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MagiReco - Character Side Story - Tatsuki Asuka

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  1. MagiReco - Character Side Story - Tatsuki Asuka
  3. -----------------------------------------------------
  4. Part 1: Beyond Forgetfulness
  5. -----------------------------------------------------
  7. Tatsuki Asuka: Haa! Haa! Haa!
  8. Tatsuki Asuka: Haaaa!
  9. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Fuuu...
  10. Minagi Sasara: Well?
  11. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Not good enough! Again!
  12. Tatsuki Asuka: Haa! Haa! Haa!
  13. Tatsuki Asuka: Haaaa!
  14. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Fuuu...
  15. Minagi Sasara: And now?
  16. Tatsuki Asuka: Uuuu~... Still not good enough! I have to keep trying!
  17. Minagi Sasara: ...Understood.
  18. Tatsuki Asuka: Haa! Haa! Haa!
  19. Felicia: Oooh, the Naginata swing! That's what she's doing!
  20. Felicia: That's some fighting spirit! You're trying to become strong... like me!
  21. Minagi Sasara: No, no. That's not what she's doing.
  22. Felicia: ? So what is she doing then?
  23. Minagi Sasara: There's this magical girl called Tokiwa Nanaka...
  24. Felicia: Tokiwa Nanaka...! I know her! It's that stuck-up chick!
  25. Minagi Sasara: ...Did something happen? Between you and her...?
  26. Felicia: *sulky face*~!
  27. Minagi Sasara: O-Ok, whatever... Uh, I'll continue...
  28. Minagi Sasara: So it seems Asuka had a chat with this Nanaka girl.
  29. Minagi Sasara: And apparently she learned some valuable information at the time...
  30. Felicia: Valuable information?! What's that about?!
  31. Minagi Sasara: Well...
  32. Minagi Sasara: ...Asuka doesn't actually remember.
  33. Felicia: ...
  34. Felicia: Whaa~? Err, are you for real?!
  35. Felicia: Hey, Asuka! Is it true that you don't remember?
  36. Tatsuki Asuka: Haa! Haa! Haa!
  37. Minagi Sasara: It's the truth.
  38. Minagi Sasara: And now... she's training to try to remember! ...Or so she says...
  39. Tatsuki Asuka: Haa... Haa... Haa...
  40. Felicia: That's why you're swinging that thing around?!
  41. Tatsuki Asuka: Haau... Haau... Haau...
  42. Minagi Sasara: Yep, that's why.
  43. Felicia: ...Naahahahah! What's with that!
  44. Tatsuki Asuka: Hauuuu... Hauuuu...
  45. Minagi Sasara: ...Hey, remember anything yet?
  46. Tatsuki Asuka: Oh... Oh...
  47. Felicia: Oh! Oh!
  48. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I still can't remembeeeer!!
  50. ---------------------
  52. Minagi Sasara: So you've really forgotten all about it?
  53. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Yes...
  54. Minagi Sasara: That's a problem... It might have been really important information...
  55. Tatsuki Asuka: I have lost my dignity...
  56. Felicia: What's with that. You seriously don't remember anything?
  57. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Yeeees.
  58. Tatsuki Asuka: Okay... try to reach slowly into your memories...
  59. Minagi Sasara: Slowly? Y-Yes... Slowly... Slowly...
  60. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  61. Tatsuki Asuka: Ah!
  62. Felicia: Oh, you remembered?!
  63. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I managed to remember a small fragment...!
  64. Minagi Sasara: Great! Tell us about it!
  65. Tatsuki Asuka: Okay... I remembered that she talked about a witch!
  66. Felicia: It was about a witch?!
  67. Felicia: Hey hey hey! I wanna know every single detail!
  68. Felicia: Come on, what do you know about that!
  69. Minagi Sasara: Whoa, hold it! Calm down a bit!
  70. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Waa!
  71. Minagi Sasara: Eh? What just happened?
  72. Tatsuki Asuka: I was wrong...
  73. Tatsuki Asuka: I think she talked about Kamihama city...?
  74. Felicia: What's up with that!
  75. Minagi Sasara: So what did she say exactly...?
  76. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Waa!
