(AiE) Magic Seeks Comfort *clop* (A)

Jan 5th, 2013
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  1. "Who the hell is making that noise?" you ask yourself.
  2. >You had thought that nop0ny came around these parts, so you could set up camp here. Getting up and out of your tent, you listen closely to figure out what the commotion was.
  3. >It sounds like a couple of stallions who were up to no good. Better not let mom here about this. Silly jokes from home aside, you think you just heard a mare shriek. "Not in my woods," you say to yourself.
  4. >Closing in on the sound, you hear what appears to be two stallions hassling a mare.
  5. >S1:"You think we would just let you ride into town the same way you rode into Ponyville? We heard what you did, and you're not causing trouble like that here." This one sounds a bit young, like a teenager of sorts.
  6. >S2:"Right, now get on out of here, and don't show your face here again!" That has to be the tag along of the group. He sounds perfectly like a lackey type.
  7. >Another shriek from the mare tells you it's time to act. Whatever they're doing, they can't be allowed to continue. "HEY!" you shout, leaping from the bushes.
  8. >Both stallions look up at you in shock, and the mare adopts a similar look upon seeing you. Their faces betray horror like you were the boogeyman or something. Good, you want the stallions to be scared. If they were hurting the mare, they have every reason to be frightened.
  9. >S1:"W-what the hay is that!?"
  10. >S2:"M-Maybe it's another creature this whorse was gonna let loose in town like she let loose that Ursa Minor in Ponyville. Run!"
  11. 1/18
  13. >You don't even get to ask what they're talking about as they bolt. They're running like their tail was on fire and their mane was catching. You were going to try and stop them, but they're just... gone. Oh well, at least the mare is safe for now.
  14. >She doesn't look safe as she has taken up a defensive stance. Is she really about to attack you for saving her? Those eyes seem fearful, yet at the same time she doesn't look like she would go down without a fight.
  15. >"D-don't get any closer! T-The Great a-and Powerful T-Trixie knows how to handle herself!" she doesn't sound so sure of that comment. That magic on the tip of her horn says otherwise. Wait, did she just refer to herself in the third person?
  16. "It's okay um... Trixie? I'm not here to do anything. I heard the commotion from my tent, and I wanted to see what was going on." You hold your hands up and slowly back away a bit.
  17. >This seems to put her a little at ease, but not too much.
  18. >"Well, you obviously don't look like you could handle me," she states, trying to put up a display of what sounds like conceit? You have to wonder about that with the way she looks right now. Cuts, bruises, frazzled mane, and it looks like they threw a few rocks at her.
  19. "Okaaay, mind explaining what was going on?" She looks at you and huffs. "Are you alright? It looks like they did a number on you," you ask, trying to get a better look at her without approaching.
  20. >She still has that spell charged.
  21. >"Trixie is- I'll be just fine. I don't need anyp0ny's help," she may have said that, but you heard something else. "Those neighsayers just don't know a good show when it walks up and bops them on the snout."
  22. 2/18
  24. "It sounded like they drove you out of town. Are you sure you don't want help? You're uh... bleeding a little."
  25. >"I'll be f-" she stops herself and rubs a hoof along one of the cuts on her face. She pulls the hoof back and looks at it. The air surrounding you two suddenly gets a bit glum. It's as if the world itself is responding to her feelings. You think you saw a tear in the reflection of the moonlight, but she just stamps her hoof down as if angry.
  26. "Look, I know a little first aid. Just let me help you out."
  27. >She turns up to you with a glare, but those eyes look a little moist. "Did you not hear me? I do not need your help or anyp0ny else's." She begins to walk towards the entry way to her wagon. She has a bit of a limp, but not too bad. She stops, looks over to you, and raises an eyebrow.
  28. "I'm not going anywhere until I'm sure you're going to be okay." It's true, you haven't moved from that spot.
  29. >"Why?" Why would you care what happens to me? You saw what those stallions did. How do I know you won't do the same?"
  30. "What reason would I have to harm you? I -just- want to help, and I even went so far as to scare those losers off. I don't care why they did this to you, but I can't just walk away from this."
  31. >"A good samaritan, or do you just expect something in return?" She's eying you up and down. "What's in it for you hmm? Did somep0ny put you up to this!?"
