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  1. **IMPORTANT** You DO NOT need to use parentheses when entering commands. Ex. If you want to roll the dice, all you need to do, in the stream chat, type: !dice   and then hit enter. The same goes for every other command. Or for heists. Type in: !Heist 1500    and then hit enter to start. Any questions on anything, please let me know.
  3. Currency: Stones. For every 6 minutes spent in live chat, you will receive 3 stones. These stones can then be used for gambling and song requests (when active). More will be added to this section, but for now, this is what I have created so far.
  5. Type !(command name) in the chat to display the following commands:
  6. !sfx  (This will bring up a link that shows the list of sfx that can be played for all to hear)
  8. !stones (show's the amount of stones the user has accrued . Also displays rank and hours watched)
  9. !songrequest URL/Youtube link to song (Cost is 10 stones per song, with a 3 song max)
  10. !flip (will flip a coin. Heads wins, tails loses. 3 minute cooldown, costs 5 stones)
  11. !dice (rolls two dice, even number pays, odd number loses. 3 minute cooldown, costs 5 stones)
  12. !Heist [# of stones bet. Min. 1 - Max. 3,000] (After a Heist is started, other viewers will have 3 minutes to join in. After the Heist is complete, payouts are given, and will then go on a 25 minute cooldown.)
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