Making Applesauce *clop*

Dec 31st, 2012
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  1. It had been a great day for Applebloom. After trying to deal with Babs, things finally turned up for the filly when Babs finally saw the light. No more would her cousin torment her alongside those two bullies Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.
  3. Once Babs became friendly again, Applebloom and her THREE friends enjoyed the rest of the day playing and swearing Babs in as a crusader. A great day indeed.
  5. Night soon came and it was time for Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo to go home. The fun didn't really end as Applebloom spent some more time bonding with her new favorite cousin.
  7. Soon enough it was time for their bath, and they decided to take one together. Applejack didn't seem to think it was a bad idea either, and the two fillies cheered with glee. Any moment spent together would be a great moment.
  9. "Ah'm real glad yew aren't playin bully anymore Babs. It really hurt to see ya act like that." Applebloom said as she started climbing into the tub. Babs was about to respond, but she saw something she hadn't expected. Applebloom's tail was moved to the side, granting her full view of the forbidden treasure hidden beneath. Babs was all too aware of what that slit between her cousin's legs was.
  11. "Uh... ya, I'm glad to. I guess I just got too caught up in the idea of not getting bullied myself, and I didn't stop to think what it would mean to my favorite cousin." Babs had to control herself a bit. Seeing Applebloom's privates was starting to mess with her head. She couldn't get the image out of her mind.
  13. "It's okay now. Ya realized yer mistake and now we can finally be best friends." Applebloom gleefully stated with a big smile. She then noticed the blush on Babs's face. "What's wrong Babs? Yew look a little red?"
  15. The blush on Babs's face grew two fold, and she suddenly tried to distract herself with washing up. "It's nothin Applebloom. It's just a lil hotter in here then I expected."
  17. There was no way Babs could tell her cousin that she had looked at Bloom's nethers. She also couldn't say that... she liked what she saw. Babs had heard about those types of ponies. They're called "lesbians" and they don't take interest in stallions. It was a strange concept to be sure, but Babs was starting to think she might be one. Especially if the tingling feeling in her own nethers was any indication.
  19. "Okay cousin..." Applebloom said a little unsure. Something had to be up with Babs. "If somethin's troublin you, don't ya'll be afraid to speak up," Applebloom assured Babs.
  21. "Oh, sure thing cousin," Babs chuckles nervously.
  23. "Are ya really sure yer alright?"
  25. "It's fine. Totally. Trust me Applebloom; If I have a problem, you're the first pony I'd turn to."
  27. This seemed to sate Applebloom enough to drop the issue. The idea that her cousin thought that much of her distracted her from Babs's behavior.
  29. The bath went on like normal without anymore problems for Babs. Even when Applebloom had her help wash up, Babs didn't really have trouble. Applebloom had actually stopped her from washing any further towards her flank. They both knew why. There was no reason for Babs to help her with that stuff, but Applebloom made sure to return the favor.
  31. Later, they were in Applebloom's room getting ready for bed. Babs decided that they could share the bed, and felt bad for making Applebloom sleep on the floor like that. Applebloom was a little unsure, but a quick "please" from Babs was all it took. Applebloom had assumed that Babs wanted to make ammends for what happened. That wasn't it.
  33. Turning off the light, they both settled into bed for a good night's rest. Applebloom was plenty grateful too Babs now. The bed was so comfy compared to that... pile of hay and newspaper. The thought made her shiver just a tad.
  35. A little while later...
  37. "Applebloom has to be asleep now," Babs thought to herself. She had been waiting for this ever since the bath. Her loins were on fire at the thought of what she saw and the things she imagined.
  39. Slowly, her hoof crawled under the covers toward the heat between her legs. Babs had to be careful, so she didn't wake Applebloom. There's no way she could her cousin about this, but she needed this. It almost hurt by this point.
  41. Babs squeaked a little at the sensation of her hoof's contact. Starting with slow movements, she began pleasuring herself like she had learned back in Manehatten. Many a night Babs would do this to the thought of different ponies.
  43. It had all started when she found a magazine of her dad's. Said magazine featured mares in strange positions that showed off their privates. Some of the pictures even featured stallions filling the mare's privates with what looked like a furless leg.
  45. A groan rings out through the bedroom, and Babs suddenly plugs her mouth with a hoof. Her body froze, and she slowly looked at Applebloom. Her cousin had shifted a little in her sleep, but hadn't woken up it seemed. Babs let out a quiet sigh of relief before going back to it.
  47. This continued for a few minutes until a familiar voice scared Babs to her core. Her ears stood straight up.
  49. "Babs, what are ya doin?"
  51. Applebloom had woken up, and was now staring curiously at Babs. Babs's face could not be redder at this moment as she began struggling for words. She didn't get to say anything as Applebloom quickly pulled back the sheets. Applebloom gasped when she took in the sight before her. Babs was touching her private area with her hoof.
  53. "Uhh... Applebloom. It's not what..."
  55. "Babs?"
  57. Babs's ears droop as she sighs in defeat. "I was pleasuring myself Applebloom," she says as she sits up and hangs her head.
  59. "Pleasurin yerself? What do you mean?"