  32. "What? No! Look, I heard what was going on and wanted to help. It's just... it's the way I am. I can't possibly go back to my tent knowing you look like that," you gesture to her body, "and just go back to sleep knowing I could have done something."
  33. 3/18
  35. >She appears shocked for a moment, but then casts her gaze downward in thought. After a moment, she looks into your eyes; searching for any signs of deceit. "A gentlecolt," she takes a step forward, "out here? For what reason?"
  36. "A what? I've been traveling around like this for a while. Settling down just hasn't been for me I think. Every time I stop off at a town, I always get the urge to move on. I guess I'm a bit of a nomad, but that doesn't mean I'm some sort of monster or mean everyp0ny I meet some level of harm."
  37. >She just sits back on her haunches and stares at you. You guess she must not meet many ponies or creatures like you. From the way she acted before, that wasn't the first time she was run out of a town. As tough as she sounds, that little heart of hers must be cold by now. You could also be speculating in the wrong direction, and she's actually a total bitch who deserved it. You still can't bring yourself to leave her like this though.
  38. "Are you still planning to attack me if I get any closer? Even if I decide to leave, my tent is in that direction."
  39. >Her stare just continues on as if she were frozen. She then starts mumbling something, but turns her head away.
  40. "I didn't quite catch that."
  41. >"I said you can help Trixie if you really wish. However, do not think Trixie is some whorse or a weak mare. One wrong move and you're toast... literally," she puts a rather cold emphasis on that last part. You can see that she meant it too from the look in her eyes. Understandable, she's taking a risk and doesn't want to get burned. Who wouldn't be cautious?
  42. 4/18
  44. "Do you have any supplies or am I gonna have to trudge back to my tent?"
  45. >"I may have a few things here and there. I'm not too sure."
  46. "Well, let's check it out. Maybe what you have is better suited for ponies."
  47. >"Why would I have anything -not- suited for ponies?"
  48. >This gets a chuckle out of you before you finally begin moving. You help her inside her wagon and HOLY FUCK! It's bigger on the inside than on the outside. Unicorn magic, figures. You once again help her get comfortable on a sofa against the wall, and start thumbing through her cabinets.
  49. >The interior is what you would expect for somep0ny not looking to stay inside a wagon like this for too long. Rug, table and chairs, sofa, bed, counter, simple shelving, and the aforementioned cabinets. She must stay in hotels more often than not with a setup like this. She may also not have much to afford luxuries. Thinking back to being run out of town and how she looked, she can't be loaded.
  50. >"Did you find anything?" You are roused from your thoughts by the blue unicorn awaiting service.
  51. "I found a few things. You're going to want to sit still as much as possible though."
  52. >"W-what do you mean?"
  53. "I have to disinfect the cuts. You don't want an infection do you? Thing is, this won't be a pleasant experience." you hold up a few items to show her. Simple bandages, cotton swabs, and a bottle of disinfectant. She will not enjoy this one bit.
  54. 5/18
  56. >With a shaky nod of her head, you begin right away. Once you start applying the disinfectant with cotton swabs. She bites her other hoof and looks away like she's stifling a scream. She hasn't been to the hospital often. She squirms a little, but you decide a different approach is necessary.
  57. "Grab a hold of me," you command.
  58. >"What?"
  59. "Just hold on to me while I do this. If you hold something, it helps a bit. Trust me."
  60. >"This isn't some sort of ru-" she doesn't finish as you silence her with another dab of the disinfectant. She immediately clings to you hard. She acts like a child at times, and you assumed that holding onto something might help her feel better than biting her own hoof. Worse yet, she could probably create more wounds for you to take care of if she bites too hard.
  61. >After a few more yelps and some sloppy bandaging, she's finally done. There wasn't that many cuts anyway, but she won't be able to run around on that leg for a little while. It's not broken or anything, but it will need some rest before she starts hopping about or running.
  62. "How do you feel?"
  63. >"It h-hurt a little *sniffle* but I'm okay," she tried to cover that sniffle, but you heard it. You heard it loud and clear. "Wha-" she can't finish once again as you pull her into a hug. She struggles for a second, but she doesn't appear to be trying to escape.
  64. "Shh, don't say a word. Sometimes all we need is just somep0ny to let us know they care. All sentient beings are like that you know? We can live on food and shelter all our lives, but loneliness would still be the same as starvation. I don't know what you did, nor do I care. You've done nothing to me yet, so I don't mind giving you this at least."