  77. Minagi Sasara: Hm? Again?!
  78. Tatsuki Asuka: I think she said something about a new magical girl...?
  79. Felicia: Jeeez! Just tell us what she actually said!
  80. Minagi Sasara: Seriously! What was the conversation about, Asuka?!
  81. Tatsuki Asuka: T-To sum it up...
  82. Tatsuki Asuka: *without hesitation* I cannot remember! Failed! I have failed!
  83. Felicia: ...*sigh*~ What was the point of this...
  84. Tatsuki Asuka: Kuuuu~... I-I will now self-flagellate!
  85. Minagi Sasara: Jeez! Stop trying to hurt yourself!
  86. Minagi Sasara: Don't hurt yourself, okay? No hurting yourself, okaaay?
  87. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Uuuuu... Okaaay...
  88. Felicia: ...So, what do we do now?
  89. Minagi Sasara: It can't be helped... Let's keep trying different methods...!
  91. ---------------------
  93. Minagi Sasara: ...Since it seems that Asuka can't remember...
  94. Minagi Sasara: I'd like to try another method to regain your memories!
  95. Tatsuki Asuka: A-Another... method? ...What is that?
  96. Felicia: What is it! Is it some sort of experiment?
  97. Minagi Sasara: Hmmmmm... Something like that.
  98. Felicia: That sounds interesting! I wanna help!
  99. Tatsuki Asuka: Please don't say it's interesting! I truly want to remember...!
  100. Minagi Sasara: Hmmm, so I checked out some stuff on the internet...
  101. Minagi Sasara: Methods that could prove effective in recovering your memories... and...
  102. Felicia: And, and?
  103. Minagi Sasara: Ahhh, it seems that doing physical activities could help.
  104. Tatsuki Asuka: I knew it! My way of doing it wasn't wrong...
  105. Minagi Sasara: But swinging the Naginata is not what you should be doing.
  106. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Is that so.
  107. Felicia: So what kind of activities should she be doing?
  108. Minagi Sasara: Swimming, running and... yoga!
  109. Tatsuki Asuka: Yoga!
  110. Felicia: Okaaay! I'll be your coach! Let's start with the swimming!
  111. Tatsuki Asuka: Eh! Eh! I've gotta swim?! Ehhhhh!
  113. Tatsuki Asuka: *wheeze*... *wheeze*... *wheeze*...
  114. Felicia: Asuka! ...How are you doing?
  115. Tatsuki Asuka: *wheeze*... *wheeze*... *wheeze*...
  116. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I still can't remember...
  117. Felicia: Hmmmm, this isn't working...
  118. Minagi Sasara: Hey, hey, listen, it seems that eating food can also jog your memory!
  119. Tatsuki Asuka: F-Food...?
  120. Felicia: Hm, like what?
  121. Minagi Sasara: Like soy!
  122. Tatsuki Asuka: ...S-Soy... *wheeze*...
  123. Tatsuki Asuka: Just a little longer... and it'll come back to me... I'll have some food... and remember...
  124. Felicia: What are you gonna have?
  125. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Soy milk, I guess...
  126. Minagi Sasara: Ah, you'll remember with some soy, right?! Sounds delicious!
  127. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  128. Tatsuki Asuka: (I-I think these two are just having fun with me...!)
  130. Tatsuki Asuka: And so began the countless experiments to regain my memories...
  132. ---------------------
  134. Even though they tried all kinds of methods... Asuka did not regain her memories...
  136. Tatsuki Asuka: M-My apologies! My head feels all jumbled up...!
  137. Minagi Sasara: Ehh, but I went to the trouble of buying this! The "Puzzle Collection to Train your Brain" book!
  138. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I'm... not very good at those...
  139. Felicia: Well? Do you remember anything now?
  140. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  141. Tatsuki Asuka: No, I can't remember! Kuuuuuuuu! I'm self-flagellating right now!