  61. Babs's ears perked up, and she turned to face her cousin once more. Could Applebloom really be this naive? Babs pondered that for a moment before she realized that there was no way that Applejack or Big Mac had such magazines to teach her. Applebloom has probably never felt the heat well up in her crotch either.
  63. "Ya mean you've never... um... touched your crotch with your hoof before?"
  65. "No... does it feel good or somethin?"
  67. "Like ya wouldn't believe cousin. And that's not even the best part."
  69. "Best part?"
  71. "Yea, after a little while you start to feel -real- good."
  73. "Really?"
  75. "Uh huh. Umm... hey Applebloom?"
  77. "What is it Babs?"
  79. "Well... feel free to say no, but I heard it's sposed to feel even better with somep0ny else."
  81. "Ah dunno Babs. Ah've never done anything like that before."
  83. "It's easy. I know of a couple things that could help us get started."
  85. "Is it okay for us ta be doin this?"
  87. Babs giggles for a second. "Well, it's not somethin ya want to go around tellin everyp0ny."
  89. "What about Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo?"
  91. "Best keep it between us for now Applebloom. We should find out how much you enjoy it before talking to the other crusaders."
  93. "Okay Babs. Ah won't say anything fer now. If it feels as good as you say, ah'm sure the girls will want to know."
  95. Babs giggles once more and nods her head. "Ready to get started Applebloom?"
  97. "What do ah do?"
  99. "Just lay on your back here, and I'll take care of the rest."
  101. Applebloom nods and proceeds to lay back down. Babs places herself down in front of Applebloom, and spreads her legs. Applebloom blushes, and looks a little nervous about showing her crotch like that.
  103. "It's okay Applebloom, I'll show you mine afterwards okay?"
  105. "Ah guess, but ah feel embarassed. Yer lookin at my crotch and all."
  107. "Oh I'll be doin more than that Applebloom. Just lay back, relax, and I'll show you how good it feels."
  109. Applebloom tried to relax, but she was still nervous. She was about to make another comment, but something wet touching her privates made her gasp in surprise. It didn't stop as the wet object began to maneuver itself all over her crotch. It... actually felt good. She looked down to see what it was, and saw Babs staring right back into her eyes. Babs was licking her young slit.
  111. Applebloom started groaning, and Babs knew she was doing it right. She worked her tongue all over Applebloom's entrance, and was finally ready to dig into the main course. She just stared into Applebloom's eyes as she parted those pink lips and slipped her tongue inside.
  113. Applebloom immediately covered her mouth with her forehooves to suppress a moan. It was weird, but amazing at the same time. She could feel Babs's tongue sliding around inside her and teasing her inner muscles. She could also feel their response as the muscles began to try and grasp the intruder.
  115. Babs felt Applebloom's insides try desperately to squeeze her tongue, but the juice leaking from the filly just made it too slippery. The taste of the juice was surprisingly sweet. Babs had tasted her own juices before, but it was a little salty and tangy. Babs mused to herself that Applebloom sorta tasted like apple juice. This urged her to press on as she knew that the juices Applebloom was leaking now would be nothing compared to when she came.
  117. That tongue rubbed, prodded, and tickled Applebloom's insides as it wiggled about. It was like it had been searching for something, and constantly kept searching over the same places. Applebloom didn't care because she couldn't believe what she was experiencing.
  119. Without warning, Babs retracted her tongue, and flicked the little nub that had been hardening at the top of the slit. This made Applebloom gasp and tense up. Her hindlegs wrapped around Babs's head instinctively. Babs didn't stop as she quickly thrusted her tongue back inside those ripe folds.
  121. "It's too much," Applebloom thought to herself. She reached up, grabbed a pillow, and clamped her teeth down on it. She can't make too much noise; otherwise, she'll wake up her family. With a muffled cry into the pillow, Applebloom's walls clamped down on the slimy invader. Her ears practically glued themselves to her head as she threw her head back.
  123. Babs barely had time to react as her tongue was held fast and juices drenched her muzzle. She tried her best to drink up every ounce that flowed out, but it was like a dam bursting open. Her tongue didn't rest though, she kept it wiggling, dancing, and reaching out for every muscle she could tease.
  125. Moments later, Applebloom finally went limp. She was panting hard, and let go of the pillow which nearly ripped due to how strong she had clenched her teeth. Babs stood up over Applebloom and look down at her cousin's face. There she saw the look of a -very- satisfied filly.
  127. Applebloom looked up towards her cousin, and weakly formed a smile. "That was amazing Babs," she whispered between her pants. "Ah've never felt anythin like it before."
  129. "I'll bet cousin. We're not through yet though," Babs spoke quietly before dawning a grin on her face.
  131. Applebloom's eyes went wide. "Ya mean there's more?" Applebloom asked curiously. If it wasn't over yet, just how much better can the feelings get. That one from before was overwhelming, yet could there be a greater feeling waiting for her?
  133. Babs reached her forehooves around Applebloom's hindlegs and held them up. She then positioned herself so that both their glistening folds were nearing contact. She poked Applebloom's still stiff nub with her own, and Applebloom let out another gasp. Babs, for her part, managed to suppress the desire to express the feeling of her little clit touching her cousin's.
