. [20:37:57 ]* LucianLavarre tries opening the door.
  98. [20:37:59 ][Percival] "Seems like something was around here atleast recently."
  99. [20:38:21 ][LucianLavarre] "All the more perfect to hide something in, no?"
  100. [20:39:24 ][castfromhp] Despite its appearance, the door swings open easily, and in fact it feels like it's about to fall off its hinges. There's a large, deep groove on the inside of the wooden door, along with a pair of what look like puncture marks that didn't quite go through the whole door.
  101. [20:39:44 ][castfromhp] It's pitch black in here, and there's a musty smell in the air. Roll perception.
  102. [20:39:52 ][LucianLavarre] 4d6+1 Percepto
  103. [20:39:52 ][CritSenpai] Percepto: 13 [4d6=2,3,3,4]
  104. [20:40:07 ][Percival] 3d6 Perception
  105. [20:40:07 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 14 [3d6=6,2,6]
  106. [20:40:12 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  107. [20:40:12 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  108. [20:40:53 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perc
  109. [20:40:54 ][CritSenpai] Perc: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  110. [20:41:16 ][@Doxy] Dann is pretty sure it smells like pickled butt
  111. [20:42:28 ][castfromhp] Everyone but Dann notices a few drops of blood at the very edge of the light shone in by the door. Percival also hears a small quickly muffled gasp as the door is swung open.
  112. [20:43:43 ][Percival] "Hm? It seems as if there's already somebody else down here. Not just the pokemon we're looking for either."
  113. [20:44:51 ]* Dann- pulls out his flashlight.
  114. [20:44:57 ][Adrienne] "Really? I didn't hear anything." Adrienne pulls out her flashlight and lights the place up.
  115. [20:46:01 ][Percival] "It certainly seems like there was something else here. I doubt a bat or anything would've opened up the door easily."
  116. [20:47:24 ]* LucianLavarre takes the lead, eyes straining to catch sight of whatever is in here.
  117. [20:47:26 ][castfromhp] You sweep your flashlights over a mess of splintered barrels and discarded wine bottles. In the corner is a dark-haired youth, clutching his side. He shudders and ducks his head towards his chest to shield his eyes. The
  118. [20:47:49 ][castfromhp] The drops of blood lead his direction, stopping at a small pool by his side.
  119. [20:48:42 ][Adrienne] "Well, hell."
  120. [20:48:51 ]* LucianLavarre approaches carefully, his hands reaching for his supplies, while Ishtore sparks up an electric charge in warning.
  121. [20:49:10 ][castfromhp] "Daven!" Caitlyn calls out as she rushes in. "Explain yourself."
  122. [20:50:21 ][Percival] "Oh goodness, that's certainly something. Have you been down here long?"
  123. [20:51:23 ][castfromhp] "...Sis?" The boy sits up and scoots backward, still trying to shield his eyes from the bright light. "What are -you- doing back home?"
  124. [20:51:40 ][castfromhp] He groans and clutches his side again.
  125. [20:51:44 ]* LucianLavarre follows after Caitlyn, figuring it's okay to approach now and gets to work examining the boy. "Sit yourself back down and don't move. I want to see your side."
  126. [20:51:53 ]* LucianLavarre looks at Caitlyn, "Can you get him still?"
  127. [20:52:52 ][Adrienne] "I think a better question is what're you doing down here. With an enormous bat of some kind?"
  128. [20:53:33 ][castfromhp] 1d20
  129. [20:53:34 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 13 [1d20=13]
  130. [20:53:48 ][Percival] "You're atleast mostly whole after seeing that bat, that's a good thing."
  131. [20:54:14 ][castfromhp] 2d6+8+10 Daven suddenly bites at Lucian as he approaches with his medical supplies!
  132. [20:54:15 ][CritSenpai] Daven suddenly bites at Lucian as he approaches with his medical supplies!: 21 [2d6=1,2]
  133. [20:56:01 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 4 Grapple
  134. [20:56:01 ][CritSenpai] AC 4 Grapple: 7 [1d20=7]
  135. [20:57:23 ][LucianLavarre] ?
  136. [20:57:37 ][castfromhp] (roll your opposed roll too)
  137. [20:57:39 ][LucianLavarre] 3d6+2 Athletics Grapple, if that hits
  138. [20:57:39 ][CritSenpai] Athletics Grapple, if that hits: 11 [3d6=3,1,5]
  139. [20:57:53 ][castfromhp] 2d6
  140. [20:57:53 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  141. [20:58:12 ][LucianLavarre] (That should be 13 due to running shoes but I wasn't sure if I should include that)
  142. [20:58:15 ]* LucianLavarre recoils back as they boy bites at him but snaps to attention in time to lance his arm at the boy's collar to slam and hold him against the wall they're backed up against, using the arm stuck in the boy's mouth as leverage.
  143. [20:58:24 ][castfromhp] You manage to get a good hold on him, and Caitlyn rushes in and helps secure him too. "Daven, what the hell has gotten into you?"
  144. [20:58:33 ][LucianLavarre] He repeats to Caitlyn as he bears through the pain, "Can. You. Get. Him. Still?"
  145. [20:59:11 ][Adrienne] "Uhhh... Luce, you want some backup?"
  146. [20:59:19 ][Percival] "Woah now, I don't think we need our doctor in need of a doctor of his own. Need anything else?"
  147. [20:59:35 ]* Adrienne raises her cap cannon in suggestion.
  148. [20:59:39 ]* LucianLavarre clicks his tongue, "It's fine. My fingers are fine. I can work through this."
  149. [20:59:49 ][LucianLavarre] "Watch out exits and make sure there's nobody else around here."
  150. [21:00:02 ][castfromhp] "You could have given me a bit more time." Caitlyn says, staring at Daven in exasperation as she manages to wrestle him down. "There."
  151. [21:00:30 ][LucianLavarre] 4d6+1 Medicine Edu, extent of his injuries
  152. [21:00:30 ][CritSenpai] Medicine Edu, extent of his injuries: 12 [4d6=1,5,1,4]
  153. [21:00:38 ][castfromhp] "He is going through this -phase-, but I have never seen him -attack- someone."
  154. [21:00:56 ][LucianLavarre] "I would have given you all the time in the world honey, but your brother here decided for me."
  155. [21:01:14 ]* Adrienne shoves the cap cannon back into hiding. Let's not wave that thing around in here for too long. Adrienne walks up the stairs to close the door. "What kind of phase are we talking about here? Brat phase or vampire phase?"
  156. [21:01:41 ]* LucianLavarre gets some cloth out of his bag and gives it to Caitlyn after he frees his arm, "Stuff this in his mouth. We don't want him biting any more people."
  157. [21:01:46 ][castfromhp] "Just hurry up before he takes a finger off." Caitlyn has her hand held over Daven's mouth, but it's clear the guy is still trying to make biting motions.
  158. [21:01:52 ][castfromhp] "Thanks." She stuffs it in.
  159. [21:01:55 ][castfromhp] As you examine his injuries...
  160. [21:03:18 ]* Percival checks down the remainder of the hallway by the barrels. "Certainly a set of teeth on the little man."
  161. [21:03:21 ][castfromhp] He's a bit scratched up and bruised all over, but the worst of it seems to be two large puncture wounds in his side. They're not very deep though, and similar to the Mareep they're messy and not very clean.
  162. [21:03:48 ]* Dann- looks to Kai. "Is the scent still here? Somewhere in this cellar?"
