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Dorner - Transcribed Police Comms

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  1. Transcribed police comms - Dorner / BigBear  **** All credit to Flytylady ****
  2.  @ http://forums.rimoftheworld.net/showthread.php?12312-Car-Jacking-Big-Bear
  4. ----------
  5. Dispatch to Air 83: Do we still have the suspect pinned down? I did not have a visual, but the best I can tell is they have him pinned down near the shooting scene and they are working.
  7. Pinned down on highway 38; send all units to highway 38.
  8. --------
  9. Cover the dirt road that comes out by the Oaks restaurant.
  10. ------------
  11. Unit with wounded officers on board - go back to pavement, go back to pavement. That's where the med unit is going to land.
  12. ------------
  13. The cabin with the smoke is the target cabin. (Ground Unit talking to 40K)
  14. -----------
  15. Shooter's on the west side of the house (40K to ground units)
  16. --------
  17. "I grew up in that house, there is a basement in that house. At the rear, totally cemented in"
  19. Copy
  20. ------
  21. IC, Bear Cat, where do you need us
  23. Bear Cat, come on down 7 Oaks until you see all the cars. I'm gonna need your ammo cans (rest was broken)
  24. ------
  25. We can not put boots on the ground on that side, no boots on the ground, it's too dangerous!
  26. -----
  27. Per Terri Kasinga CalTrans - all roads are closed in the mtn communuties and probably will be for several hours
  28. ------
  29. Let me know when you have an eye on that north side and are able to cover it effectively.
  30. ------
  31. Can you get that news copter out of the area? They're broadcasting our swat positions, they need to go!
  33. Would be my pleasure.
  34. ------
  35. Sheriff McMahon has asked that your helicopters pull back or leave the area of the barricaded suspect. Gunfire is being exchanged between law enforcement and the suspect; your personnel are in danger and could contribute to officer safety on the ground.
  37. Thank you for your cooperation.
  38. ------
  39. Can you plan some routes to Loma Linda and some other trauma centers?
  41. Copy.
  42. ------
  43. Suspect may be out of the cabin. All units use caution.
  44. -----
  45. Per Caltrans District 8
  46. SR138 at Pilot Rock is being opened to upbound traffic.
  47. ------
  48. Clear the Air! The only ones that should be talking are the ones that have visual on the suspect on 8Mtn1. All other to 8Tac2.
  49. ------
  50. 40K to Control - Info only - a bunch of LA deputies just showed up and inserted on that (plateau?) about 1/4 mile(I think) from the scene; not sure if they were invited.
  52. LA Fire Ship info? Copy; per 61C get all other aircraft out of the area, he'd appreciate it.
  54. LA Fire Ships inserted up the ridge about 1/2 mile from the location - multiple SWAT members. Probably headed for the ridge about 1/2 mile from the incident location.
  55. ------
  56. Team of 6 guys on the #4 side with 2 snipers.
  57. ------
  58. LA County flew 3 or 4 helicopters up here. They inserted into a field 1/2 mile north of the location; dropped off 15 SWAT guys all dressed in black. Not sure if they were invited or if there is any coordination with those guys. We need to pass that on to the powers that be.
  59. -------
  60. We still have 330 closed, but 18, towards Crestline should be open, let's keep it like that.
  62. Copy.
  63. ------
  64. 330 is still shut down; per Chief (Cuzimano?) that should be opened.
  66. Advise the units that 330 is to be opened.
  67. -------
  68. http://bearvalleyusd.org/ As of 2:10 pm today, February 12, 2013, the lockdown at BBHS, BLES and CTHS has been lifted. Buses will be running and parents can pick up their students. FVES remains on lockdown.
  70. Fallsvale Elementary School
  71. 40600 Valley of the Falls Dr. Forest Falls
  72. -------
  73. 61C 61L: Back the Bear down and then deploy the burner through the turret.