  65. 6/18
  67. >You can feel her fighting back the tears you think. She can be tough all she wants, yet at the end of the day she'll still need compassion somewhere along the line. We all need to be told or shown that we're cared for sometimes. Big surprise, she doesn't turn on the waterworks.
  68. >"Y-you care? About Trixie?" She has given up her struggle to get away. The truth must have gotten through to her. She lacked comfort, and you're offering it to her freely.
  69. "To this extent, sure. You need comfort Trixie, and I don't really mind. I've been alone for a while, but it never hurts to have company as warm as this every so often." You pull back and look her in the eye. "Just as long as you don't go back on our deal okay?" You lightly chuckle with a warm smile.
  70. >Her purple eyes search your own. She doesn't want to believe a word you just said. What truth could there be to what you had told her? You just know what happened with those stallions was something of a common occurrence. Fortunately, she's not depressingly broken. Not a flesh bag full of pitiable sadness and anger. Well, the anger part is still evident. It must have something to do with Ponyville.
  71. "What say we get you cleaned up hmm? We could both probably use a bit of freshening up," you ask, giving your shirt an experimental sniff.
  72. >You're not that bad, but that dirt on her could stand to be washed off. You had actually cleaned yourself off already, but she needs this.
  73. 7/18
  75. >She only responds with a nod; however, it looked like there was some disbelief in her eyes. A soft pet of her mane shakes her out of her daydream, and she begins to follow you. Not today little missy. With a yelp from her, you scoop her up into your arms.
  76. "You're not walking on that leg for now Trixie," you tell her with that same gentle smile.
  77. >No struggling this time, so that's good. She's learned by now that you're not gonna let this go until you're absolutely certain she'll be alright on her own again. She might've been okay, but your conscience isn't going to shut up until you've done all you can. Thanks a lot mom.
  78. >After a short walk outside of the wagon, both of you find what you wanted to show her. Some hot springs you had found yesterday that appeared to be untouched for the most part. You doubt any of the ponies who lived around here even knew about it. Save for your visit, it looked perfectly unspoilt. You set her down and begin preparing for the bath. You had grabbed some of her stuff, but not your own. She didn't make any protest when you told her that you already washed up before going to bed earlier.
  79. >"How did you find this place?"
  80. "I stumbled upon it actually. Lost my footing just outside the cave and fell right in."
  81. >"There was still a bit of a climb down. Are you tel-" she stops herself this time and peers over to you. A slight smile appears on her lips before it erupts into giggling.
  82. 8/18
  84. >There was a slight path to go down inside the entryway. It was mostly covered by overgrowth, so you couldn't really see it unless you were looking. Inside, the path descends a bit and you find yourself face to face with the warm pool. You imagine that the "path" must have caved in at some point a long time ago. It looks as though the dirt and overgrowth have long since settled.
  85. >It's true, you did fall down that short path; however, it wasn't as bad as she seems to think. You've been out here for a while now, at least 4 years. Not a body builder, yet you're far from a slouch.
  86. "Okay Trixie," you set everything aside just within reach, "are you ready?"
  87. >She has taken off her hat and cape ensemble and set it aside as well. You would have said something about the bandages, but they were actually waterproof. According to the packaging, they were designed with travelers in mind. You can swim in them for as long as you want and the wounds will never get wet. There has to be some magic BS going on here. You've discarded your clothing to the side as well, but quickly realize what her current problem is now.
  88. >"What are you doing!?"
  89. "Knock it off," you scold, "I'm not getting my clothes wet, and I'm not heading back to my tent to find a towel. Just put up with it. The sooner we do this, the sooner we get done."
  90. >"B-but I can see..."
  91. "Then stop looking. Concentrate on getting clean if it helps."
  92. >"And how am I supposed to do that when you're the one doing the washing?"
  93. "Easy, I'm not doing all the work. You've got genitals too y'know."
  94. 9/18
  96. >She turns red rather fast and opts to stare in another direction. You chuckle to yourself before stepping into the water. It might sound like a big deal to some, but you've developed a long standing sense of "who gives a fuck" after all this time. You sit cross legged and motion for her to sit in front of you. She's a little hesitant, but you assured her that you've taken certain precautions. With the way you're sitting, you could still pop a boner and she wouldn't notice. Finally, she takes a seat in front of you, and you get to work.