  142. Minagi Sasara: Hurting yourself is forbidden!
  143. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Y-Yes...
  144. Minagi Sasara: ...*sigh*~
  145. Minagi Sasara: ...Jeez, why don't you just ask Nanaka-san about it?
  146. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I can't do that!
  147. Felicia: Hmmm, ah, you also can't stand the sight of her!
  148. Tatsuki Asuka: ...No, it's because...
  149. Minagi Sasara: ...Because what.
  150. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I would have to apologize! And ask her to repeat what I should have heard...!
  151. Tatsuki Asuka: It would be an act of shame!
  152. Felicia: ...An act of shame?
  153. Minagi Sasara: No, you're blowing this way out of proportion...
  154. Tatsuki Asuka: No! It's true! It's really true!
  155. Minagi Sasara: ...*sigh*, here we go again... Always so straightforward...
  156. Minagi Sasara: Oh! You don't back down when you're like this...
  157. Felicia: Ah, so she gets like this...
  158. Minagi Sasara: Like that "wish" she made when she became a magical girl...
  159. Tatsuki Asuka: D-Don't! Wait, please! You can't tell that story...!
  160. Minagi Sasara: Oh, come on, it's fine! Alright, so...
  161. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I get it! I'll tell her myself!
  162. Felicia: Hm, what? You want to tell me yourself?
  163. Tatsuki Asuka: Wrong!
  164. Tatsuki Asuka: But before she says anything weird, I will explain it myself!
  165. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Ahem... So...
  166. Tatsuki Asuka: This happened around two years ago...
  168. Tatsuki Asuka: Uuuu... It's obvious that Minagi-san is teasing me!
  170. -----------------------------------------------------
  171. Part 2: Extreme Regrets
  172. -----------------------------------------------------
  174. Tatsuki Asuka: First of all, I should say that...
  175. Tatsuki Asuka: I am the daughter of a family that runs a swordsmanship dojo in Mizuna called "Ryuushinryu".
  176. Felicia: Yep, I heard you're the daughter of a distinguished family!
  177. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I will continue.
  178. Tatsuki Asuka: My older cousin came to the dojo...
  180. Tatsuki Asuka: So my esteemed cousin will take the recruitment test after graduation...?
  181. Asuka's Cousin: ...I'm always telling you not to call me like that...
  182. Tatsuki Asuka: You cannot be saying that! It's proper etiquette even if we're close!
  183. Asuka's Cousin: Shouldn't I be calling you "Asuka-dono", then?
  184. Tatsuki Asuka: You're my older cousin! It's natural for *me* to show respect!
  185. Tatsuki Asuka: And you're also my senior in the dojo! I don't mind if you don't use honorifics!
  186. Asuka's Cousin: ...I can't get used to it after all these years...
  187. Tatsuki Asuka: And now you're about to take the test! That's so good!
  188. Tatsuki Asuka: At long last... my esteemed cousin will become a policeman!
  189. Asuka's Cousin: No, not yet, and I don't know if I'll even pass the test...
  190. Tatsuki Asuka: No! You will pass!
  191. Tatsuki Asuka: If my esteemed cousin's swordsmanship skills are any indication, you'll be a force to be reckoned with in the police!
