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  1. 10/03/2016 - KTOS Live Maintenance Update
  3. The following errors have been fixed.
  5. 1. 거래 불가인 제작서가 거래 가능으로 표시되는 문제가 수정되었습니다. (item production bugfix)
  6. 2. When killing the monsters [Blue Velwriggler], [Raflower], [Large Kepa], [Experimental Slime], the information about these monsters will correctly update the Adventure Journal
  7.     - These Monsters data not recording correctly in the Journal has been fixed.
  8. 3. The monster [Flak] was able to use the Golden Bell Shield Skill infinitely.
  9. 4. The item [Catacombs Club] Icon not matching the in-game model has been fixed.
  10. 5. The item [Recipe - Ferret Marauder Shield]After collecting all the materials, It was still not appearing under 'ready to craft'.
  11. 6. Obtaining stat points from a quest reward, and caused the stat points to decrease has been fixed.
  12. 7. When using The Item [Brown Socket Archer Orb]The problem where a different monster spawned has been fixed.
  13. 8. Quarrel Shooter [Demolish: Carved Statues] Attribute not working has been fixed.
  14. 9. The Sorcerer's Summon for the [Death Weaver] has had its motion problems fixed.
  15. 10. Fixed a problem where changing from one server to another resulted in the previous servers Lodge Message Box contents was being displayed.
  16. 11. When inspecting a character and then → Pressing Like!, A guild invitation was being sent.
  17. 12. Being unable to create more than 1 item at a time has been fixed.
  18. 13. Whilst on a Companion and using the Token Pose [Chat], The weapon animation has been changed so that it doesn't stick to the characters hands.
  19. 14. When wearing a hat under the Volume Wave Hairstyle and posing with emotes, The graphics appearing unusually effects has been corrected.
  20. 15. The problem where the companion would appear to be stuck in the ground in the lodge has been fixed.
  23. The following quests have been changed.
  24. 1. [떠난 주민의 쪽지 - (No official Translation for this Quest ATM.)] The In Progress/Conversation with NPC [Crate], delay between the spawns has been changed from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  25. 2. [Lost Sign(2)] After being idle for a certain amount of time, The problem with the quest abandoning has been fixed.
  26. 3. [Out of Time..] Progress where Monsters are Lacking numbers of objects resulting in being unable to proceed has been fixed.
  27. 4. [In the name of Faith(2)] The problem where Quest items were unable to be recovered even after completing the quest has been fixed.
  28. 5. When the character transforms into the monster and tries to use the attack skills, The player was then unable to move. Applies to : [The legendary Trick(2)], [The Blurred Barrier Between The Thing and I]
  29. 6. When the character transforms into something for a quest, The problem where the Monster skill UI and Character Skill UI would overlap sometimes has been fixed.
  30. 7. [Starting the Journey (2)] Events directions have been improved.
  32. Some new features have been implemented:
  34. 1. Cross server integration for the Instance dungeons and Missions(Including Sallus Abbey) automatic matching feature has been added.
  35. 2. A level system has been added to the Team Lodge. (TN: It's easier to refer to this as a lodge level system)
  36. -  From lvl 2 and onwards you will gain 1% bonus per Lodge Level, This EXP Bonus also affects companions.
  37. -  The max level of the Team lodge is 50, You can gain up to 49% Additional experience. (Increases the EXP that is gained by the Companion.)
  38. - From level 2 and onwards, the buff will show in your tool-tip.
  40. ※ TN: To elaborate on the feature a little, that isn't covered by patch notes;
  41.     - The Lodge Buff bonus applies to all characters in the Team Lodge.
  42.     - The Level of the Lodge is Determinant to your whole team of characters levels. (Not their EXP particularly)
  43.     - Gaining Character levels adds experience to the Lodge EXP Bar. [Video - ]
  44.     - Deleting Characters also decreases the EXP from the Lodge Bar. [ Video - ]
  45.     - Class Levels do not affect the Level of the Lodge.
  48. Screenshots of the Lodge Level Menu & Buff Icon:
  49. ( English )
  53. 3. Adventure Journals have been updated to share kills and information to party members.
  54. 4. Icons for already Received Rewards will now be displayed in the Adventure Journal.
  55. -  Monster Rewards: Adventure Journal - You can mouse over to monster icons to see this.
  56. -  Map Exploration: Adventure Journal - Claimed rewards can be seen next to exploration percentage. ( Yellow Box)
  58. 5. The [Wings of Vibora]NPC Can now let you claim batches of Map / Monster kill rewards.
  59.      - However, do note that you need at least 3 or higher available rewards in order to claim in a batch.
  60. [TN: Video on Batched Rewards Claiming - ]
  62. 6. When a boss monster has low HP, it now should no longer 'flee'.