  163. [21:05:02 ]* LucianLavarre pulls out more supplies, "I'm going to disinfect them. Adrienne, help Caitlyn hold him down. He's going to thrash."
  164. [21:05:12 ][LucianLavarre] How recent are the bites?
  165. [21:05:17 ][castfromhp] Percival, as you look further down the hallway, you see sets of chains, a falconer's glove, large packs of a red liquid you presume to be blood, and a set of torn up burlap sacks.
  166. [21:05:41 ][castfromhp] Kai sniffs in that direction and all over the strewn about stuff, then yips.
  167. [21:05:46 ][LucianLavarre] "You said something about a phase? What's that about? Why is your brother down in this cellar?
  168. [21:05:47 ][castfromhp] The wound is very fresh.
  169. [21:05:49 ][LucianLavarre] "*
  170. [21:06:44 ]* Dann- draws his shovel and walks cautiously over to Kai. "It stops here then." He squats down to examine the chains. How big are they?
  171. [21:07:43 ]* Percival saunters over to the sacks. "I can't imagine why they'd keep packs of this down here. Much less these chains in a wine cellar."
  172. [21:07:57 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn rolls her eyes as she responds. "He never quite grew out of thinking that vampires were the coolest thing ever and dressing up as one when he went to school. There is a term for this, I know, but it's on the tip of my tongue..."
  173. [21:08:08 ][LucianLavarre] Is there mold in the cellar?
  174. [21:08:17 ][LucianLavarre] "Vampohile?"
  175. [21:08:22 ][LucianLavarre] "Vampaboo?"
  176. [21:08:31 ][Adrienne] "Goth?"
  177. [21:08:45 ][castfromhp] These are pretty heavy chains.
  178. [21:09:01 ][castfromhp] The ones you might see used to restrain a particularly large or strong Pokemon.
  179. [21:09:01 ][Dann-] Broken? Or just not attached to anything right now?
  180. [21:09:04 ][LucianLavarre] Before he closes up the wounds and binds them, Lucian compares them to the fang samples.
  181. [21:09:21 ][castfromhp] It's very dusty down here, but you don't smell mold.
  182. [21:09:35 ][castfromhp] The size of the wounds seems to be an exact match to the fangs.
  183. [21:10:21 ][LucianLavarre] "Adrienne, get some rope from Dann and help me time him up. Once I'm finished treating this bite we're going to remove the cloth and get some answers."
  184. [21:10:36 ][LucianLavarre] "Namely, where his assailant has headed off to."
  185. [21:10:42 ][LucianLavarre] Does he look drained of blood at all?
  186. [21:11:01 ][Dann-] "The scent on these chains is the same one, right Kai?" Dann strokes his chin, and mutters to himself. "I wonder if it broke free or if someone let it loose."
  187. [21:11:02 ][castfromhp] "As for why he is down here, no one has had reason to come to the wine cellar for years. The rest of the family should be at Raltselfest, so he must have made an excuse to stay behind."
  188. [21:11:31 ][Adrienne] "Sure. Hey Dann, you heard Luce, toss some rope over here."
  189. [21:11:34 ][Dann-] Upon hearing his name, Dann straightens up and heads back to the others, pulling out some rope as he goes.
  190. [21:11:34 ][Percival] "We could just use these chains but, eh rope's probably easier to bind and unbind."
  191. [21:12:02 ][castfromhp] It's hard to tell without a better neutral light source, but he looks pretty pale.
  192. [21:12:20 ][Dann-] "Here." Dann offers the rope.
  193. [21:12:29 ]* LucianLavarre groans, "He needs to eat something. He's lost quite a lot of blood."
  194. [21:12:43 ][LucianLavarre] "And all the struggling he did hasn't made it any better."
  195. [21:13:21 ]* Adrienne hands off the rope to Lucian once she gets it. "Need any help? I studied a lot of knotwork." At his mention of food she just gets some high-energy snacks from her backpack and hands those over too.
  196. [21:13:59 ][LucianLavarre] "If you know knotwork just tie him yourself."
  197. [21:14:32 ][LucianLavarre] "Caitlyn, once we have him secured you can remove the cloth. Give him the food. Our questions can wait until he's looking less pale."
  198. [21:15:29 ]* Percival sets to help in tying down the rope on Daven.
  199. [21:15:41 ][Adrienne] "Me and my big mouth. I was having fun just hanging around," she grumbles, tying up Davan securely. Well, tying up people's not that different from stuff.
  200. [21:15:49 ][Dann-] "I hope that guy that got snatched can survive a bit longer."
  201. [21:17:28 ][castfromhp] Once you get him secured, Caitlyn makes sure Daven eats the snacks.
  202. [21:18:38 ]* Adrienne backs off once she's done, and lets the others handle this for now.
  203. [21:18:45 ]* LucianLavarre huffs out a breath once everything it settled, removing the disposable gloves and setting them down in the corner. "Alright, we can't wait for much longer than we already have. Can you get him to talk to us Caitlyn?"
  204. [21:19:04 ][castfromhp] Then, she stands up and shakes her head. "What happened with you?" Caitlyn turns to the rest of you. "I'm going to go call for the Watchers. He'll need to be brought to a hospital."
  205. [21:19:05 ]* LucianLavarre points his gaze at Daven, "Will you answer our questions, Daven?"
  206. [21:21:24 ][castfromhp] "Daven." Caitlyn says sternly. Then she leans over and whispers something in his ear, and the youth's eyes widen and he begins to nod furiously.
  207. [21:22:17 ][castfromhp] "I'll go update Watcher Lenny and the others now. Let me know what you find."
  208. [21:23:10 ][LucianLavarre] 4d6+1 AP Charm
  209. [21:23:10 ][CritSenpai] AP Charm: 20 [4d6=5,5,6,3]
  210. [21:23:30 ][LucianLavarre] "Hey, come on. There's no need to be afraid of us, alright?"
  211. [21:25:15 ][castfromhp] Daven stares fearfully at Caitlyn's retreating back until she's fully out of sight, then looks at all of you. Looking at his eyes, they're somewhat unfocused and he's definitely woozy or out of it or something, but he nods again, looking again at the door where Caitlyn rushed off to find help.
  212. [21:26:07 ]* Tupac (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  213. [21:26:11 ]* LucianLavarre places a comforting arm on the boy's shoulder, "Daven, did you see what attacked you? What was it?"
  214. [21:28:33 ][castfromhp] "A giant Crobat. She...gave it to me." Daven mutters, staring down at his feet. "I thought...I thought it'd help."
  215. [21:29:39 ]* superblazed has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  216. [21:29:43 ][Adrienne] "Caitlyn gave it to him?"
  217. [21:30:09 ][castfromhp] Daven shakes his head.
  218. [21:30:31 ][LucianLavarre] "Help with what?"
  219. [21:30:33 ][castfromhp] "No, uh...I don't know her name."
  220. [21:30:51 ][LucianLavarre] 2d6 Intuition, is he lying to protect someone?
  221. [21:30:51 ][CritSenpai] Intuition, is he lying to protect someone?: 11 [2d6=5,6]
  222. [21:31:14 ][Percival] "Do you think you'd be able to recognize her if you saw her again?"
  223. [21:31:44 ][Dann-] "Help with what?"
  224. [21:31:54 ][Adrienne] "He could describe her, we might've seen someone who fits the bill."
  225. [21:32:07 ][castfromhp] You don't think he's lying.
  226. [21:33:33 ][castfromhp] "I don't think so. She was wearing a motorcycle helmet, but I could see she had long blonde hair."