  192. Asuka's Cousin: I don't think my swordsmanship skills will be of much use...
  193. Tatsuki Asuka: Noo! That's not true!
  194. Tatsuki Asuka: All things are important! Everything we do is connected!
  195. Asuka's Cousin: ...Heheh... Thanks, I'm glad to have your support.
  196. Tatsuki Asuka: I know my esteemed cousin is a rising star! ...I hope your dreams come true!
  197. Asuka's Cousin: ...Yes!
  199. Tatsuki Asuka: ...And so my esteemed cousin chased after his dreams.
  200. Felicia: Ehh, Asuka's cousin is strong! Why is that?
  201. Tatsuki Asuka: I'm getting there! You see, in the history of the Ryuu clan...
  202. Minagi Sasara: Whoa, hold on! Stay on track!
  203. Tatsuki Asuka: ...My apologies...
  204. Tatsuki Asuka: ...It was around this time that our family had to face a big problem...
  206. ---------------------
  208. Tatsuki Asuka: A big problem arose in our family.
  210. Tatsuki Asuka: What! My esteemed uncle!
  211. Asuka's Cousin: Yes... Seems like it...
  212. Tatsuki Asuka: Is that so...
  213. Tatsuki Asuka: I never expected that he would run in the mayoral elections...!
  214. Asuka's Cousin: It appears they asked him to run for the position...
  215. Tatsuki Asuka: At last we've risen! This is a serious matter!
  216. Asuka's Cousin: It's just because the former mayor had to retire...
  217. Tatsuki Asuka: What are you talking about! My esteemed uncle is a local celebrity!
  218. Tatsuki Asuka: He's the perfect candidate for the position!
  219. Tatsuki Asuka: That said... hmmm... this concerns the whole clan...
  220. Asuka's Cousin: ...I don't think he's a good man...
  221. Tatsuki Asuka: ...What? What was that...
  222. Asuka's Cousin: ...Nothing, never mind.
  223. Tatsuki Asuka: What...
  224. Asuka's Cousin: Anyway, my father is going to need some support...
  225. Asuka's Cousin: I'm sorry to ask, but could you please help out? With the campaign, I mean.
  226. Tatsuki Asuka: ...No need to be so formal! Of course I will!
  227. Tatsuki Asuka: We're on the verge of a decisive battle!
  228. Tatsuki Asuka: We are the Ryuu clan! We will combine our efforts! Right!
  229. Asuka's Cousin: ...Yep. Thank you.
  231. Tatsuki Asuka: ...And so began my uncle's election campaign...
  232. Tatsuki Asuka: We became part of his election staff to help him out.
  233. Felicia: Is the mayor the most important person in Kamihama?
  234. Minagi Sasara: Very important. Well, even so...
  235. Felicia: In any case, that's great! You really are a distinguished young lady!
  236. Tatsuki Asuka: ...However, there was a serious incident...
  237. Felicia: ...What? An incident?
  238. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes... It was...
  240. ---------------------
  242. Tatsuki Asuka: My uncle was running for the mayoral election... But something happened...
  243. Tatsuki Asuka: The "Breach of the Public Offices Election Law".
  245. Tatsuki Asuka: B-Breach of the Public Offices Election Law?! That's...!
  246. Asuka's Cousin: ...Well, they found him guilty of a crime.
  247. Asuka's Cousin: He gave out envelopes with cash to buy votes...
  248. Asuka's Cousin: Good grief... My father... really is a terrible person...
  249. Tatsuki Asuka: That's... My esteemed uncle... That's so...
  250. Asuka's Cousin: ...I wasn't expecting something like this either...
  251. Asuka's Cousin: As his son, I should have seen it coming...
  252. Asuka's Cousin: Perhaps I had an overly charitable view of my family...
  253. Tatsuki Asuka: ...No, that's...
  254. Asuka's Cousin: I'm really sorry for getting you involved, Asuka...
  255. Tatsuki Asuka: D-Don't worry about me!
  256. Asuka's Cousin: Everything is a mess right now... I won't be able to come to the dojo...
  257. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  258. Asuka's Cousin: ...I'll be in contact as soon as things settle down.
