Anon - [Nameless] [Minty/Birch/slice of life]

Jun 8th, 2019
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  1. Full tags: Minty, Birch, slice-of-life, music, dancing, light shipping?
  3. >Closing time, the time of the day when you can sink deep into your own thoughts as you clean up your café
  4. >You wipe another table while humming to yourself
  5. >You can hear the random noise every now and then of Birch setting her books in order at her side of the building
  6. >You finish one table and move onto wiping the one next to it
  7. >as you wipe the table your ears perk up and your antennae twitch as a faint tune carries itself into your ears from outside
  8. >You pause and listen more to the beat
  9. >it’s very catchy, simple but nice
  10. >You start to hum in tune with the beat and continue cleaning
  11. >wipe wipe, wipe wipe wipe, wipe wipe, wipe wipe, wipewipewipe...
  12. >you start to match the beat with your cleaning, and before you know it you’re humming with the music and cleaning in its beat
  13. >finishing with the table you twirl around and grasp a chair, pause for a short moment and then push it under the table at a proper part of the tune of the music, and twirl around once again and grasp another chair
  14. >You move your hips a few times from side to side, and then push the chair under the table, so that the sound of the backrest hitting the table’s edge matches with the beat
  15. >You skip towards the counter, your hoofs making a clanking sound to go with the beat every time you take a step, opening up your wings everytime your hoof connects with the floor
  16. >and then you hear a new sound which makes you pause your dancing and humming
  17. >the sounds of books hitting the back end of a shelf as they are inserted into the bookcase is matching the tune as well
  18. >You smile happily and keep making noise yourself as you and Birch both now do your cleaning to the beat of the music
  19. >a few last wipes here and there and you’re done
  20. >You can still hear Birch sorting her books to the tune of the music, which sounds almost like more instruments have joined in on it
  21. >suddenly the beat changes and you stop and listen
  22. >thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump
  23. >The tempo seems to have picked up the pace
  24. >you can feel your hips twitching to it as Birch picks up pace as well
  25. >you can hear her matching the beat with the sounds of her books being placed on their respective places
  26. >You start to sway your hips from side to side to the quickened beat, and before you know it your tail joins in on the swaying motion as you move your hooves up & down to the beat
  27. >suddenly the music blares up into full bloom as it plays louder than it did before, multiple instruments joining into it
  28. >With a happy smile you turn your hoof lifting into steps, and soon enough you are shaking your hips while dancing around your café
  29. >As you turn around once again you find Birch looking at you amusedly from the doorway that connects your two separate businesses
  30. >You grin and start dancing towards Birch
  31. >She lets out a small laugh as you come towards her
  32. >you pause and keep moving your hips as you extend a hoof to her
  33. >Birch shakes her head
  34. >You spin around and keep dancing, and now look over your shoulder to her with a fake sad look on your face
  35. >Birch stares at you for a short while before blushing and then joining in
  36. >You smile happily as the two of you start to dance together
  37. >Birch starts to dance awkwardly at first, but soon enough the two of you are bumping hips and dancing heartily
  38. >Soon enough the music dies down and the two of you stop dancing and give each other a happy smile
  39. >Birch then gives you a little wave of goodbye, which you return, and then she turns around and walks back into her side of the store
  40. >You yourself walk back behind the counter for a few last chores to do before you close your side of the shop down
  41. >tomorrow will be yet another busy day in the life of a café owner
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