  227. [21:34:42 ][LucianLavarre] "What did she say when she gave you the Crobat?"
  228. [21:35:37 ][Adrienne] "Huh, well. How tall was she? What about her build?"
  229. [21:35:45 ][castfromhp] "She...had a voice recording. It was the fucking head of the Luna family talking to someone about how they were going to sabotage our family's exhibit at the convention. She gave me this Crobat and told me to use it to protect my family."
  230. [21:36:58 ][Percival] "Do you remember where you met that woman?"
  231. [21:37:37 ][castfromhp] "Maybe a bit taller than five and a half feet? Skinny build. What...what happened after the Crobat broke out?" He looks gingerly back at the pile of chains further in the hall. "It was always super mad, but I could keep it mostly under control until today."
  232. [21:38:05 ][castfromhp] "It was in Hollyhock. I was doing some shopping to help with convention supplies."
  233. [21:38:52 ][Adrienne] "Oh hey, there we go. Super mad, aggressive as heck, and falling apart."
  234. [21:39:36 ][Percival] "How recently did it break out?"
  235. [21:40:37 ]* LucianLavarre decides not to mince words, "It's been rampaging and we're currently trying to track it down, and contain it."
  236. [21:40:53 ][LucianLavarre] "How did you keep it under control?"
  237. [21:41:10 ][castfromhp] "Like...just now really. It must've smelled something, cause it freaked out and snapped its chains clean in two." He winces at Lucian's words. "It broke out a few times before that too, but I always managed to track it down..."
  238. [21:42:15 ][castfromhp] "See, it's really strong, but it doesn't take well to disabling strategies." Daven grins a bit, despite his situation. "And that's what I'm best at, with my Ghost Pokemon. A Will-O-Wisp or Curse will do a number on it."
  239. [21:42:22 ]* Dann- has a sudden realization. "How much you wanna bet someone did this to someone on the Luna side too? Only with an Arcanine."
  240. [21:42:30 ][castfromhp] "But, guess it caught me off guard this time."
  241. [21:42:44 ][Percival] "Hm... I wonder if it's trying to return to it's original owner."
  242. [21:44:31 ][Dann-] "Where is it likely to have gone to hide out? Does it usually go to the same place?"
  243. [21:44:43 ][LucianLavarre] "Yeah, where would it usually go after an escape?
  244. [21:45:37 ]* superblazed (~weed@Rizon-1A5D5BED.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  245. [21:46:16 ][Adrienne] "We could try asking the Lunas privately about stuff like that, Dann, but I dunno if they'll cooperate like Daven here."
  246. [21:46:55 ][castfromhp] "Towards the mountain. It has a perch it likes there near the cliffs, and sometimes I've found it in a cave feeding on a Fairy it hunted in the woods."
  247. [21:47:45 ]* Dann- replies quietly to Adrienne, "I would want to look into it, but we might want to use this first case to prove that a third party is involved in this whole thing. We might be able to talk to Irene at some point though?"
  248. [21:48:15 ][LucianLavarre] "...I'm going to regret this but, how well are you right now Daven? Can you get up without getting dizzy?"
  249. [21:48:40 ][castfromhp] He starts to stand but quickly slumps back down and shakes his head.
  250. [21:49:13 ][LucianLavarre] "Where did your sister say she was going?"
  251. [21:49:19 ][Percival] "Hopefully it's not feeding on too much right now."
  252. [21:49:23 ]* Tupac has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  253. [21:49:29 ][Adrienne] "She said she was going to the Watchers."
  254. [21:49:43 ][Dann-] "Yeah...or I at least hope it prefers Mareep to, uh, human."
  255. [21:50:15 ]* Adrienne replies quietly to Dann. "Yeah, we can talk to Irene easy."
  256. [21:50:26 ][castfromhp] "...Sorry I bit you, by the way. I...I don't know what came over me. I've felt a little funny since it bit me, but I'm better now. I think? A little."
  257. [21:51:16 ]* LucianLavarre looks at the group, "We need to get going. As much as I'd like to make sure he's okay, there's something out their that we need to take care of before it hurts anymore people."
  258. [21:52:35 ]* LucianLavarre laughs and tousles the kid's hair, knowing he can't fight back. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm feeling right as rain right now. You were scared and backed into a corner, it was understandable."
  259. [21:52:52 ][Adrienne] "Wanna leave him there?"
  260. [21:53:03 ]* Dann- looks skeptical. "Is biting really the right response to that?"
  261. [21:53:16 ][Dann-] He waves a hand. "Eh, forget it. We should get going."
  262. [21:53:18 ][LucianLavarre] "And now we're bite buddies, yeah?" He grins and holds up the now bandaged bite mark on his forearm.
  263. [21:53:34 ][LucianLavarre] "We could take him, and he would be able to show us specifically where we need to go, actually."
  264. [21:53:49 ][LucianLavarre] "But then one of us has to stay by his side at all times."
  265. [21:54:07 ][castfromhp] "I don't think I can get up right now. It hurts..."
  266. [21:54:17 ][LucianLavarre] "...but yeah, there's that."
  267. [21:54:30 ][LucianLavarre] "But knowing that woman is out there, it's not really safe to leave him here either."
  268. [21:55:08 ][LucianLavarre] How old is he? Does he look heavy?
  269. [21:55:09 ][Adrienne] "What, is she gonna come back and offer him more of her insane-ass Pokemon? We can take him out to the Watchers, or tell 'em he's here."
  270. [21:55:33 ][castfromhp] He looks to be around 15. He's tall for his age but pretty scrawny.
  271. [21:55:47 ]* LucianLavarre looks at her, "Worse, she could decide she needs to tie up any loose ends."
  272. [21:56:36 ][Dann-] "Caitlyn seemed pretty keen on getting him to a hospital. Surely she and Lenny are almost here."
  273. [21:56:49 ]* LucianLavarre dials Caitlyn.
  274. [21:57:00 ][Adrienne] "Yeah you have a point I guess."
  275. [21:57:09 ][LucianLavarre] If she picks up he immediately launches into a question, "How much longer do you think you'll be."
  276. [21:57:16 ][castfromhp] "Hello." You hear the voice from both your phone and faintly, from outside.
  277. [21:57:22 ][Percival] "I doubt she'll come back, atleast with the amount of watcher outside here."
  278. [21:57:44 ][LucianLavarre] "Nevermind, I can hear you out there."
  279. [21:57:54 ]* LucianLavarre stands up and opens the door to let the Leech girl in.
  280. [21:58:33 ][castfromhp] Soon, Caitlyn and Lenny are rushing back inside, with a pair of medics carrying a stretcher not far behind them.
  281. [21:58:44 ][castfromhp] "Is Daven still okay?"
  282. [21:59:10 ][LucianLavarre] "Yeah, he should be fine. He's calmed down, stable, and looking a little more healthy than when we came in."
  283. [22:00:17 ][LucianLavarre] "But Daven is the least of our worries right now, actually."
  284. [22:00:26 ][LucianLavarre] "He filled us in about a few things..."
  285. [22:00:30 ][zoofman] "Woah, looks like some bad stuff was going on down here!  Caitlyn gave me the gist of it, and some of the Rangers have already gone off to look for the lost recruit and our predator of the night."
  286. [22:00:41 ][zoofman] *Watchers
  287. [22:00:52 ]* LucianLavarre quickly relays all the information they learned back to Caitlyn.
