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  1. (Updated: 12/27/2017)
  2. **IMPORTANT** You DO NOT need to use parentheses when entering commands. Ex. If you want to roll the dice, all you need to do, in the stream chat, type: !dice   and then hit enter. The same goes for every other command. Or for heists. Type in: !Heist 1500    and then hit enter to start. Any questions on anything, please let me know.
  4. Currency: Stones. For every 6 minutes spent in live chat, you will receive 3 stones. These stones can then be used for gambling and song requests (when active). More will be added to this section, but for now, this is what I have created so far.
  6. Type !(command name) in the chat to display the following commands:
  7. !sfx  (This will bring up a link that shows the list of sfx that can be played for all to hear)
  9. !stones (show's the amount of stones the user has accrued . Also displays rank and hours watched)
  10. !give (allows you to give a specified number of stones (currency) to another user in chat.)
  11.     ex. !give onyx076 250 (deadbot will then transfer 250 stones from the user who entered the command and give them to the user they specified. *Note* You must have enough stones in your own account in order to give them to another user in chat.)
  13. !songrequest URL/Youtube link to song (Cost is 10 stones per song, with a 3 song max) *New* !sr  can now be used as well.
  14. !currentsong (displays the current song playing and the person who requested it)
  16. !followage (displays how long you have been following my channel)
  18. !love *insert other member of chat here* (will calculate the percentage of love between you and the specified user)
  20. !onyxball (just like a magic 8-ball, type !onyxball then ask a question to receive a randomly generated answer! Written by me!)
  22. !sub (gives you the link to subscribe to my channel and get a cool emote, ad-free viewing, and other perks!)
  24. !server (when on PS4, displays the current server info so you can easily join in!)
  26. !hype (there is supposed to be an emote here, but it doesn't work for me, for some reason, so it's a witty response instead)
  28. !flip (will flip a coin. Heads wins, tails loses. 3 minute cooldown, costs 5 stones)
  30. !dice (rolls two dice, even number pays, odd number loses. 3 minute cooldown, costs 5 stones)
  32. !Heist [# of stones bet. Min. 1 - Max. 3,000] (After a Heist is started, other viewers will have 3 minutes to join in. After the Heist is complete, payouts are given, and will then go on a 25 minute cooldown.)
  34. !ffa (enters you into an arena style combat with other viewers. A minimum of 2 viewers is required for the free-for-all to start, and costs 50 stones per viewer. Only one viewer can emerge victorious, and the winner is picked at random. The Free-for-All will then go on a 25 minute cooldown. The winner receives stones as prize money.)
  36. !lurk (sends a chat notification telling other viewers as well as myself that you are leaving, but keeping the stream open on your browser. Immensely helpful as it keeps the viewer count up and attracts other viewers!
  38. !discord (brings up the link to join my fellow awkward broadcasters and I's discord channel. All are welcome!)
  40. !twitter (brings up the link to my twitter account. This is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with times that I go live.)
  42. !uptime (shows in hours, minutes, and seconds as to how long the stream has been live.)
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