Dober's Lodge

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  1. Welcome to Dober’s Lodge; a large, modern ski lodge located in the snowy mountains of Colorado.
  3. As you walk up, you notice large evergreen and cedar trees providing clean air and a wonderful view. Heavy snow covers the ground, and smoke billows from the chimney, adding to the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Some benches are located outside to watch and listen to nature.
  5. You walk inside the lobby to find soft, comfortable leather couches and beanbag chairs, soft carpeted floors, as well as a few high definition TV’s on the walls around the room. There are also bay windows showing the view outside and a pair of roaring warm fire fireplaces on opposing ends of the room.
  7. You walk deeper into the heart of the lodge, tucked away just behind the main lobby, the Ram’s Head Bar and Grill is a favorite watering hole steeped in history and tradition. Features pub style and fine dining menus and freshly brewed ales from a local brewing company, and of course several high definition TV’s found above the bar for your sports entertainment. The hall to the left is flanked by the staff offices and restrooms; beyond which sits a quiet reading room filled with books and couches.
  9. Further on, you find a gaming room with arcade and console games, including both the Move and Kinect. At the rear of the lodge lies a four-season sun room furnished with a table, chairs, and an amazing view of the snowy woodland area. On the first floor deck you find a large inviting hot tub; easily accessible from the guest rooms and lounge. Throughout the property we provide 802.11ac wireless Internet access, the latest technological advancements, and more.
  11. We hope you find our accommodations to your liking.
  13. Rules
  15. Trolling = insta-ban. No exceptions.
  16.  This means no flaming, spamming, harassing, or overuse of retarded memes.
  17. If somebody says no, that means fucking no. Sex is great, if it’s consensual.
  18. Sex is allowed, however, try to respect other guest’s boundaries and if you prefer to keep it in your room (PM), that’s ok too.
  19. Feel free to stay in character if you choose.
  20. Please respect Mod/Admin’s word is final.
  21. Have fun, don’t be a cunt. This is a happy place, full of happiness.
  22. No Smoking within the facility, this includes common areas and guest rooms.
  27. Depending on your behavior, you will be issued a warning, followed by either kick or ban depending on mod’s mood.
  29. 1st offense: Warning, possible kick depending on the severity of your offense.
  31. 2nd offense: 24-48 Hour ban, with another, angrier warning.
  33. 3rd offense: Perma-ban. No exceptions.
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