To Cuddle a Sunset [EG] [Comfy] [Sunset Shimmer] [Anon]

Dec 24th, 2017
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  1. >It wasn't a secret to anyone in Canterlot City that magic was real. In fact, it'd almost become a mundane sight.
  2. >But you, knew something that most didn't: where this all started. You knew all about Sunset Shimmer and her friends, what happened and why it happened. You made sure you became her friend too.
  4. >You chat it up with your classmate Trixie to kill some time. It feels like the bell should have rung already.
  5. >She loudly regales you with her dreams of her "Great and Powerful World Tour." The teacher looks like she wishes she still had her paddle.
  6. >Finally, the bell rings, and students rush out into the halls. Kind of a shame; Trixie's ideas were starting to interest you. You join up with your friends at the courtyard statue as usual.
  7. >"Phew, Christmas break at last!" exclaims Rainbow Dash, leaning against the statue.
  8. >Applejack chimes in. "So, anyone got any plans for the break?"
  9. >You notice Sunset fidget around. "Um..." Everyone looks at her.
  10. >"Sorry for not telling you guys earlier, but I'll probably be staying in Equestria for a while. I'll be leaving tomorrow."
  12. >You feel a cold shiver run down your spine.
  13. >"Does...does that mean you won't be here for Christmas?" Fluttershy almost looks like she's going to tear up.
  14. >"No, no, I'll be here! I just want to catch up with Princess Twilight and Starlight Glimmer...and..."
  15. >She looks back at the statue. "I'm a little homesick, I guess. It's been so long..."
  16. >Applejack puts her hand on Sunset's shoulder. "I understand, sugarcube. Just don't reminisce too much that you forget to come back!" She chuckles. Sunset returns a warm smile.
  17. >"Anyone else have plans?" Applejack asks.
  18. >You can't help but shift your attention to the statue.
  19. >Equestria... Occasionally you've daydreamed about the adventures you could have there, but this time you have a different reason for wanting to go.
  20. >Even if it's only a little while, not having Sunset around feels unnatural. You easily consider her your best friend, and--
  21. >"Anon?"
  22. >You notice everyone staring at you expectedly. "Are you gonna be doing anything as well?" Sunset asks with a smile.
  23. You laugh sheepishly. "Oh--uh, I haven't decided anything yet. Busy, you know?" Rainbow raises an eyebrow.
  25. >You spend quite a bit of your walk home with Sunset mulling over what to do. Should you ask her? You don't exactly want to intrude, but at the same time you still want to be at her side.
  26. >"Hey, slowpoke! Doing alright back there?" Sunset says, noticing you lagging behind.
  27. You catch back up to her. "Sorry! Just thinking about stuff."
  28. >"Oh, what kind of stuff?" You seemed to have sparked her curiosity.
  29. You stammer. "Er, nothing major! Boring, everyday stuff!"
  30. >"Really, now?" she says, clasping her geode, which begins to glow. You step back nervously.
  31. >The geode stops glowing. "Pfft, calm down, I'm kidding!" she laughs, giving you a light punch in the arm. She points back at her apartment. "I gotta hurry, Ray's gonna be worried sick if I'm not back soon," she says, and walks away.
  32. >You have to make this decision now.
  34. "Sunny, wait!" You run up to her.
  35. >She turns back towards you, a little surprised. "Yeah?"
  36. "Can I go with you? To Equestria?"
  37. >She's caught off-guard. "Uh...I don't know," she frowns. "I kind of wanted it to just be me, Twilight and Starlight..."
  38. Your heart drops. "O--oh, okay. That's fine. I shouldn't be butting in like this."
  39. >She pauses, thinking it over. "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt having another friend come with me." Your face lights up.
  40. "Really? You mean it?"
  41. >"It's such short notice, though...I'm gonna have to see if Princess Twilight's okay with it first, alright?" You give her a hug.
  42. "You're the best, Sunny."
  45. >Ugh. Who the hell calls this early?
  46. >Groggily, you get up from your bed. You check the caller ID and see that it's Sunset.
  47. >You try your best to sound cheery for her.
  48. "What."
  49. >"Hey, Anon! Guess what?" she says.
  50. "What is it?"
  51. >"Twilight said you could come! Pack your bags, I'll meet you at the portal at about noon, okay?"
  52. "Awesome! See you then!" You hang up. ...Huh? It's not as early as you thought it was.
  54. >Sunset waves as you approach. She seems to have packed light for some reason; she just has a little bag.
  55. >"Ready, Anon?" She notices your luggage. "Oh, you didn't need to bring so much! Ponies don't normally wear clothes, you know." You can feel your cheeks redden at the thought.
  56. "You could've mentioned that earlier," you chuckle. She rubs the back of her head sheepishly.
  57. >"Well, shall we?"
  58. >Through the looking-glass you go.
  60. >A muffled voice calls out to you. "Anon? Anon, are you alright?"
  61. >You struggle to open your eyes. Damn, what hit you?
  62. >Your eyes adjust to the light, and you see an orange pony standing over you.
  63. "Sunny...? Izzat you?" you groan, picking yourself up from the hard crystal floor.
  64. >She exhales. "Oh, good, you're okay! I was worried for a sec--" Her eyes widen in shock.
  65. "Heh, you don't have to worry about me, I've been through worse," you say, planting yourself on all fours. "So, what am I? An Earth Pony? A Pegasus? Ooh, am I a Unicorn like you?"