  75. He's not shooting back; he may be down.
  77. Confirm you know there is a basement in that residence.
  79. Affirmed.
  80. -------
  81. Transcribers Synopsis: Units on scene have been working to tear the house apart on the sides of the house that they have been able to secure. There is now talk of taking down the kitchen wall and it has been noted by the ground units that a blood splatter has been observed on one of the interior walls.
  82. -------
  83. Green smoke inside the house.
  85. Not SBD smoke. Diversion.
  87. Can you go to the back?
  89. He's in the 1-4 corner of the house.
  91. Push him back towards the 1-2 if you can.
  93. He deployed another smoke.
  94. -------
  96. We're going to be deploying a gas burner to the #1 side from the Bear.
  97. --------
  98. 7 burners have deployed and we have a fire.
  100. -------
  101. Fire in the front, he might come out the back
  102. ------
  103. #1 side fully engulfed; fire on the floor.
  104. -----
  106. Sound like one shot fired from inside the residence.
  108. All primary units stand by; maintain your discipline.
  110. The 1-2 corner fully engulfed.
  112. ---------
  113. Status check? Code 4, on the #4 side. Do we have fire back there yet? That's affirm. That's affirm. The #2 and 4 side are fully involved. Only have #3 side left.
  115. Any propane cylinders back there that we need to be aware of?
  117. No, not that I can see from my position.
  118. ---------
  120. Do you want have fire start putting water on it once the roof starts to collapse?
  122. Affirm; but we're not quite there yet. The #2-3 is still vulnerable.
  124. We'll move Fire 200 yards out.
  126. There is still alot of room on the 3-4 corner that hasn't engulfed yet.
  128. -------
  129. We still have ammo going off in the fire.
  130. ---------
  131. Battalion 131 we're still not ready for you. We still have live ammo going off.
  133. Bat131 we have a firefighter that was raised in that building and he is familiar with it. The basement is 12x15.
  134. --------
  136. Fire is doing quite well. The 2-3 or the 3-4 is where that basement is located.
  138. Standing by for your call for Fire - whenever you're ready.
  140. ----
  141. Allowing residents of Mountain Home Village, Angelus Oaks and Forest Falls up the 38 at Bryant. All others are being turned around.
  142. ------
  143. You guys are my eyes back there. If you see anything catching fire that shouldn't, let me know. Otherwise let it go.
  145. Getting information that there is a propane tank at the rear of the residence near a garage. Be aware, if it goes it will be about a 50 yard debris field.
  147. Copy.
  148. --------
  149. Fire Dept has been allowed in to the scene; no word yet on whether anyone was found...
  151. We need a lighting unit out here.
  152. -------
  153. Media is being held (at Angelus Oaks) until confirmation.
  154. -------
  155. Media is to stay at Bryant and the 38. They are not to come up to Angelus Oaks.
  157. Per SBSO, do not let any more media upbound, keep them at 38 and Bryant.
  158. -------
  159. The camps in the area are calling to confirm they are to stay on lock down.
  161. They can release the lock down.
  162. --------
  163. We're receiving information from Riverside PD that there were escape routes from the basement in the cabins there.
  165. {reply} We have a previous resident that lived there...
  166. ---------
  167. Per Caltrans District 8
  169. SR38 is open (ID required) to residents of Valley of the Falls, Mountain Home Village, and Angelus Oaks. SR38 is still closed from that point up to Lake Williams.
  170. --------
  171. Media is now allowed up to Angelus Oaks Market. Per SBSO.
  172. -------
  173. 61L to Control: I'll be changing locations to headquarters. 61C is still on scene.
  174. ---------
  175. Advise units at 38 and Bryant we can no longer accept any more media up here. We have enough media up here already. There isn't any more room.
  176. --------
  177. From the PIO for SBSO Cindy Bachman: we haven't been into the cabin yet; will not confirm rumors a body was removed.
  179. The cabin is still burning and too hot to enter safely.
  180. ---------------
  181. LAPD: "That cabin is too hot for anyone to make entry. No body has been found in that cabin. Reports of body found are not true."
  182. -------
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