Apr 13th, 2016
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  1. Saya bukan consultant perubatan. Keja cleaner radicare biasa je dapat award multiple times pekerja contoh tapi arini offday. Saya memang mudah terhibur. Sambil makan roti boom(700 calories) saya teringat kisah2 dan alasan utama parents taknak vaccinate. AEFI mostly.
  3. 1) contrary to popular beliefs, AEFI do exist although the incidence are extremely rare. You have a higher chance kena panah petir or getting hit by a bus drpd kena AEFI. In Malaysia, the GPFK(garis panduan farmakovigilans) are used for the public to report for AEFI. It is kinda of a new thing (2008) tapi utk report anything pasal vaccine, thats the outlet.
  5. Jangan la pandang serong atau cakap report nanti sweep bawah carpet je surveillance agensi tak buat ape2. Jangan la assume. Orang KKM pon vaksin anak jugak. KKM is the biggest government ministry in terms of staffs btw. Ramai je orang Islam. Aritu saya ajak Bapak Hannah buat report because he was so vocal about this kat group etika dulu tu and sebab saya smayang Jumaat dekat masjid betol2 depan tempat nak antar report ni. Start drpd tu dia blok saya HAHAH.
  7. Tapi ada orang dia tau pasal GPFK ni instead of making a report(tiada time limit btw), dier mempermainkan isu AEFI as an excuse atau alasan untuk hasut atau takut takut kan parents lain. Yela siapa tak syg anak kan. All of us want the best for our little ones. Disogok pulak dengan vaksin homeopathy atau pon vaksin 'alternative' yang langsung tiada (efficacy) hasil atau tiada kajian pernah dibuat (laced with god knows what - anything under sun). Alih2 bila ada masalah pergi ke kk atau hospital ada cushiongoid features atau pon nephropathy. Happens.
  9. 2) Mismatch in terms of definition or presentation or perception. Mismatch between apa PARENTS consider aefi dan apa MEDICAL personnel consider aefi. Behtu bukan main berlagak cakap dah tanya doctor dgn nurse 'apekah itu aefi' and most of them taktau atau tak jawab. Bukan derang taktau tapi we need to classify which is what so that we can properly stratify the approach and management.
  11. Medical personnel are TRAINED to identify red flags and warning signs of medical conditions. Kalo ade anaphylactic shock or severe hypersensitivity reaction lepas jabs, itu semua memang we look out for. Tapi jgn ckp medical personnel DENY aefi when what you understand medically by googling about it and what the reality is are different. Reading an insert doesnt mean anything. It is just written there to INFORM you. Nak analyze the vaccine or insert itself you must be able to explain WHY such things happened in the first place. Without medical training and experience that is asking too much from a layman.
  13. Then discuss la dengan primary care physician or doctors. Tapi mostly apa parents buat pergi tanya mahaguru2 yang ada agenda tersendiri yang sendiri tak paham pathophysiology of such conditions. Copy paste links itu reti. Baca headline article je ntah mane2 behtu claim gitu gini tu selalu buat. Bila kita tanya atau mintak elaborate terus senyap dan diam. Or kluar ayat sakti:
  15. "Dont believe what i say BUT research what i say"
  17. Ololololo comel je. Tak tau cakap jela tak tau. NOTHING WRONG with that. Bila TAK TAHU tapi mengaku TAHU behtu start merapu dan menyebarkan pulak tu, haaa itu MASALAH dan MERBAHAYA.
  19. 3) Most common medical fallacy. Sebab dier akan cari nearest thing they can grab on. Contoh:
  21. A) lepas jab kena autism = aefi.
  22. B) lepas jab start ada eczema. Seblom tu takde = aefi
  23. C) lepas jab kena sawan = aefi
  24. D) lepas jab anak lebey comel dan ikut ckp = bukan aefi
  26. Vaccinations being related to autism ni bley baca sendiri. Google je Andrew Wakefield. Tapi most fallacy yg parents fall for adalah sebab definitive diagnosis of autism ni kita boleh buat at the age of 18months. Dalam masa yang sama the majority of vaccination schedules all around the world most of them are completed by the age of....wait for it...18 months. So people simply equates this as being the causative factor.
  28. Eczema as an aefi. Aritu Bapak Hannah putar beli apa saya cakap. Lain yang ditulis lain yang dia sebarkan. So dalam group lama tu tetiba plak parents ramai2 pakat share gambar anak eczema nak tunjuk. TAPI ada hikmahnya jugak. Sebab ada yang saya perasan ada yang kena viral exanthem je (sakit kulit cause by viruses). Ada yang kene roseola infantum je. Yang kena erythema infectiosum pon ada. Undiagnosed full satu kepala smp leher psoriasis ada. Scabbies ponnnnn ada jugak. Belom yang setakat what started as pruritus(gatal2 bintat biasa je) behtu ada secondary bacterial infection. Tapi semua tu parents ingat = ECZEMA.