  288. [22:01:52 ][castfromhp] Caitlyn holds up a finger to interrupt you. "I can hear it from the horse's mouth, but we have already lost contact with one of the Watchers out there searching. You should hurry to help."
  289. [22:03:10 ]* LucianLavarre closes his mouth and runs a hand through his hair, "Alright. Coordinates? Directions?"
  290. [22:04:20 ][zoofman] He points out the area the Watcher went silent at on a map, "He was around here last he checked in."
  291. [22:06:02 ]* Adrienne checks the map, then heads out first to wait for the others outside.
  292. [22:07:51 ]* LucianLavarre leads the others, "Let's get going. There are people counting on us?"
  293. [22:10:11 ]* Dann- collects his things and hurries outside.
  294. [22:10:11 ][castfromhp] Between your Tracker Pokemon, the occasional glops of blood you see on the way, and Lenny's directions, you're quickly on your way to the coordinates.
  295. [22:12:26 ][castfromhp] Slumped on the ground near the coordinates is a stout man in a Watcher uniform. There's a hatchet lying nearby, soaked in viscous, blackened blood.
  296. [22:12:56 ]* LucianLavarre whispers to his two spiders, "Watch my back."
  297. [22:12:57 ][castfromhp] There's also a Nosepass, clearly unconscious, stuck in the dirt nose-first.
  298. [22:13:06 ][Dann-] "Oh no..." Dann comes to an abrupt halt.
  299. [22:13:24 ]* LucianLavarre approaches first, letting his Pokemon cover him as he checks the man's vitals.
  300. [22:13:44 ][Dann-] Noticing the Nosepass, he moves forward and uses his shovel to try to dislodge it from the ground.
  301. [22:13:51 ][Percival] "Oh no, even more of this now."
  302. [22:14:00 ]* Percival tries to help in pulling out the Nosepass.
  303. [22:14:02 ][castfromhp] He's breathing, but there's a large bump on his head.
  304. [22:14:11 ][castfromhp] Dann, Percival: roll athletics
  305. [22:14:36 ][Dann-] 3d6 Athletics
  306. [22:14:36 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 11 [3d6=4,6,1]
  307. [22:14:43 ][LucianLavarre] The blood isn't his then?
  308. [22:14:52 ][Percival] 3d6 Athletics
  309. [22:14:53 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 4 [3d6=1,1,2]
  310. [22:14:53 ][LucianLavarre] Does he have any wounds besides teh bump?
  311. [22:15:39 ][castfromhp] He has scratches, but the blood definitely isn't his.
  312. [22:16:18 ][castfromhp] Try as you might, even with the shovel you can barely budge the Nosepass.
  313. [22:16:27 ][castfromhp] It's stuck in pretty good.
  314. [22:16:28 ][LucianLavarre] Leaves him where he is for the time being and moves to examine the bloodied hatchet, "Dann, get Kai over here."
  315. [22:16:37 ]* Adrienne keeps an eye out and sends out Arthur, to be prepared for a fight.
  316. [22:18:45 ][castfromhp] Kai and Arthur both sniff at the hatchet. Kai returns to wherever the fangs were stowed away and yips, while Arthur points toward the east.
  317. [22:18:59 ]* Dann- sighs and withdraws the shovel. He then calls out Atlas. "Hey Atlas, can you dig around this poor fellow and excavate him a bit for us?"
  318. [22:19:31 ][LucianLavarre] "No, we need to going."
  319. [22:19:39 ][Adrienne] "Leave the Nosepass there, we gotta get going." Adrienne points east.
  320. [22:19:49 ][castfromhp] Atlas starts to dig and looks deeply disappointed at hearing Lucian and Adrienne's words.
  321. [22:20:22 ][LucianLavarre] "I'll message the Watchers to let them know about this guy and his Pokemon, but that bat is still out there."
  322. [22:20:42 ][Dann-] "You finish up here bud, we'll go ahead. Group up with the Watchers when they get here."
  323. [22:20:51 ]* Dann- heads after the others.
  324. [22:20:59 ][castfromhp] Atlas digs furiously!
  325. [22:21:02 ][Percival] "Aw, I just feel bad for the poor fella stuck into the dirt. Guess we should catch up to that beast."
  326. [22:21:27 ]* Adrienne leads the way east.
  327. [22:22:33 ]* Percival heads down after the group.
  328. [22:23:10 ][castfromhp] The path becomes rockier, and you approach the side of a hill. Perched halfway up is an enormous Crobat hunched over the body of a man in a Watcher outfit. Nearby are two Snubbulls, both with visible puncture wounds and looking very feral and aggressive, even for their species.
  329. [22:23:14 ][castfromhp] Jump into Roll20~
  330. [22:24:11 ][castfromhp] Give us initiatives when you've chosen your Pokemon.
  331. [22:24:16 ][castfromhp] Battle BGM: http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=CvUmL8uaE48
  332. [22:27:46 ][LucianLavarre] Ishtore Speed 16, Lucian Speed 16
  333. [22:27:49 ]* Dann- tosses Sorrel out on to the cliff. Init 5 (Dann is 10)
  334. [22:28:29 ]* Adrienne (init 16) tosses out Mina (init 20)
  335. [22:28:45 ][LucianLavarre] "Remember what Daven said, throw some status on the Crobat to slow it down. We can use our numbers advantage once we clear out the Snubull!"
  336. [22:30:18 ][Adrienne] "Burn and curse are off the table, but Mina here is still handy," she says.
  337. [22:30:50 ][Adrienne] "... As soon as she gets close enough."
  338. [22:31:15 ][castfromhp] The Crobat turns and shrieks as it hears you approach! You can all see that it's actually rather heavily wounded, with large gashes across its chest and wings dripping with dark, thick blood.
  339. [22:31:27 ][LucianLavarre] "Ishtore's got Thunder Wave. You confuse it or something."
  340. [22:34:04 ][Adrienne] "Deal."
  341. [22:34:07 ][castfromhp] (place your Pokemon where you want them, then we'll start~)
  342. [22:35:53 ]* Metaknight (~Metaknigh@15EDBD43.17CAE2B3.55236D7B.IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  343. [22:36:01 ]* Percival has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  344. [22:36:33 ]* Metaknight is now known as Percival
  345. [22:39:58 ]* LucianLavarre shouts out orders, "Ishtore, climb into the brush for cover and let loose a Thunder Wave!" (Priority Inspired/Brutal Orders)
  346. [22:40:42 ][castfromhp] The Crobat struggles for a moment, but manages to leap up in the air and dives straight towards Mina and Ishtor, sweeping to the north after that.
  347. [22:40:45 ][castfromhp] 1d20 cross poison
  348. [22:40:45 ][CritSenpai] cross poison: 20 [1d20=20]
  349. [22:41:19 ][castfromhp] 4d10+20+27 poisons and enrages Mina and Ishtor
  350. [22:41:19 ][CritSenpai] poisons and enrages Mina and Ishtor: 62 [4d10=3,8,1,3]
  351. [22:41:38 ][castfromhp] They lose SpA instead of Special Defense from the Poison and lose 6 more HP each time they lose a tick.
  352. [22:41:55 ]* Meta (~Metaknigh@499EBAED.85BC1F17.55236D7B.IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  353. [22:42:26 ][LucianLavarre] Ishtore is still up after that
  354. [22:42:53 ][Adrienne] So is Mina.
  355. [22:44:24 ][zoofman] Mina is up, though!
  356. [22:45:24 ]* Percival has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  357. [22:46:10 ]* Meta is now known as Percival
  358. [22:46:11 ][Adrienne] "Off the rails already; Mina, use Electro Ball!"