  63. 7. When a characters summons a monster and it has low health, It has been changed so that it doesn't look for heal tiles.
  64.     Applies to:
  65.     -  Sorcerer: Summoning:Familiar, Salamion, Servant
  66.     -  Necromancer: Shoggoth, Skeleton Soldiers
  67.     -  Bokor: Zombies
  69. 8.When installing another campfire, the original campfire will now be removed and no longer display "Only one campfire may be used at a time". The new system message will now display -  "The original campfire has been replaced."
  71. [TN: Now we can use multiple campfires, as opposed to waiting for the old one to expire before being allowed to use another.
  72. Video on Campfire - ]
  74. 9. Characters who are LVL 280, Class LVL 15 and also Rank 7 will no longer be able to use EXP cards. ( preventing accidental use)
  75. 10. The Alphabet event item drops have been removed from monsters. It's still possible to get rewards for exchanging the letters though.
  76. 11. It's now possible to have up to 15 slots for Characters/Companions.
  77. 12. The Lodge Message box has been moved to the upper right corner of the screen.
  78. 13. New Collection Boxes have been added to the following areas:
  79. - Galeed Plateau
  80. - Sicarius 1F
  81. - Sutatis Trade Route
  82. - Bellai Rainforest
  83. - Valius' Eternal Resting Place
  84. - Roxona Market
  85. - Inner Enceinte District
  86. - Tyla Monastery
  87. - Verkti Square
  88. - Istora Ruins
  89. - Fasika Plateau
  90. - Sicarius 2F
  91. - Topes Mines 1F
  92. - Underground Graveyard Ritinis
  93. - Delmore Hamlet
  94. - Ruklys Street
  95. - Mokusul Chamber
  96. - Roxona Reconstruction Agency West Building
  97. - Nuordian Falls
  98. - Glade Hillroad
  99. - Genar Field
  100. - Mochia Forest
  101. - Topes Mines 2F
  102. - Videntis Shrine
  103. - Delmoore Outskirts
  104. - Downtown
  105. - Laukyme Swamp
  106. - Roxona Reconstruction Agency East Building
  107. - Namyu Temple Ruins
  108. - Viltis Forest
  110. 14. Materials for item production has changed.
  111. ※  Some material items will be added in the next update.
  112. Recipe- Vienie Koperon Sword
  113. Recipe- Evil Staff
  114. Recipe- Burawa
  115. Recipe- Royal Mage Robes
  116. Recipe- Royal Pistol
  117. Recipe- Elgos Gloves
  118. Recipe- Elgos Robes
  119. Recipe- Elgos Pants
  120. Recipe- Elgos Boots
  121. Recipe- Virtov Boots
  122. Recipe- Twin Blade
  123. Recipe- Richie Bow
  124. Recipe- Dual Rapier
  125. Recipe- Bandit Pants
  126. Recipe- Bandit Armor
  127. Recipe- Virtov Pants
  128. Recipe- Virtov Robes
  129. Recipe- Corona Rod
  130. Recipe- Didel Grand Cross
  131. Recipe- Grinas Armour
  132. Recipe- Grinas Leggings
  134. The following skills have changed.
  136. 1. Templar
  137. -  Warp To Guild Member: When using on someone who has entered an instance dungeon , The message "You cannot move to an instance dungeon." Will be displayed.
  139. 2. Wizard
  140. -  Quick Cast: Fixed a problem where charging a spell whilst under the effect of quick cast caused incorrect skill levels to be cast for skills.
  142. 3. Chronomancer
  143. -  Pass: Now only affects party members.
  144. -  Reincarnate: No longer applies the buff to summoned monsters.
  146. 4. Sorcerer
  147. -  Summon Salamion: The bug where summoning duplicates of the Salamion was possible has been fixed.
  149. 5. Archer
  150. -  Kneeling Shot: When jumping out of Kneeling Shot stance whilst equipped with a musket, The scenario where 2 basic attack shots were being fired out after jumping has been fixed.
  152. 6. Musketeer
  153. -  Snipe: Fixed a problem where when the character was aiming the Snipe reticle, It caused the black screen to remain for the Musketeer.
  155. 7. Dievdirbys
  156. -  Carve World Tree: Fixed the bug where the silence effect remained after friendly duels.
  158. 8. Sadhu
  159. -  Out of Body : Being unable to fight in mouse-mode has been fixed.
  161. 9. Oracle
  162. -  Counter Spell: Fixed the bug where the effects of Counter Spell remained permanent after friendly duels.
  164. 10. Kabbalist
  165. -  Revenge Sevenfold: The problem where Revenge Sevenfold was allowing players to retain the  Invulnerability effect has been fixed.
  168. Source Post:
  169. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums.
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