  30. Behtu tanya balik SIAPA yang diagnose eczema ni ibu2 dan bapa2. Ooo tokwan dua pupu jiran rumah kat kampung tu yang cakap gitu. Or golongan2 yang nak tolak dan jual product yang cakap. Or dalam group cakap camtu saya ikut jela. Apa kata properly go for a medical consult. Tak puas hati jugak get a second opinion. Or a third. See a pediatrician. Takpon jumpa dermatologist(leprosy dah tak byk kes sgt bang so pergi la buat appointment). Manage properly. Most of the cases they will out grow it. Macam asthma jugak tapi kena properly manage and controlled. Semua benda ada approach.
  32. Nak cerita pasal eczema itself will take days but what you should know, the majority of hypersensitivity issues will start straight away after birth. Depending on how your Th cells reacts, it can be anywhere since delivery to the age of one year old. Time ni jugak la other type sensitivity issues will crop up. Transient early wheezing pon akan start develop around this time(first year of life). Bronchiolitis akan develop jugak this time (most common cause of hospitalization due to respiratory). Tak control properly will develop asthma.
  34. Vaccine causing sawan(seizures) tu actually not exactly correct. Plus parents kalo tak reti differentiate funny turns(tarik) pon akan ingat tu seizure. Most of it will be febrile fits(FF). Caused by the fever sebab we induced immune reaction from the jabs. FF ni takde long term neurological deficits. Kalo kena semua medical personnel akan evaluate. Memang takkan kasi ubat for a SINGLE episode of it. Again discussing it with your primary care physician are paramount. Jangan baca kat internet straight gitu gini. Kalo google je drpd sakit kepala sebab tak cukup tdo je pon bley jadi dpt diagnosis sendiri that a tumour that will kill you within 3 days.
  36. Vaccines causes a condition and that condition causes permanant neurological deficits such as cerebral palsy (CP). CP ni bukan baru bang. Zaman Galen dah ada. Zaman Firaun dah ada. Zaman Mira Filzah pon ada jugak. Incidence dier maintain je tak naik tak turun for every thousands birth. Drpd dulu rate macam tu. RCOG once thought the delivery method during birth could play a role sebab itu je yg remains constant through out sejarah manusia. So they did the largest gynecological studies ever done. The result? SVD incidence sama je buat LSCS pon rate macam tu jugak takde beze. Tapi jgn compare cases within mothers yang kena induced. Itu memang dah ada risk awal2. Amani birth saya taktau rate kena tanya doula unggul yang syumul lagi sakti jalan lurus.
  38. 4) Like i always said, ada good reason sebab apa kita vaccinate a select few je apsal tak byk2. Lagi boleh buat duit. FYI big pharma untung jual vaccine x smp 1% pon drpd revenue dia. Gomen kita subsidized heavily yang btol2 bley cause high incidence of morbidity and mortality je. Actually it took people several thousand of years nak paham pathogen macam measles. Or smallpox. Drpd zaman GALEN smp la skrg. Sekarang kita boleh bakar, buat lap bontot atau buat pengadang meja textbooks about smallpox sebab dah totally eradicated. A disease yang skrg hanya wujud dalam military level labs for research purposes. A disease that used to wipe out populations and civilizations. Just by giving out vaccines. Bukan sebab better sanitation or environment ye. Airborne diseases doesnt DISCRIMINATE.
  40. 5) Some people did asked me ape pekdah tulis panjang2. Baik saya layan Instagram Mira Filzah drpd buat keje takde pekdah during my off day. Sebab bila saya pikir pasal preventable childhood diseases akan teringat balik that particular cute kid who had pertussis. A disease characterised by the 'whoop' sound when the little one try to gasp to breathe just for a moment after coughing up non stop 30 times in a single minute. A disease that they used to call the 100 days cough because right after that the kid will die. Even if he didnt die he will end up with lung scarring, broken ribs and being mentally retarded because of severe hypoxia just to name a few sequale. A disease that made parents cried their eyes out sebab their kid could never sleep. Kalo senyap pon bukan sebab mengantuk tapi pengsan /pass out due to the exhaustion from coughing . Imagine 100 days of that. DAYS AND NIGHTS of that nightmare. Hard to imagine sebab kita dah tak nampak dah. Hurm why is that so.
  42. Such a lovable 3 year old child died in front of my own eyes AND cough up his own lungs. To be able to do that means that his aspiration pneumonia due to pertussis was so severe, it was as if you put the lungs inside a blender and turn it on. I couldnt sleep properly at night for days after that. Mother purposely didnt vaccinate. Ada PHD so it wasnt because of lack of knowledge. Ignorance? I cant be certain. What i do know if what i share ni dapat membawa kepada manfaat, insyaAllah semua ilmu kita diberkati. Jangan buat benda macam tiada akhirat sok. Sharing is caring.
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