Endless Whirlwind Revolution

Mar 10th, 2020
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  2. Endless Whirlwind Revolution Born from the childish dream of a "free world"; it is a mortal miracle representing the greatest blashpemy against Gaia as a denial of herself, and the purest expresion of Humanity's Sin of "Comparison". It's a noble phantasm that rejects all authority upon the Self other than its own; causing it's bearer to display an abnormally high resistence towards mental interference, bounded field, and alteration class mysteries given his base parameters. As the user's Mana Paramater grows this property is also augments the user's resistence; allowing for the disruption of such mysterious through exposure to the user; allowing for the dismantling of Workshops and temples, and neutralizing active geassi. Active invocation of localized distortions of the influence produced by Gaia's Reality Marble upon the user; altering the user's interactions with The World, and allowing for actions that run counter to mortal understanding. Receiving blows without being moved, holding up a collapsing structure with their barehands, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, seeing from great distance or through opaque matter, or generating far greater force or acceleration than should be possible are all relatively simple aplications. With greater mastery and access to greater reserves of prana feats such as passing through solid matter, walking on air, causing objects to spontanously combust, interacting with objects at a distance, and more may become possible; if at great risk to the user as Gaia's Reality Marble grinds against his own. As such, while potent this application may place great strain on the user or even result in bodily harm due to botched interactions with the World, or durress caused by maintaining the effect at high levels for extended durations. However, all this is a mere shade of its true power once fully realized and invoked by one who has awakened to and mastered their Origin of Revolution
  3. A full invocation results in a grand trunade that spreads forth from the users; occluding sight, and spreading through the field in mere moments. Though impressive, these phantasmal winds merely delineate it's true field of influence; serving as the gateway into it's inner world. In this land of eternal dusk a moon shines down with unearthly radiance; shining down upon the gleamingcityscape of twisting streets, slithering shadows and a thousand whispers. Upon entering this land all ongoing d forms of mental interference, alteration, and bounded fields that are unwanted by their recipient are immedietly terminated. In addition the phantasm's active ability is greatly enhanced now that the user is free of Gaia's oppresive influence, if onyl briefly; thus the user may act with complete disregard to Gaia's Rule, or that of similar forces such as Fate or Divine Rule. This effect applies to all beings within the Reality Marble; though they lack the intrinsic understanding of its consequences and uses that the User posses. In effect, within Endless Whirlwind Revolution what would be impossible in the outside world becomes possible within this dream-like world; limited only by the user's strength of will and belief; turning it into a double-edged sword that may turn a hopeless battle or leave devestation in its wake. Curiously, entities dependent on The World or with an innate connection to it suffer under it's influence; more so than in most Reality Marble where their connection is left "too distant" to be of use, such entities find the envieronment antagonistic to them unless they've previously acclimated to the user's Prana. In effect causing them to suffer a Rank Down to all paramaters, and causing their vitality and energy to deteriorate over time as a kind of "metaphysical" toxin due to their exposure to this alien landscape.
  5. The Passive state basically enhances your Resistence, in much the same way that UBW enhanced Shirou's Structural Grasping. It's active state is your answer to Shirou's Projections; where Shirou gets to copy Mystic Codes and Noble Phantasms, you can basically enforce Comic Book physics and outright fake some Comic Book powers at higher levels with some creative physic's shenanigans.
  7. The RM itself takes all of that, and pumps it up to eleven; with the design of the city being based off his own self-vision as an Anti-Hero, and the idea of his RM giving him Super Powers. So playing up those themes of an Edgy Self-Aware Anti-Hero, the RM is basically an eldritch nighttime comic book city that wouldn't seem too out of place in "edgier" comic books like SPawn, punisher or Ghost Rider. The whispers and moving shadows are a reference to your Astral Layers, and his internal conflicts; while the Moon represents his Wife.
  9. The Double Edged facet (i.e. that it affects everyone indiscriminately) is both a balancing point, and the fact he wants to make a world for everyone; even the guys who aren't that nice (but aren't baby eating monsters). Also, his own aknowledges of his imperfections and the need for second chances by accepting he's had to grow from his own mistakes and is still growing as a person.
  11. The bit about messing with elementals and beings tied to fate or The World, is more of a "quirk" of the Reality Marble; since you reject the world and want to make a better one, anything tied by the current order is going to suffer unless they adapt to yours. Something that's pretty hard to do if you haven't helped them out
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