  259. Tatsuki Asuka: Ah...!
  260. Asuka's Cousin: Eh? What's the matter?
  261. Tatsuki Asuka: U-Um... The test...
  262. Asuka's Cousin: ...You mean my recruitment test?
  263. Tatsuki Asuka: Y-Yes!
  264. Asuka's Cousin: Of course, it'll go just fine!
  265. Asuka's Cousin: My father's life and mine are separate things...
  266. Asuka's Cousin: Well, see you...
  268. Tatsuki Asuka: Since that happened, my esteemed cousin didn't set foot in the dojo...
  269. Tatsuki Asuka: And I was very worried... My mind was filled with worries!
  270. Felicia: ...Worries?
  271. Minagi Sasara: There it is!
  272. Minagi Sasara: That's why Asuka became a magical girl...
  273. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  275. ---------------------
  277. Tatsuki Asuka: I was very concerned about my esteemed cousin...
  278. Tatsuki Asuka: Concerned that he might not be able to become a police officer!
  279. Tatsuki Asuka: ...That's why...
  280. Felicia: ...Eh? Why?
  281. Felicia: Ahhh! They wouldn't let him take the exam because of what his father did...
  282. Felicia: ...Hmm? But didn't he say that it'd be fine?
  283. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Yes.
  284. Felicia: ...Then you were worried that he might fail... because he wouldn't be able to study?
  285. Tatsuki Asuka: No way my diligent cousin would fail the exam because of that...
  286. Felicia: Ehhh? So why were you worried...?
  287. Minagi Sasara: You see, Asuka...
  288. Tatsuki Asuka: Aahh! I was the one telling the story!
  289. Minagi Sasara: She believed her cousin would not be able to become a policeman because of his father's crimes.
  290. Felicia: Ahh~ So that's why!
  291. Minagi Sasara: No, no! That's not exactly why!
  292. Minagi Sasara: The son would bear the responsibility of his father's crimes... that's how it'd be!
  293. Minagi Sasara: You see, he would draw a lot of criticism from society...
  294. Minagi Sasara: And *that's* why his father's crimes would prevent him from becoming a policeman...
  295. Felicia: ...Ah! That's it! That's what "Asuka believed"!
  296. Minagi Sasara: Yes! That's right! That's what she believed.
  297. Minagi Sasara: So she went to meet *him* with those worries...
  299. Kyubey: ...Hello, Tatsuki Asuka.
  301. Felicia: So what did you wish for...?
  302. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Please let my cousin become a police officer... that was my wish.
  303. Minagi Sasara: ...And that's how Asuka became a magical girl.
  304. Minagi Sasara: ...Because of that one belief... you see?
  305. Felicia: Ah~ I see!
  306. Tatsuki Asuka: ...But! That incident never came up again!
  307. Tatsuki Asuka: So! ...It's fine! The result, I mean!
  308. Minagi Sasara: Yes, yes, it's fine.
  309. Minagi Sasara: However, that belief of yours is why you ended up doing it...
  310. Felicia: Hahaha! Asuka is so thoughtless!
  311. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  312. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I will now self-flagellate~!
  313. Minagi Sasara: Ah, yes, yes, would you stop saying that?
  314. Tatsuki Asuka: Uuuuu...
  315. Minagi Sasara: ...Well, we got way off track...
  316. Minagi Sasara: Should we get back to the real issue at hand?
  317. Felicia: Eh? What's that?
  318. Minagi Sasara: The stuff that Asuka can't remember!
  319. Felicia: Ohh, right!
  320. Tatsuki Asuka: ...I'll leave it to you...
  321. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Actually, I've come up with a plan...!
  323. Tatsuki Asuka: I didn't want to resort to this... But there's no other way!
  325. -----------------------------------------------------
  326. Part 3: Last Resort
  327. -----------------------------------------------------
  329. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Actually, I've come up with a plan...!
  330. Minagi Sasara: A plan?
  331. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes!
  332. Felicia: You still can't remember, right?
  333. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes!
  334. Minagi Sasara: Then what's this plan of yours...?
  335. Tatsuki Asuka: Well...
  336. Tatsuki Asuka: I want Felicia to hit me in the head with her hammer!
  337. Minagi Sasara: Whaaat~?
  338. Felicia: Wow! You think that will help you remember?
  339. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes, I will remember!
