Versus Hardcore #48!!!!!!

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  1. Versus #48
  2. Date: November 10th, 3pm est
  3. Server IP: or
  4. Communications: Discord
  5. Version: 1.8.9
  6. Gamemodes: FFA, UHC, Cutclean, Eggs, Blockrush, Lootcrates, Diamondless*.
  7.     FFA - Free for all! You can be in vcs with your pals and whatnot but NO ALLYING OR CROSSTEAMING boomers
  8.     Eggs - When an egg is thrown, it will spawn a random mob upon breaking. This includes boss mobs. Players will be given 16 eggs at the beginning of the game, and can get many more through chickens or.....
  9.     Lootcrates - Every 10 minutes, lootcrates are given out, which will give you an assortment of random items. Possible items include apples, eggs, more eggs, food, diamond armor, and tnt. This is one of two ways to obtain diamond gear (other than through chests).
  10.     Diamondless - Diamond ores spawn but don't drop anything. Players will drop 1 diamond and 4 gold ingots upon death.
  11.     Blockrush - The first person to break ANY block in the game will receive 2 gold ingots. Only one person can receive the reward.
  12.     Cutclean - N O F U R N A C E
  13.     UHC - Natural regeneration is off. The only way to heal is by using a golden apple or by getting a healing potion.
  14. Grace Period: 15 minutes
  15.  Time Till Meetup: 60 minutes
  16. Stalking: Off
  17. Nether: Off
  18. Natural Regeneration: OFF
  19. Golden Heads: On
  20. Horses: On
  21. Potion Rules:
  22.     Splash Pots: On
  23.     Tier Two potions - Off
  24.     Ghast tears - Off
  25.     Golden Melon recipe - Gold block
  27.                     I will give warnings but if you continue to stripmine or branchmine you will be kicked from the game!
  28. Rollercoaster: y = 5 -> y = 32
  29. Pokeholing: On
  30. Team Damage: On
  31. Towering/Camping: Allowed until meetup.
  32. Pearl damage: Off!
  33. World Size: 500 Radius
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