  135. "Yer gonna rub both of our crotches together?"
  137. "Sure am Applebloom. This way we can both enjoy the experience."
  139. Applebloom had thought that was a great idea. Both of them would get to feel amazing at the same time. "Babs sure is smart," Applebloom thought to herself.
  141. Getting the position just right as she remembered, Babs finally started rocking back and forth slowly. Their folds and clits rubbed against each other which sent waves of pleasure coursing through both of their little bodies. Babs was beside herself with joy as she quickly found this to be much better than a hoof. The feeling of Applebloom's undeveloped treasure against her own magnified the pleasurable sensations 100 fold.
  143. "This is amazing Applebloom. Sooo much better than a hoof, lemme tell ya."
  145. "Unnhh~ Ah'm glad ya thank so Babs. Ah feel the same way after yer tongue. Ohhh~" Applebloom was struggling to hide her moans. The young filly was experiencing too many new sensations this night. Her body was teaching her about the reactions she would receive if touched just the right way. This was one lesson she didn't want to miss a single part of.
  147. The bed began to slightly creak as Babs picked up the pace. It seemed like the pleasure was increasing along with the speed, but at the same time she also noticed that she was approaching climax. There was no stopping it though, her body was beginning to assume control. It wanted to keep going no matter what. Babs didn't care; her body could do whatever it wanted. If letting it move on it's own was going to reward her with this incredible feeling, it didn't matter.
  149. Applebloom's mind started going blank. Her consciousness was clouded with pleasure, and she felt like she was floating in the air. The world didn't exist anymore save for her and Babs. She stared up at her cousin in hopes that her message would come through. So many emotions played out through Applebloom's eyes, and she wanted Babs to know about each one.
  151. Babs could, in fact, see what those eyes were trying to tell her. Applebloom was lost in the sea of incredible sensations. She was really losing it. The sight of the filly laying before Babs sent her arousal skyrocketing. This must be why ponies do such things with partners. The knowledge that she was doing all this to Applebloom drove Babs wild.
  153. The pace picked up once more, and so did the sound of the bed. Both fillies were disappearing from the world, and into the act they were performing. Nothing could ruin this moment for them.
  155. A fire in her loins told Babs that she was almost done, but Applebloom was just as close it seemed. The same feeling of those folds that she had experienced with her tongue was returning.
  157. Their grunts, moans, and the sound of the bed was all that could be heard, but they were still manging to keep themselves quiet. Somewhere in their subconscious was an automatic command repeating itself over and over. It could not let them wake the others within the household.
  159. "Babs... Ah'm about ta-" Applebloom was caught off as she arched her back as much as she could. That intense feeling came back once more, and crashed through her tiny form. She tensed up and rode it out as best she could.
  161. Babs didn't have to wait any longer as she too succumbed to the feeling. Biting down on her forehoof, she tried her best to suppress her cry. This moment was much better than anything she ever felt with just her hoof.
  163. Their juices collide, mixed, and splashed around as Babs didn't stop thrusting her hips. Squelching sounds rang out among all the other noises the fillies were making.
  165. Finally, it all came to an end. They regained control of themselves once more, but their energy was just about depleted. Babs felt herself fall over Applebloom, but managed to move her hooves out just in time to keep herself propped up.
  167. They stared at each other for a few moments; panting all the while. Babs could hardly believe that the dream she came up with just a short time prior had come true. Ever since seeing Applebloom's treasure hole, Babs wanted it to be hers. It was picture perfect, smooth, and overall a sight to behold. And now, Babs experienced everything it hid firsthoof.
  169. "That... was too... good Applebloom." Babs was panting hard still.
  171. "Ah agree... Babs... Ah'm glad ya showed me this."
  173. "I'm glad you let me show ya. I got a confession to make Applebloom."
  175. "What is it?"
  177. "Do you remember when I was acting funny in the bath earlier? Well, I saw your privates when you were climbing in the bath. I don't know why, but it was like finding a nice cool glass of water in a desert. I... wanted to do this so much since then, but I didn't want to say anything."
  179. "Oh... ah see. Well that's okay. Ah can't believe how amazing it felt."
  181. "You're not upset or anything?"
  183. "Ah'm a little embarassed, but it's a lil too late fer that now," Applebloom replied with a giggle.
  185. Babs returned the giggle, and let herself fall to Applebloom's side. "Thanks Applebloom. You're the best cousin I ever could've asked for."
  187. "Same to yew Babs." Applebloom suddenly gasped and turned to Babs. "We gotta show the girls this. They'll just love it."
  189. "Are you sure?"
  191. "Of course ah'm sure. Maybe we can even find our cutie marks."
  193. That last sentence made Babs feel a little nervous, but she also couldn't stop thinking that she'd get the chance to taste Applebloom's nethers again. Maybe her friends tasted just as sweet?
  195. The two fillies, completely exhausted, soon fell fast asleep. Tomorrow they would gather the crusaders, and teach Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo about this wonderful new activity.
  197. Fin~
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