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  1. > ~/D/h/lambdabot on master ⨯ cabal v2-run exe:lambdabot -- -e "> head [1..]"                                                                                                                               14:41:29
  2. Warning: No remote package servers have been specified. Usually you would have
  3. one specified in the config file.
  4. Resolving dependencies...
  5. Up to date
  6.  mueval-core: GhcException "cannot satisfy -package-id lambdabot-core-5.2-inplace: \n    lambdabot-core-5.2-inplace is unusable due to missing dependencies:\n      HTTP-4000.3.14-Kq0r4PYAODsIcfj4zuqBq
  7. c SafeSemaphore-0.10.1-EyK5PeKgbZjCP0QevCHuST dependent-map- dependent-sum-0.4-DC6FPbMlBM3GVVz1DTobQQ dependent-sum-template- edit-
  8. distance- haskeline- hslogger- lifted-base- monad-control-
  9. MeXI2iAS3 network- network-bsd- prim-uniq- random-fu- random-source-
  10. KlV5gYEho8Z8EKONK0pA5p regex-tdfa- split- syb-0.7.1-1gO4OjQOULM8usUjWwwEyW transformers-base- utf8-string-1.0.
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