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  1. -----------------------------------------
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  3. Day leaving Circus and Grassy Trails
  5. [Next Page]
  6. Note to self-
  8. Did a little asking around. Turns out I fear I was right about certain prices.
  10. -Could run me four dollars for a proper makeup kit, 1 dollar if i get the bare bones (may have to)
  11. -A dress would cost about 4 dollars, but a good dress will be about 6.50. if I can, my next step will be for a dress costing 10-13 dollars
  12. -This is where it gets shocking, apparently wigs will cost 5 dollars for pokemon hair, like the one I was wearing all day, but a proper wig will be 15-20 dollars.
  14. That is a crazy amount of money for a bit of hair. But I can't stand the itchiness of that pokemon wig. I could ask my friends for money but, 5 dollars IS more affordable than 15...
  16. What am I saying. Wigs are not fashionable. I need a believable wig.
  18. -Maybe ask Sally to get me some money? I know rex has been saving up, but It'd be awkward to explain why I needed money. Maybe better just to ask Rex directly, I don't want to get Sally involved.
  20. Aha, perhaps I should just stop trimming my hair every week and let it grow out. I was planning to trim it a bit this week, but I can always cut it short should I need to return home.
  22. So, total would be about 25.50 dollars at minimum for a starting investment...I only have seven. This book has been useful and interesting, but I am really regretting buying it, especially on an impulse. Gone are the days of 'Father will buy it' or 'Mother That would be nice to have'. Then again they would not condone this behavior in the first place.
  24. On the plus side, No one knew it was me, I'm sure I can keep of the facade easily with proper supplies.
  26. -hm. I said I was a coordinator to Miss Walker. I've been far too afraid to do it myself but...maybe Emma could?
  28. -There is nothing wrong with expressing myself. I am comfortable as a man. I am comfortable as a woman. If I want to be two people, I will.
  30. -I realize this is hypocritical to have to constantly write down.
  32. -Yes I know you can read this looking over my shoulder Enigma. No I don't mind. No I can't read your mind like you can read mine, but I know what you are thinking.
  34. Short term budget:
  35. 4.00 - Kit
  36. 6.50 - Outfit
  37. 15/20 - Wig
  38. -----------
  39. 25.50/30.50 -3.00 for bare bones kit. -2.50 plain.  so 20-25.
  41. -Long term budget: see if I could get a half-dress-suit like betty's in case I ever meet up again. Haha, yeah right.
  43. Alright, I ask Rex for some money with the promise to pay him back. Get the supplies, run a few contests, and get the money back to him.
  45. [A small sketch with a few close up details of a dress lies on the next page]
  47. -something like this
  49. a small note is in this page, it reads:
  50. "Man or Woman, here's to being Edmund. ~ Mr. Adam and Ms. Eve."
  51. "AND HOW. ~ The Snake."
  52. -----------------------------------------
  53. -----------------------------------------
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