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Old Cerb combos

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  1. This was the old combos list, some of these probably still work but a lot has changed about the character.
  3. Combos
  5. Meterless
  7. 5A>5B>cl.C(2)>cl.D(2)236K
  8. Basic combo. Depending on your distance, you may need to take away one cl.C or cl.D for a proper confirm.
  9. 2A>2B[x2]>2C>236+K
  10. Basic crouching combo. Your distance will determine whether or not you'll have to insert only one 2A>2B.
  11. 2A>2Bx2>2C>214A(C)
  12. Combo which utilizes Slash Beat.
  13. 5A>5B>cl.C(1)>cl.D(2)>hjc>JD>236K>5A>J236+K
  14. A combo which requires a high jump cancel and Smashdown Arrow. Only works on standing opponents.
  15. EX Dual Slicer
  17. EX236+K>5A>2C>hj>JB>JC>JD>623P
  18. Midscreen combo with Air Smash ender. The 2C can be disregarded if you're afraid of dropping the combo.
  19. EX236+K>jc>JA>JB>JC>jc>JD>J236+K
  20. Midscreen combo with two jump cancels.
  21. EX236+K>6C>cl.B>2A>2A>5B[5A]>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P[EXJ623+P>J236+K]
  22. Cerberus's main corner BnB. You can substitute 5B with 5A if you're having a hard time linking it properly. 5A allows the 2C to catch every time, but the timing is more strict. You can either choose to spend meter or not for the ender, and if you have Smashdown Arrow, more damage for you.
  23. EX236+K>6C>2A>66>cl.A>5B>5A>5A>2A>jc>JB>JC>JD>jc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P
  24. Another corner BnB. This one contains normal jump cancels, and builds more meter than his main BnB.
  25. EX236+K>6C>cl.B>sjc>jB>jC>(delay)jD>5A>jB>jC>jD>djc>jB>jC>jD>j623+P
  26. Somewhat more advanced corner BnB.
  27. Exceed Combos
  29. 236+B(1)>EC>236+B(1)>236236+P(3)>CS>2C>236+B(1)>236236+P>CS>2C>236+B>214214+K>JD>5A>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P
  30. An Exceed combo which uses Dancing Storm. Cerberus's best ground Exceed combo.
  31. 236+B(1)>EC>236+B(1)>236236+P(3)>CS>2C>236+B(1)>236236+P>CS>5C>2D>236236+K
  32. Similar to the combo above, only difference is the ender during the last Chaos Shift, which uses Shall We Dance. Less damage, but is useful if you don't have Dancing Storm or if you are unable to get your opponent to the corner for the previous combo.
  33. EX236+K>6C>5B>2A>2A>5B[5A]>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P>EC>J236+K>214214+K>JD>J236+K>214214+K[x3]>JD>5A>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>623+P
  34. The Arrow Storm. This is Cerberus's highest damaging Exceed combo. As it's nickname suggests, it utilizes Smashdown Arrow and Dancing Storm. This combo is basically a ToD on most of the cast; specifically the ones with low to moderate health.
  35. 5A>5C(1)>5D(2)>hjc>JD>J236+K(2 hits)>EC>7>[J236+K(1 hit)>214214+K]x4>JD>5A>2C>hjc>JB>JC>JD>J623+P
  36. Midscreen Arrow Storm which requires a forward jump into Smashdown Arrow as a starter. Not as much damage as the corner version, but it is arguably his second most damaging.
  37. The input for Dancing Storm must be 236236 due to Smashdown Arrow placing you in the opposite direction. If you're not ending up on the other side, it is being done incorrectly.
  38. 214A(1)>EC>2D>hjc>9>j.D>[j.236+K>j.214214+K]x4
  39. Alternate ground combo starter.
  40. 214P(1)>EC>9>[j.236+K>j.214214+Kx4]
  41. Anti-air starter.
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