  359. [22:46:11 ][Adrienne] 1d20+1 vs AC 2
  360. [22:46:11 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 10 [1d20=9]
  361. [22:46:21 ][castfromhp] Hits!
  362. [22:46:58 ][Adrienne] 2d8+10+12+20 (-SpA CS factored in and speed factored in)
  363. [22:46:59 ][CritSenpai] (-SpA CS factored in and speed factored in): 55 [2d8=5,8]
  364. [22:47:51 ][castfromhp] The Crobat's pretty speedy, which cuts down on how much that might hurt!
  365. [22:48:09 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, Ishtor, Lucian
  366. [22:48:11 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 3 Electroweb
  367. [22:48:11 ][CritSenpai] AC 3 Electroweb: 16 [1d20=16]
  368. [22:48:15 ][castfromhp] Hits!
  369. [22:48:21 ][LucianLavarre] Ishtore zaps the airborne bat with a web of electric energy and scuttles away to safety while Lucian shifts into the spider's space in order to occupy the bat's attention while his Pokemon escapes.
  370. [22:48:36 ][LucianLavarre] 2d8+25 Electric/Special, -1 Speed Stage
  371. [22:48:37 ][CritSenpai] Electric/Special, -1 Speed Stage: 35 [2d8=3,7]
  372. [22:48:44 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20+4 Rage Save
  373. [22:48:45 ][CritSenpai] Rage Save: 11 [1d20=7]
  374. [22:49:14 ][Adrienne] 1d20 Rage Save
  375. [22:49:14 ]* Adrienne recalls Mina on her turn after she zaps the Crobat, then sends out Layla!
  376. [22:49:14 ][CritSenpai] Rage Save: 11 [1d20=11]
  377. [22:50:07 ][castfromhp] The Crobat looks down at Lucian and decides to take a big Bite out of him!
  378. [22:50:09 ][castfromhp] 1d20
  379. [22:50:10 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 7 [1d20=7]
  380. [22:50:16 ][LucianLavarre] Hit
  381. [22:50:28 ][castfromhp] 2d6+8+27 and Lucian is Enraged for one full round
  382. [22:50:28 ][CritSenpai] and Lucian is Enraged for one full round: 42 [2d6=1,6]
  383. [22:51:14 ][castfromhp] Fumu!
  384. [22:51:46 ][Adrienne] (Layla is Init 5 btw)
  385. [22:54:09 ][Percival] Fumu sits down for a moment and blows a Sweet Kiss towards the Crobat.
  386. [22:54:22 ][Percival] 1d20+1 ac 6
  387. [22:54:22 ][CritSenpai] ac 6: 17 [1d20=16]
  388. [22:54:44 ][castfromhp] The Crobat is confused and dizzied by the eggfairy!
  389. [22:54:52 ][Dann-] (Sorrel is also init 5 btw)
  390. [22:55:17 ][castfromhp] Percival and Dann
  391. [22:55:56 ]* Dann- rushes forward and attempts to disorient it with a smack from his shovel.
  392. [22:56:11 ][Dann-] 1d20 Struggle
  393. [22:56:12 ][CritSenpai] Struggle: 5 [1d20=5]
  394. [22:56:23 ][castfromhp] Even dizzied, it manages to fly up out of the way!
  395. [22:56:35 ]* Percival binds Trick Shot to Fumu and Focus Training to Layla.
  396. [22:57:19 ][zoofman] The Watcher takes his hatchet out, and charges at Layla and company, yelling as he goes.  "The meat puppies, they come to the slaughter, like children to an ice cream truck!"
  397. [22:57:27 ][zoofman] 1d20 rock smash
  398. [22:57:28 ][CritSenpai] rock smash: 3 [1d20=3]
  399. [22:57:34 ][zoofman] Okay he's a little too crazed
  400. [22:58:27 ][castfromhp] Sorrel!
  401. [22:58:53 ][Adrienne] "God dammit this guy is worse than unconscious."
  402. [22:59:22 ][Dann-] Sorrel flips on her side and half rolls, half launches at the Crobat!
  403. [22:59:26 ][Dann-] 1d20 Rollout
  404. [22:59:27 ][CritSenpai] Rollout: 1 [1d20=1]
  405. [22:59:39 ][Dann-] ...and goes flying straight past it.
  406. [22:59:41 ][castfromhp] Misses!
  407. [22:59:44 ][castfromhp] 1d20-2 confus
  408. [22:59:44 ][CritSenpai] confus: 2 [1d20=4]
  409. [23:00:35 ][castfromhp] The Crobat hits itself in its confusion! Its flailing about seems particularly erratic, aggravating its wounds.
  410. [23:01:08 ][castfromhp] 1d8+6+27+5
  411. [23:01:08 ][CritSenpai] 1d8+6+27+5: 43 [1d8=5]
  412. [23:01:58 ][@Doxy] A pair of crazed looking snubbuls pop out of the bushes further up the hill, rushing towards the party!
  413. [23:02:29 ][@Doxy] One JUST makes it there but can't do anything much
  414. [23:03:08 ][castfromhp] The Crobat swings violently at Dann, trying to slash at him with the claws on its wings!
  415. [23:03:10 ][castfromhp] 1d20 acrobatics
  416. [23:03:11 ][CritSenpai] acrobatics: 4 [1d20=4]
  417. [23:04:11 ][castfromhp] 4d10+10+27 if that hits
  418. [23:04:12 ][CritSenpai] if that hits: 62 [4d10=3,6,9,7]
  419. [23:04:34 ][castfromhp] It then flies further up the mountain! Dann, Sorrel, Lucian can take opportunity attacks.
  420. [23:04:53 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 4 Struggle
  421. [23:04:53 ][CritSenpai] AC 4 Struggle: 1 [1d20=1]
  422. [23:05:20 ][@Doxy] Lucian punches himself in the balls. :(
  423. [23:05:25 ][Dann-] 2d6+1 Sorrel intercept
  424. [23:05:25 ][CritSenpai] Sorrel intercept: 6 [2d6=4,1]
  425. [23:05:43 ][LucianLavarre] Lucian's balls are rock steady and he succeeds only in injuring his fist
  426. [23:06:35 ][Dann-] Sorrel lands after missing her shot at the Crobat, and immediately barrels towards Dann, shoving him out of the way in the nick of time.
  427. [23:06:40 ][Dann-] Iron Barbs to the Crobat
  428. [23:06:59 ][Dann-] Her steel frame does not flinch against the powerful strike from the monster.
  429. [23:07:30 ][Dann-] 1d20 Sorrel AoO
  430. [23:07:30 ][CritSenpai] Sorrel AoO: 3 [1d20=3]
  431. [23:08:14 ][castfromhp] The bat manages to dodge the opportunity attacks as it flees, settling onto a log. Adrienne!
  432. [23:08:25 ][castfromhp] And Ishtor and Lucian
  433. [23:08:29 ]* LucianLavarre groans at the pain in his forearm, feeling the burning sensation Devan probably felt as he lashes out savagely against the snapping bulldog.
  434. [23:08:39 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 4 vs Snubull Blue
  435. [23:08:40 ][CritSenpai] AC 4 vs Snubull Blue: 11 [1d20=11]
  436. [23:08:53 ][@Doxy] hitto
  437. [23:08:54 ][LucianLavarre] 1d8+5+5 Physical/Normal
  438. [23:08:54 ][CritSenpai] Physical/Normal: 12 [1d8=2]
  439. [23:10:23 ]* Adrienne whips out her Cap Cannon (loaded with a Bean Cap), gets closer (shift NE), and fires it at the retreating Crobat!