  340. Minagi Sasara: No, no, no, hold on!
  341. Minagi Sasara: Look, I had a lot of fun making you do all those things a while ago...
  342. Tatsuki Asuka: I knew it!
  343. Minagi Sasara: Ah, damn, I said it out loud... No, that doesn't matter!
  344. Minagi Sasara: You can't do this! Look at Felicia's hammer!
  345. Minagi Sasara: Don't you see that it's not a regular hammer? That it's massive?!
  346. Tatsuki Asuka: I am well aware of that!
  347. Minagi Sasara: So you know it's dangerous getting hit with something like that!
  348. Tatsuki Asuka: I have prepared myself for it!
  349. Minagi Sasara: Why can't you come up with a normal plan...!
  350. Tatsuki Asuka: You're being impolite! So... So now...!
  351. Minagi Sasara: Jeez! Another one of your stubborn beliefs!
  352. Minagi Sasara: Hey! Say something, Felicia...
  353. Felicia: How many times should I hit you?
  354. Minagi Sasara: Hey! Didn't you hear what I just said?
  355. Tatsuki Asuka: Let's see... until I remember!
  356. Minagi Sasara: You can't do this! She's gonna make you see the future!
  357. Felicia: It's fine! I'll go easy on her!
  358. Minagi Sasara: No, you can't go easy with that thing...
  359. Felicia: Okay! Here we go~!
  360. Minagi Sasara: Ah, jeez! Listen to me!
  361. Tatsuki Asuka: Then... Begin!
  362. Tatsuki Asuka: I humbly receive!
  364. ---------------------
  366. Felicia: Okay! Here we go~!
  367. Tatsuki Asuka: I humbly receive!
  368. Minagi Sasara: Ah, jeez! Go easy on her, Felicia!
  369. Felicia: Soryaaaaaa!
  370. Tatsuki Asuka: Owwwwww!
  371. Minagi Sasara: Asukaaa!
  372. Felicia: ...Yup! And now we see the result!
  373. Minagi Sasara: A useless result! You didn't hold back!
  374. Felicia: ...Don't worry! I didn't hit her full on!
  375. Minagi Sasara: Really...?
  376. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Nn... Uuuun....
  377. Minagi Sasara: Asuka! Are you okay?! Do you know who I am?
  378. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Sasara-san.
  379. Felicia: Well? Do you remember now?
  380. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  381. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  382. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Ah!