  66. >"H--human?" she says through a mix of stifled laughter and confusion.
  67. >Wait, what?
  69. >You look down, and sure enough, you still have your hands, feet, clothes, the works.
  70. >The door leading out of the library opens, and two mares and a dragon walk in.
  71. >The Alicorn, Twilight Sparkle, is the first to speak up. "Sunset! It's been too long!"
  72. >Sunset rushes over and gives her a big hug. "It's so good to see you guys again!"
  73. >The purple Unicorn, Starlight Glimmer, looks you over with a bemused expression. "Are you okay?"
  74. You clear your throat. "Y--yeah! Just fine." You get up and dust yourself off. How embarrassing.
  75. >Twilight, also confused at your state, looks over to Sunset. "Why is he still...?" Sunset shrugs.
  76. "Nice to meet you, I'm Anonymous." You extend your hand, trying to brush off the situation.
  77. >"N--nice to meet you too!" she replies, placing her hoof in your hand. You shake it, but somehow you get the feeling she isn't too enthused to have something so strange happen right off the bat like this.
  78. >Eager to break the awkwardness, the dragon, Spike, speaks up. "So, guys, how about we go on that stroll we were planning for today?"
  79. >"Good idea, Spike," Twilight says. "Remind me to run some tests on our friend here," she whispers to him.
  80. >As everyone begins to leave, curiosity gets the better of you.
  81. >You wait until they're ahead of you, and manage to sneak a peek of what's under their tails...
  82. >There's nothing? Maybe it's some kind of modesty spell?
  84. >You sure pulled in quite the crowd today.
  85. > what you would say, if Ponyville's residents weren't so skittish. It took a lot of coercing from Twilight for anyone--er, anypony to even go anywhere near you.
  86. >Other than that, so far Ponyville isn't as exciting as you thought it'd be. Maybe the rest of Equestria would have the actual adventure?
  88. >Despite the quietness and rather comfy bed in this guest room, you can't seem to fall asleep.
  89. >You shift and turn for what seems to be hours, but to no avail. Why do you feel so restless?
  90. >On top of it all, you feel unusually cold. Perhaps Equestria's winter is different from yours?
  91. >Throwing the blanket off, you get up and leave the room in hopes a walk will tire you out.
  92. "This place really is huge," you mumble to yourself as you approach the main foyer.
  93. >A familiar red glow lights up the room a little. You spot Sunset leaning on a railing below, doodling in a notebook.
  94. >She startles, nearly dropping the book and pencil as you hurry down the stairs.
  95. "S--sorry. Whatcha drawing?"
  96. >She sighs. "Oh, nothing really."
  97. You smile. "Can't sleep either?"
  98. >"Yeah..." She looks down. "I guess I'm a little nervous, being back here after so long. It feels so familiar, but..."
  99. >You want to say something for her, but you're not sure how to help.
  100. >...
  101. >An awkward silence permeates the room.
  102. "K--kinda chilly, isn't it?" you say, desperate to restart the conversation.
  103. >"Hmm? Yeah, I guess it is, huh?" She puts her hoof to her chin.
  104. >Her eyes light up, and she looks back at you, smiling. "There's a room with a fireplace around here. You wanna sit by it?"
  105. "Sure, that'd be nice."
  106. >You follow her as she leads the way.
  108. >As Sunset focuses her magic on the firewood, you look around, and find that the room is strangely unfurnished. You pull up what seems to be the only chair in the room.
  109. >The wood ignites, and Sunset faces you, her beautiful mane illuminated by the fire. "All done!" she says proudly.
  110. "Great! You want me to get a chair from another room for you? All I could find here was this one."
  111. >"No, that's okay, I'll be fine," she says, laying down on the floor. She noticeably shivers as she touches the ground.
  112. You worry. "Are you sure?"
  113. >She giggles. "Anon, it's okay." You sit down.
  114. >...
  115. "Hey."
  116. >She looks towards you. "Hmm?"
  117. "Come on," you say, patting your lap.
  118. >"Anon, please, I'm not a pet," she huffs.
  119. "No, no! That's not what I... I just don't think it's fair for you to have to lay on the floor like that!"
  120. >She looks away, thinking it over.
  121. >"...Okay," she sighs, standing up. You help her up and she sits down on your lap.
  122. >You've never really done this before. Your heart races, and evidently so does hers.
  123. >Something overcomes you, and you slowly wrap your arms around her torso. She lets out a small gasp, but doesn't resist. Her soft, golden coat feels soothing.
  124. "Comfy?"
  125. >You can just make out a cute little "Mmhmm."
  126. >You lay back in the chair, and eventually she follows suit. Her crimson-saffron mane envelops a bit of your face, its strawberry scent singing sweet lullabies to you.
  127. >Softly, you scratch her ear. She giggles sweetly.
  128. >As you gently stroke her mane, she lets out a content sigh.
  129. >Your hearts relax. You might just be caught up in the moment, but it almost feels like your heartbeats are in sync.
  130. >She looks up at you. "Anon?"
  131. "Yes, Sunny?"
  132. >"Could we...could we do this again, even when we're back through the mirror?"
  133. >You nod and hug her a little tighter. She gives you a loving smile.
  134. >An overwhelming warmth flows throughout you, and eventually the two of you fall asleep.
  136. THE END
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