  440. [23:10:23 ][Adrienne] 1d20 vs AC 2
  441. [23:10:23 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 16 [1d20=16]
  442. [23:10:25 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 4 Zapper Struggle
  443. [23:10:26 ][CritSenpai] AC 4 Zapper Struggle: 4 [1d20=4]
  444. [23:10:39 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20+2 Rage Save
  445. [23:10:40 ][CritSenpai] Rage Save: 3 [1d20=1]
  446. [23:10:52 ][@Doxy] Lucian is so angry he can't think! ARGH
  447. [23:10:54 ][Adrienne] (If that hits, the Crobat takes 20 damage)
  448. [23:11:43 ][castfromhp] You pelt the Crobat in the face with a bean cap and knock out another fang. It flaps its wings angrily and shrieks at you.
  449. [23:12:49 ][castfromhp] It flaps its wings so hard it sends a cold, ghostly wind at Fumu!
  450. [23:12:50 ][Adrienne] "I can really grow to like this," she comments.
  451. [23:12:53 ][castfromhp] 1d20 ominous wind
  452. [23:12:54 ][CritSenpai] ominous wind: 15 [1d20=15]
  453. [23:13:07 ][castfromhp] 2d6+8+27 goast special
  454. [23:13:07 ][CritSenpai] goast special: 40 [2d6=4,1]
  455. [23:14:07 ][castfromhp] Fumu is up!
  456. [23:14:37 ]* superblazed is now known as Tupac
  457. [23:16:18 ][Percival] Fumu flies further up the mountain and decides to waggler her finger in the direction of the Crobat.
  458. [23:16:20 ][Percival] !tick
  459. [23:16:21 ][CritSenpai] Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Pound!
  460. [23:17:01 ][Percival] 1d20+1 ac 2
  461. [23:17:02 ][CritSenpai] ac 2: 9 [1d20=8]
  462. [23:17:10 ][castfromhp] Hits!
  463. [23:17:28 ][Percival] 1d8+6+2 physical normal
  464. [23:17:29 ][CritSenpai] physical normal: 16 [1d8=8]
  465. [23:18:14 ][castfromhp] It doesn't really feel the puny pound attack! Percival and Dann!
  466. [23:21:33 ]* Percival uses Focused Training on Layla, Ishtore and Fumu and moves around the trees.
  467. [23:22:22 ]* Dann- recalls Sorrel while leaping for the ledge of the cliff, deftly clambering up it with his fancy boots. He calls Sinon out, catching her in hands. "Let him have it Sinon!"
  468. [23:23:09 ][Dann-] 1d20 Psybeam
  469. [23:23:09 ][CritSenpai] Psybeam: 15 [1d20=15]
  470. [23:23:19 ][castfromhp] Hits!
  471. [23:23:22 ][Dann-] 2d6+10+25 Psychic/Special
  472. [23:23:23 ][CritSenpai] Psychic/Special: 44 [2d6=5,4]
  473. [23:23:43 ][Dann-] Sinon lets loose a blast of purple energy towards the airborne bat!
  474. [23:24:02 ][castfromhp] That seems to hurt it a lot!
  475. [23:24:35 ][zoofman] As Dann makes his way up the cliff, the crazed Watcher looks his way, points, and shouts, "You sat in my swing! NOW I'M GOING TO EAT YOU!"  He charges swings his axe widly!
  476. [23:24:41 ][zoofman] 2#1d20
  477. [23:24:41 ][CritSenpai] 2#1d20: 5 [1d20=5], 10 [1d20=10]
  478. [23:25:15 ][zoofman] 2d6+28 damage
  479. [23:25:15 ][CritSenpai] damage: 34 [2d6=2,4]
  480. [23:26:19 ][zoofman] Now Layla is up :>
  481. [23:27:39 ][Adrienne] "Iron Head that Snubbull, Layla!" And Layla complies!
  482. [23:27:39 ][Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 2
  483. [23:27:39 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 15 [1d20=13]
  484. [23:27:42 ]* Dann- twists towards the Watcher and recoils backwards, grunting as the axe lands in his left shoulder instead of his chest.
  485. [23:28:02 ][Adrienne] 3d8+10+20 Physical Steel damage
  486. [23:28:02 ][CritSenpai] Physical Steel damage: 49 [3d8=8,4,7]
  487. [23:28:42 ][Adrienne] Layla swings around and bashes the Snubbull with her back mouth!
  488. [23:28:47 ][castfromhp] 1d20-2 confus check
  489. [23:28:47 ][CritSenpai] confus check: 4 [1d20=6]
  490. [23:28:58 ][@Doxy] ded
  491. [23:29:08 ][castfromhp] The Crobat flails angrily in Sinon's direction but only manages to hurt itself more!
  492. [23:29:19 ][castfromhp] 1d8+6+27+5
  493. [23:29:19 ][CritSenpai] 1d8+6+27+5: 45 [1d8=7]
  494. [23:29:20 ][@Doxy] pls re-nick to "Dogmurderienne"
  495. [23:30:09 ]* Adrienne is now known as Adridogmurder
  496. [23:30:14 ][@Doxy] 1d20 Head butt
  497. [23:30:14 ][CritSenpai] Head butt: 13 [1d20=13]
  498. [23:30:25 ]* Adridogmurder is now known as Adrienne
  499. [23:30:29 ][@Doxy] 2d6+10+15
  500. [23:30:29 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+10+15: 27 [2d6=1,1]
  501. [23:30:32 ][@Doxy] on fisho
  502. [23:31:34 ][castfromhp] The Crobat disengages from Fumu, then lets out a piercing wail, opening its mouth wide. Stars shoot out to pelt Dann and Sinon!
  503. [23:31:39 ][castfromhp] 1d20 swift crit check
  504. [23:31:39 ][CritSenpai] swift crit check: 3 [1d20=3]
  505. [23:31:52 ][castfromhp] 2d6+8+27 normal special
  506. [23:31:52 ][CritSenpai] normal special: 44 [2d6=3,6]
  507. [23:32:32 ]* Dann- suddenly has a limp fish in his arms. Upsetting.
  508. [23:33:37 ][castfromhp] Adrienne and Lucian!
  509. [23:34:05 ][LucianLavarre] Lucian finally snaps out of his rage and grabs the first Pokeball at his belt, tossing it up into the air in an arc until it lands in the center of all the conflict. His orders are simple and he shouts out, "Roy! It's your turn!" (Send out Roy, use After You as a Swift Action)
  510. [23:34:58 ]* LucianLavarre sprays a Super Potion on his bite wound and lets Roy do the rest.
  511. [23:35:14 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 2 Magnitude
  512. [23:35:14 ][CritSenpai] AC 2 Magnitude: 11 [1d20=11]
  513. [23:35:18 ][LucianLavarre] 1d6 Damage
  514. [23:35:18 ][CritSenpai] Damage: 5 [1d6=5]
  515. [23:35:20 ]* Adrienne uses her newly acquired skill and lobs that super potion she got a few days ago from Lucian at Dann. "Dann, don't dodge!"
  516. [23:35:20 ][Adrienne] 1d20 vs 2
  517. [23:35:20 ][CritSenpai] vs 2: 15 [1d20=15]
  518. [23:35:35 ][Adrienne] Instead of clubbing him in the head, it explodes its HP restoring goodness all over him.
