Half-Moon in Equestria 21

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  1. The smell of pancakes and the stirring of fillies bring you out of your slumber. Attemting to get up, you suceed only in getting yourself more covered in pillows and Crusaders.
  2. "Hey girls, I don't mind it if you sleep on me, but I do mind if you make it impossibe for me to get up."
  3. With a chorus of giggles, the trio scramble off you, letting you work your way to your feet.
  4. "Twilight" You call out "Did you notice we have three extra's for breakfast?"
  5. "Yeah, dont worry" She calls back " I'm making enough for everypony, though they will have to hurry and eat, if they dont want to be late for school."
  6. "You heard miss Twilight, get to the table and start eating or you will be late for class." Motioning to the table, they all scurry over, and dig in to the pile of pancakes. "Of course, they aren't the only ones who have to worry about school, Isn't that right Twilight?"
  7. If you could see her right now, you could see she has a sheepish grin on her face, as she replies "I have no idea what you are talking about Anon, now eat your breakfast".
  8. Then again, if she could see you, she would notice your sly grin, as you say "Then I suppose you wouldn't care if I gave Trixie some special 'Private' lessons?"
  9. A poof of purple smoke, and some light coughing later, amd Trixie says "Trixie accepts these 'Private' lessons, especially if Twitlight doesn't get them"
  10. A fuming Twilight storms out of the kitchen, saying "Don't you even THINK of giving Trixie extra lessons! If you do, I will fill your dreams with horrific nightmares that would make even Discord hide under his blankets."
  11. You shug, and say "Couldnt be worse than what I have to suffer through anyways, and besides, who is Discord?"
  12. "Discord is the god of Chaos, who was Turned to stone by the Elements of Harmony."
  13. "Hmmm" you mumble, diving into a small stack of pancakes.
  14. "Bye guys!" the Cutie Mark Crusaders call out as they rush through the door, and off to school.
  15. "Trixie has finished her breakfast, so she will wait at the designated area, while you and Twilight slowpoke eat." With another poof of smoke, she is gone, leaving you and Twilight alone in the room.
  16. Finishing off the last of your pancakes, you say "Hurry up and finish breakfast, Im just gonna wash up and then head out." Walking into the bathroom, you get your first good look at where your arm used to be. If it wasnt for the fact you knew you used to have one, your shoulder area looks as if there never was an arm there. Probing the area with your fingers, you notice a lack of bone, though it is made up for with additional muscle, so your shoulder retains some shape.
  17. Turning on the shower, you shove your exposed upper body under it, letting the hot water wash away your sweat, dirt and syrup of the past few days.
  18. Drying off, you consieder the best way to teach today. Stretching your arm out as best you can, you replace the towel and step out of the bathroom.
  19. Entering the main room, you notice something you missed before. A shirt of your size with only one sleeve sits beside where you slept. After some struggling you manage to get it on, and it fits like a dream. A good dream, not like Luna's perverted ones she shoves into your mind.
  20. Leaving the library, you find you bump into the grey mailmare that is Derpy Hooves.
  21. "My appologies Derpy" You say, helping ehr to her hooves "Its rather difficult for me to see where I am going when leaving through these small doors."
  22. She lloks at you with one of her yellow eyes, and says "Its no problem, I bump into things all the time." The smile vanishes from her lips as she continues "Im glad your still nice to me though, even after what I did."
  23. Kneeling down, you wrap your arm around her in a soft hug, and say "Don't worry about it. Like I said before, you were probably just confused, and didn't understand how to deal with your feelings." Releasing her, you see the smile return to her face, and she jumps up abd starts flying off.
  24. "Gotta deliver this mail, see ya later Anon" She says, giving you a backwards glance as she leaves.
  25. Walking through town is slower today, as everypony wants to shake your hand, or offer their thanks, or get an autograph, which you have to refuse, since you lack the necessary hands to do so.
  26. After what feels like an hour, you finaly rach the field. As you cross the bridge, you see that the island is marred with small holes, likely caused by Trixie and Twilight fighting. Up ahead, you can see your students have shields raised around them and are firing bolts of magic at eachother. Of course, neither of them notice you as you approach.
