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  1. I work honestly on the activities given. I work with what I am instructed to do and finnish it as soon possible. I am not a type to lead a group but I will be the person to encourage the group to do the activities on time. I will try to make decision that will benefit the whole group. Day time is my best time to work but I also work late if it is needed.
  2. I expect not all the time to have a smooth working relationship with my groupmates but I will expect some difficulties while working together because each of us has different habits and traits. One of the difficulties include time management. Each of us may have different activities and priorities to do which means misunderstanding would arise. If that the case, each of us would agree on the priorities that we set that it may not hinder the main goal of the group which is research. The next difficulty in working together is communication. Maybe not in a long distance because we have many means of communication today but when communicating each others thoughts and opinions in a fluent and easy to understand statements. To solve this difficulty the group should spend time to read the same article as other members had gone through this may also contribute to the knowledge that our group is after. Another difficulty to expect in working together is how we can divide the work. Should we assign work to that person if we think that he or she has weaknesses in that area. We should be the one to assess each others weakness in order to successfully divide the task at hand. The difficulty also on how should we tackle the problem step by step. This leads to the working system that the group should implement. The working system includes assigning who will work on the specific task that each of us contribute to the main goal. And to plan steps to achieve the goal.
  6.  I expect that my groupmates would understand each other's weakness and strength.
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