  519. [23:35:51 ][LucianLavarre] 3d12+10+24 Ground/Physical
  520. [23:35:51 ][CritSenpai] Ground/Physical: 48 [3d12=7,3,4]
  521. [23:35:52 ][@Doxy] Adrienne getting da boys wettt
  522. [23:37:20 ]* Dann- turns his head towards the strange request and takes it right in the face.
  523. [23:37:42 ][Dann-] After shaking some of the stinging liquid out of his eyes, he begins to feel better. "Thanks!"
  524. [23:38:07 ][castfromhp] The Crobat swoops down on Fumu with its poisoned claws!
  525. [23:38:10 ][castfromhp] 1d20 cross poison
  526. [23:38:10 ][CritSenpai] cross poison: 13 [1d20=13]
  527. [23:38:15 ]* Adrienne gives Dann a thumbs up.
  528. [23:38:29 ][castfromhp] 2d10+10+27 and Fumu is Enraged for one full round!
  529. [23:38:29 ][CritSenpai] and Fumu is Enraged for one full round!: 53 [2d10=9,7]
  530. [23:38:52 ][castfromhp] Fumu! Then Percival and Dann!
  531. [23:39:08 ][LucianLavarre] Roy is Speed 5 btw
  532. [23:39:13 ][Percival] (she's out actually)
  533. [23:40:43 ]* Dann- flips his shovel so that he's holding it near the head, and in the same movement as catching it, swings at the Watcher's feet!
  534. [23:40:52 ][Dann-] 1d20+2 Trip+AP
  535. [23:40:52 ][CritSenpai] Trip+AP: 18 [1d20=16]
  536. [23:40:59 ][Dann-] Oops, *1 AP
  537. [23:41:20 ]* Percival sends out Akamamuji (5) in place of the limp bird!
  538. [23:41:36 ][Dann-] 3d6 Athletics for trippin
  539. [23:41:36 ][CritSenpai] Athletics for trippin: 12 [3d6=2,5,5]
  540. [23:41:49 ][zoofman] 4d6
  541. [23:41:49 ][CritSenpai] 4d6: 8 [4d6=2,4,1,1]
  542. [23:41:53 ][zoofman] Well he's tripped!
  543. [23:42:31 ][zoofman] "Slap the Pancakes!!" he yells as he falls.
  544. [23:42:35 ]* Dann- hops back as the man falls and throws a poke ball on the ground. A fuzzy roomba pops out.
  545. [23:43:00 ][Dann-] "Ice that bat, Winst!"
  546. [23:43:26 ][zoofman] That said, he triggers Vital Throw as you do that!
  547. [23:43:33 ][zoofman] He goes down, but flings Dann around as he does!
  548. [23:43:36 ][zoofman] 1d20 crit check
  549. [23:43:36 ][CritSenpai] crit check: 19 [1d20=19]
  550. [23:43:55 ][zoofman] 2d6+30 damage
  551. [23:43:55 ][CritSenpai] damage: 34 [2d6=3,1]
  552. [23:43:59 ]* Percival binds Trick Shot and Long Shot to Akamamuji.
  553. [23:45:03 ][Dann-] "Ah!" Dann yells as he is thrown back by the falling crazy guy.
  554. [23:45:20 ][Dann-] Winston 9 Init
  555. [23:45:44 ][castfromhp] Winston, Layla, Roy, Akamamuji! All of your Pokemon in the same block!
  556. [23:45:56 ][Dann-] Winston obliges, and spits some chunks of ice at the deranged bat!
  557. [23:46:01 ][LucianLavarre] Roy took his turn with After You
  558. [23:46:10 ][LucianLavarre] (Did you factor the damage then or no?)
  559. [23:46:42 ][Dann-] 1d20 Ranged ice struggle
  560. [23:46:42 ][CritSenpai] Ranged ice struggle: 20 [1d20=20]
  561. [23:47:37 ][Dann-] 2d8+12+21
  562. [23:47:37 ][CritSenpai] 2d8+12+21: 49 [2d8=8,8]
  563. [23:47:42 ][Dann-] Ice/Physical
  564. [23:47:57 ][Percival] Akamamuji then fires off a beam of electricity towards the Crobat after backing up a good deal.
  565. [23:48:13 ][Adrienne] "Layla, get in with that bat!" (Sprint, move 7 E, NE, then E3)
  566. [23:48:19 ][Percival] 1d20-1 ac 4
  567. [23:48:19 ][CritSenpai] ac 4: 5 [1d20=6]
  568. [23:48:46 ][castfromhp] The ice really tears into the Crobat! The cute electric eel misses, unfortunately!
  569. [23:49:25 ][castfromhp] 1d20-2 confus
  570. [23:49:25 ][CritSenpai] confus: 17 [1d20=19]
  571. [23:50:10 ][castfromhp] The Crobat finally snaps out of Confusion due to the jolt it got from the cold! It divebombs at Winston in retaliation!
  572. [23:50:12 ][castfromhp] 1d20 acrobatics
  573. [23:50:13 ][CritSenpai] acrobatics: 17 [1d20=17]
  574. [23:50:19 ][castfromhp] 4d10+10+27
  575. [23:50:19 ][CritSenpai] 4d10+10+27: 63 [4d10=6,7,4,9]
  576. [23:52:48 ][Dann-] Winston is flipped over by the attack, but he rights himself and gives the Crobat a defiant puff of air from his porcine nose.
  577. [23:55:23 ][@Doxy] The Snubbul lunges at Winston almost as soon as he's back on his feet!
  578. [23:55:25 ][@Doxy] 1d20 bite
  579. [23:55:25 ][CritSenpai] bite: 16 [1d20=16]
  580. [23:55:33 ][@Doxy] 2d6+8+15
  581. [23:55:33 ][CritSenpai] 2d6+8+15: 28 [2d6=1,4]
  582. [23:56:41 ][Dann-] Winston squeals in pain from the relentless assault, but clings to consciousness.
  583. [23:56:55 ][castfromhp] The Crobat disengages from Winston and turns its attention to Layla to blow a super spooky wind her way!
  584. [23:57:03 ][castfromhp] 1d20 ominous wind~
  585. [23:57:03 ][CritSenpai] ominous wind~: 9 [1d20=9]
  586. [23:57:23 ][castfromhp] 2d6+8+27 spoopy damage
  587. [23:57:23 ][CritSenpai] spoopy damage: 42 [2d6=3,4]
  588. [23:58:00 ][castfromhp] Adrienne and Lucian!
  589. [23:58:31 ][LucianLavarre] What action is it to climb?
  590. [23:59:06 ][castfromhp] Just counts as slow terrain. It's not that steep.
  591. [23:59:44 ]* LucianLavarre Lucian climbs up the slope and orders Roy. Critical Moment/Brutal
  592. [00:01:11 ][Adrienne] Layla endures the spoopy damage! Meanwhile, Adrienne moves up to get closer to the Crobat so she can... Net Cap it!
  593. [00:01:11 ][Adrienne] 1d20 vs AC 6
  594. [00:01:11 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 6: 16 [1d20=16]
  595. [00:02:01 ][castfromhp] The Crobat falls to the ground and is is Slowed and Vulnerable!
  596. [00:02:26 ][LucianLavarre] "Someone try catching it!"
  597. [00:02:31 ][LucianLavarre] "To see if it's like the others."
  598. [00:03:44 ][castfromhp] The Crobat approaches Winston to Bite him!