  27. Reaching into your pocket, you pull out your pen, set it in your teeth, and draw the flame circle on your palm. Putting the pen away, you withdraw the sparking rings and wiggle the rings onto your fingers. Both girls prepare another bolt, and you raise your hand. As they fire off there spells, you launch your flames, which engulf their bolts, and draws their attentions, as it flys past within inches of their shields.
  28. "Do I have your attention now?" You ask, looking at them, your arm across your chest. Unfortunately the effect is lost, given you dont have another to cross.
  29. They both look down, before saying "Yes teacher".
  30. "Good, now sit in your desks while I prepare necessary materials for class today". Stepping a ways away, you pull out the shattered metal ring, and set it on the ground. Drawing a repair based manipulation circle around it, you repair the ring to its origional state. Pulling out the wrong rings, you set these nearby, and surround them with a transformation circle, and change them to match the correct one. Gathering the rings, you return, and see Twilight and Trixie glaring at eachother, but otherwise not doing anything.
  31. "Now, did both of you finish the work i assigned before?" You ask, taking your spot by the board. They both give an affirming nod, so you continue. "Today, I am going to teach you how to activate a Transmutation circle. The test for this lesson will be for you to use the one you prepared to create a small copper object."
  32. "Excuse me, but how will you know if 'somepony' isn't just cheating and using magic to replicate the results?" Twilight asks, shooting a glare at Trixie when she says somepony.
  33. "A very good question Twilight, and one Im glad you asked." Pulling out one of the rings, you hold it up for the two to see "This ring is designed to break if the person who has it on their hands uses alchemy."
  34. "Trixie fails to see how this will show if somepony is cheating"
  35. "Earlier, I got the chance to test these rings on a unicorn who was using magic. It didnt break till it was almost in contact with their horn. Of course, if you dont want to wear the ring, I could just stand there and hold your horns, as I also know the feeling of magic flowing through a horn while being held."
  36. Both Trixie and Twilight blush furiously, before agreeing "The rings are fine."
  37. You smile "Now, to begin the lesson, I need you to copy down this circle on a piece of paper". You then procede to draw a rather basic circle on the board. The girls obey, and soon have their own copys of the circle.
  38. "Now, place your hooves on the circle, and focus. Imagine your energy flowing down one hoof, through the circle and back up the other, like a circle. Now focus, and make it happen. Channel your energy through the circle".
  39. Its starts faintly at first, but you see a glow develop on both thier circles.
  40. "Excelent, now stop".
  41. They both look at the papers confused before Twilight says "But nothing happened, why are we stopping?"
  42. "Because nothing was supposed to happen, save the circles glowing in reaction. Now, I want you to do it again, faster this time".
  43. After about an hour, they are both able to get a full activation in about 3 seconds.
  44. "Alright, now for some direction" Drawing a new circle, you say "This circle is designed to change a piece of paper into a leaf. As such, you will need to copy it down many times."
  45. As they make copys, you pull out a scrap of paper, and draw a copy yourself. setting it down on your desk, you walk forward, and place a ring over each of their horns. They both shiver a bit, but neither objects, understanding the need for it.
  46. Stepping back to the desk, you pick up your copy, and hold it up for them to see. "The key difference here, is you need to provide direction to your energy this time. you must will the paper to become a leaf, direct your energys into changing its shape, color and material. Like this."
  47. Concentrating, the circle flares, and the paper almost instantly becomes a leaf. "Now you".
  48. "Trixie will go first" Trixie proclaims, before activating her first circle. It takes about ten seconds before she gets the paper to change shape to that of a leaf. Twilight starts to giggle, and Trixie say "Trixie would like to see you do better".
  49. "Fine then, I will" Twilight responds, before activating her circle. After a comparable amount of time the paper has turned green, but nothing else has changed.
  50. "You guys, I am going to be away for the next hour or so to get some things. I want you to keep at this, until you can do it consistantly sucessfully within 5 seconds. There will be a reasonable reward of the ponys choice if they can complete it by the time I get back." This motivates them, and they immediately get to work on their papers.
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