  383. Felicia: Yay! You remember!
  384. Minagi Sasara: Is that true?!
  385. Tatsuki Asuka: I remember... that... well...
  386. Minagi Sasara: ...Eh? Why are you hesitating now if you managed to remember?
  387. Felicia: So what did she say! Tokiwa Nanaka!
  388. Tatsuki Asuka: I remember... that...
  389. Tatsuki Asuka: I didn't pay attention to what she said...
  390. Minagi Sasara: ...Eh?
  391. Felicia: ...What does that mean?
  392. Tatsuki Asuka: Um... I guess... it means...
  393. Tatsuki Asuka: I met with Nanaka-san.
  394. Minagi Sasara: Yes.
  395. Tatsuki Asuka: She had something she wanted to tell me...
  396. Felicia: Yes.
  397. Tatsuki Asuka: But I was hurrying to the station because I was about to miss my transport...
  398. Minagi Sasara: Yes?
  399. Tatsuki Asuka: Nanaka-san understood this and she let me go...
  400. Felicia: ...
  401. Tatsuki Asuka: So I left without really hearing what she had to say...
  402. Minagi Sasara: ...
  403. Minagi Sasara: Whaaaaat~?
  404. Felicia: So what are you saying? ...I don't get it...
  405. Minagi Sasara: So you remember that she wanted to say something important...
  406. Minagi Sasara: But you didn't listen to what she had to say?!
  407. Felicia: She said she knew "valuable information"...
  408. Minagi Sasara: That's what Asuka believed!
  410. ---------------------
  412. Tokiwa Nanaka: ...Oh?
  413. Minagi Sasara: Hello, long time no see~...
  414. Tokiwa Nanaka: Minagi Sasara-san? Yes, it's been a while!
  415. Tatsuki Asuka: ...H-Hello...
  416. Tokiwa Nanaka: And Tatsuki-san!
  417. Felicia: ...Hmph!
  418. Tokiwa Nanaka: ...Are you friends with Felicia Mitsuki?
  419. Minagi Sasara: A lot's happened. We are sort of working together...
  420. Tokiwa Nanaka: I see... Well, that's splendid!
  421. Felicia: You're trying to pick a fight!
  422. Tokiwa Nanaka: No, I'm just glad you managed to find some friends!
  423. Felicia: Heeey!
  424. Minagi Sasara: No, stop that! That's not why we came here...
  425. Felicia: ...I know.
  426. Minagi Sasara: Come on! Asuka!
  427. Tokiwa Nanaka: ...Asuka-san?
  428. Tatsuki Asuka: ...Yes... umm... you see.
  429. Felicia: ...This girl forgot to listen to what you had to say!
  430. Tatsuki Asuka: Ah! Felicia-san!
  431. Tokiwa Nanaka: What I had to say...?
  432. Minagi Sasara: No, um, let me explain...
  434. Tokiwa Nanaka: Ah, back then!
  435. Tatsuki Asuka: Yes...
  436. Tokiwa Nanaka: You seemed to be in quite a hurry that day...
  437. Tokiwa Nanaka: So we'd talk about it on another occasion, and we said our farewells.
  438. Minagi Sasara: That's it! Was it something about a magical girl...?
  439. Tokiwa Nanaka: Yes, that's right.
  440. Tatsuki Asuka: So... it wasn't something about Kamihama?
  441. Tokiwa Nanaka: Yes, it was about that too.
  442. Felicia: ...Something about a witch?
  443. Tokiwa Nanaka: Yes, it was about that as well.
  444. Minagi Sasara: So! So! ...What did you want to tell her?!
  445. Tokiwa Nanaka: I wanted to tell her...
  447. ---------------------
  449. Tokiwa Nanaka: I wanted to tell her...
  450. Tokiwa Nanaka: about this.
  451. Tatsuki Asuka: Eh... A flyer...?
  452. Minagi Sasara: ...Umm...
  453. Minagi Sasara: "Flower Arrangement Exhibition"...?
  454. Tokiwa Nanaka: That's right! An exhibition of our Kashinryuu flower arranging!
  455. Tokiwa Nanaka: Feel free to come with anyone you want...
  456. Felicia: ...Eh... Um...
  457. Felicia: ...What does any of that have to do with a witch?
  458. Tokiwa Nanaka: Every now and then, it's essential to forget about the witches and relax a bit.
  459. Minagi Sasara: When you mentioned Kamihama city...?
  460. Tokiwa Nanaka: It's the first time we're holding this event in Kamihama city!
  461. Tatsuki Asuka: And about a magical girl...
  462. Tokiwa Nanaka: I wanted Asuka-san and all the magical girls to attend...
  463. Tokiwa Nanaka: ...Oh, it seems I forgot.
  464. Tokiwa Nanaka: I intended to mail you this flyer, Asuka-san...
  465. Tokiwa Nanaka: It slipped my mind! I'm sorry for causing you trouble...
  466. Tatsuki Asuka: N-No! What... you wanted to tell me...
  467. Tatsuki Asuka: ...was that... all?
  468. Tokiwa Nanaka: Yes, that's right. I hope it wasn't a big inconvenience...
  469. Tatsuki Asuka: Ah, no! So that's all... hahahah...
  470. Minagi Sasara: ...
  471. Felicia: *flustered*! What's with that~!
  472. Felicia: You believed it was valuable information...
  473. Tatsuki Asuka: Y-Yes... Well, it seems...
  474. Tokiwa Nanaka: ...What's going on?
  475. Minagi Sasara: ...Just something she said...
  476. Tatsuki Asuka: ...
  477. Tatsuki Asuka: I-I will now self-flagellateeee!
  479. Tatsuki Asuka: I would later attend that flower arranging exhibition...
  480. Tatsuki Asuka: It was a gorgeous display, yes...
  482. Tatsuki Asuka: I've learned from this, and I swear to train my memory as well...
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