  599. [00:03:45 ][castfromhp] 1d20-3
  600. [00:03:46 ][CritSenpai] 1d20-3: 17 [1d20=20]
  601. [00:04:03 ][castfromhp] 4d6+16+27
  602. [00:04:04 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+16+27: 51 [4d6=3,2,1,2]
  603. [00:04:10 ][Dann-] Endure!
  604. [00:04:35 ][castfromhp] Percival and Dann!
  605. [00:05:15 ][castfromhp] Winston is Enraged and Flinched though.
  606. [00:10:30 ]* Percival swifts Focus Training on Dann and whaps a ball at the Crobat.
  607. [00:10:43 ][Percival] 1d20 ball
  608. [00:10:44 ][CritSenpai] ball: 9 [1d20=9]
  609. [00:10:59 ][castfromhp] Hits! The failsafe light flashes on though, and the ball fails to engage!
  610. [00:11:23 ]* LucianLavarre clicks his tongue, "Yeah, I guess that was the case. But now we know."
  611. [00:11:41 ][LucianLavarre] "That blonde in the helmet, she's definitely got something to do with these recent rampages."
  612. [00:11:46 ][zoofman] Crazy Watcher stands up, and swings at the closest target, Lucian.
  613. [00:11:48 ][zoofman] "This is prison and we're the guys in the shower!"
  614. [00:11:51 ][zoofman] 2#1d20
  615. [00:11:51 ][CritSenpai] 2#1d20: 14 [1d20=14], 5 [1d20=5]
  616. [00:12:03 ][LucianLavarre] AC 2 or 3?
  617. [00:12:10 ][LucianLavarre] if it's the latter, only 1 hit
  618. [00:12:19 ][LucianLavarre] Otherwise 2
  619. [00:12:34 ][zoofman] 1d6+25 damage to Lucian
  620. [00:12:35 ][CritSenpai] damage to Lucian: 26 [1d6=1]
  621. [00:12:40 ][castfromhp] (oh and take your turn too Dann)
  622. [00:12:54 ][LucianLavarre] Lucian holds up his arms to defend himself from the enraged Watcher, his eyes still mostly on the others dealing with the bat.
  623. [00:13:21 ]* Dann- stumbles back a step and swaps Winston out for Nathan.
  624. [00:13:43 ][Dann-] Nathan Init 11
  625. [00:14:33 ][Dann-] "Bring him down, Nathan!" Brutal order
  626. [00:15:26 ][@Doxy] go ahead and place Nathan
  627. [00:16:02 ][Adrienne] "Layla, Iron Head that Crobat!" (Layla moves N beforehand.)
  628. [00:16:02 ][Adrienne] 1d20+1 vs AC 2
  629. [00:16:02 ][CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 5 [1d20=4]
  630. [00:16:16 ][Adrienne] 3d8+10+20 phys steel damage
  631. [00:16:16 ][CritSenpai] phys steel damage: 42 [3d8=2,4,6]
  632. [00:16:30 ][@Doxy] (taking an action with Nathan?)
  633. [00:16:34 ][Dann-] Nathan stares very intently at the Crobat, barely moving, while he assaults its mind!
  634. [00:16:43 ][Dann-] 1d20 Confusion
  635. [00:16:44 ][CritSenpai] Confusion: 19 [1d20=19]
  636. [00:16:45 ][Adrienne] Layla cockily approaches the Crobat and whangs it with her second mouth!
  637. [00:16:47 ][LucianLavarre] Ayyy
  638. [00:17:14 ][Dann-] 2d6+10+10 Psychic/Special + Confused
  639. [00:17:14 ][CritSenpai] Psychic/Special + Confused: 28 [2d6=2,6]
  640. [00:17:20 ][LucianLavarre] That's a crit dude
  641. [00:17:35 ][LucianLavarre] Brutal Orders/Training
  642. [00:18:12 ][castfromhp] The Crobat flails in the net and gives one last piercing wail as it's psychically assaulted, then falls limp.
  643. [00:19:54 ][LucianLavarre] Roy shuffles alongside Layla and, setting himself into a charge, uses the slope as a ramp to ram through the Snubull and crazed Watcher.
  644. [00:19:58 ][LucianLavarre] 1d20 AC 4 Rollout
  645. [00:19:59 ][CritSenpai] AC 4 Rollout: 15 [1d20=15]
  646. [00:20:16 ][LucianLavarre] 1d6+29 Rock/Physical
  647. [00:20:16 ][CritSenpai] Rock/Physical: 34 [1d6=5]
  648. [00:20:58 ][@Doxy] womp womp
  649. [00:21:01 ][@Doxy] Snubbul down
  650. [00:21:36 ][zoofman] The Watcher is -almost- out!
  651. [00:22:05 ][Percival] Akamamuji tries launching a shot of electricity at the Watcher.
  652. [00:22:12 ][Percival] 1d20-1 ac 4
  653. [00:22:12 ][CritSenpai] ac 4: 6 [1d20=7]
  654. [00:23:02 ][zoofman] Hits!
  655. [00:23:14 ][Percival] 2d6+10+12 electric special
  656. [00:23:15 ][CritSenpai] electric special: 32 [2d6=6,4]
  657. [00:23:54 ][zoofman] And he's down!
  658. [00:24:12 ][zoofman] "You can't kill me! I'm already dead tomorrow!" He yells as he faints!
  659. [00:25:16 ][Dann-] "...ominous." Dann says, and then promptly lets out a huge sigh of relief.
  661. [00:25:58 ][Adrienne] "Phew, that was kinda rough."
  662. [00:26:02 ]* LucianLavarre is now known as Masterly
  664. [00:26:28 ][@Doxy] it eats Dann
  665. [00:26:31 ][@Doxy] rip
  666. [00:26:43 ]* Dann- dies without dignity.
  667. [00:27:26 ][Percival] "How awful, maybe we should uh, call other more sane Watcher here."
  668. [00:28:50 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, we should also get blood samples of this Crobat to ship to the lab. Probably the entire thing if we can, but it was looking pretty sorry."
  669. [00:28:50 ]* Adrienne calls Lenny!
  670. [00:29:34 ]* Dann- walks over and offers Nathan a high five. "Not bad for your first fight, Nate."
  671. [00:30:17 ][zoofman] Once you call Lenny, they are really quick to get a crew and some medics out there to retrieve the Watchers and the Crobat as well.
  672. [00:30:42 ]* Percival walks over and picks up Fumu and puts her back in her ball for safety along with his eel.
  673. [00:32:20 ][Adrienne] \o/
  674. [00:32:20 ]* Adrienne gives Layla a salty snack as a reward for a job well done. Adrienne also lets Mina out of her ball to check if she's stopped being mad as heck.
  675. [00:33:56 ][castfromhp] Mina's gonna need an Antidote, but she's had time to cool down. Layla gobbles up your reward snack happily.
  676. [00:34:17 ][castfromhp] Nathan gives you a very shaky high five, Dann. He did just kill a Pokemon in his first fight. D:
  677. [00:35:41 ]* Dann- crouches down, realizing his mistake, and puts his hands on Nathan's shoulders. "Hey, I know it must have been scary to see, but that Crobat hurt a lot of people. It was going to hurt more people. You did good."
  678. [00:36:05 ]* Adrienne feeds Mina a pecha berry (since she has so many of those) and then also gives Mina a snack for her effort out in the fight.
  679. [00:36:15 ][castfromhp] Nathan nods slowly and tries not to look at the crumpled bat in the net.
  680. [00:36:19 ][Dann-] He smiles. "I promise most of our future tussles won't be like that."
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