  97. >You had to take care not to disturb her bandages, but she was more than compliant after you started. With a contented sigh, she rests back into your hands. She definitely needed this. You work your hands all over her body almost as if you were giving her a massage too.
  98. >Her mane was a little troublesome, but she helped you along with her magic. That stuff could ease apart her strands much better than your fingers. You still struggled with washing since it seemed like they had thrown her into the mud as well. This was invisible to you until she took off her hat.
  99. >After scrubbing her down, and waiting for her to take care of herself down below, you dump a bucket of water upon her to get rid of the soap. Afterwards, she turns towards you and attempts to show off a bit with a sultry look.
  100. "I hope she's joking around," you think to yourself.
  101. >You have to admit that she looks much better now.
  102. "Okay Trixie," you chuckle, "you don't have to try and impress me with your good looks. You look a lot better."
  103. >"Hmph, was there ever any doubt? This -is- the Great and Powerful Trixie we're talking about."
  104. 10/18
  106. "Of course, now maybe we ca-" you're the one who's cut off this time as you slip while trying to stand up.
  107. >Your tumble is cut short by Trixie rushing over to grab you. Using her body and her magic, she manages to keep you from falling, but there's a problem. She's now face to face with something you've been hiding for a while. The feeling of her body, as well as her squeaks and sighs, has not been too kind to your trooper downstairs. It pokes her belly and she freaks for a moment.
  108. >"Y-y-you... is that what I think it is!?" After she made sure you were stable, she backed away quickly.
  109. "Yes it is. Dammit, I had hoped to avoid this. Look, this happens to a human whenever he sees or hears something that excites him. I don't know about stallions, but humans can be ready to go at a moment's notice. It doesn't even have to take much for a human in his prime like me."
  110. >"S-so... you saw something that you... liked?" She's struggling so hard right now. Her face is redder than an apple. You would have thought "beet' but apples are pretty popular around Equestria. Hell, this apple family clan is pretty famous for their work with apples from what you hear.
  111. "Really?"
  112. >"What, it's a simple question."
  113. "Alright, fine. I did enjoy that whole bathing thing. Perhaps, a little more than I should've. I won't lie, now that you're clean, you do look a bit pleasing to the eyes."
  114. >"And I didn't before?" She raises an eyebrow with that question.
  115. "You were covered in dirt and some blood."
  116. >She looks down at that comment. You fucked up now. Taking a step forward, she backs away a step as well.
  117. 11/18
  119. >"Trixie knows she didn't look her best at that moment."
  120. "If it's any consolation, you look stunning now."
  121. >"Are you sure you're not trying to butter me up? You remember our deal don't you?"
  122. "You're not gonna let this go are you?"
  123. >"Give me a good reason why I should."
  124. >You don't answer; instead, you close the distance between you two with a few steps and kneel in front of her. Face to face, you bring your lips to hers. She doesn't fight back and actually pushes into it a bit. Not to give her any chance for protesting, you gesture her to open her mouth by poking her teeth with your tongue. Her eyes go wide for a moment, but slowly flutter closed.
  125. >Tongues collide, and you fight to show her that reason she asked for. Her defensive wall breaks as she gives in to your will at that moment. She'll tell you otherwise, but she's enjoying this. You can feel it with the way her tongue moves to welcome your own. They dance about for a moment before you retreat. She doesn't skip a beat as she makes a move to keep both tasting appendages together. She explores, and you simply guide her about.
  126. >Enough is enough as you both break away. The saliva connecting your tongues finally breaks, but the panting begins. The two of you just stare into each other's eyes at that moment. A battle has been fought in her mind. One to decide how she should proceed. You can see it all; the desire for more, and the wish that she could just push you away. She doesn't want to be hurt after all this, yet she wants what you're offering. She seeks the comfort you promised.
  127. 12/18
  129. >You place a hand to her cheek, and she rests her head in it.
  130. "I know you're apprehensive about getting close to anyp0ny after what happened, but I wasn't lying before. I can't make you believe me since who knows what else you've been through," you tell her, rubbing your thumb along her cheek, "I can only promise not to betray the trust you've given me so far."
  131. >You finish with a peck on her lips.
  132. >"I'm not so helpless you know. I could still take you on with my amazing magic."
  133. "I would have been gone the moment you saw my current condition I'm betting."
  134. >"This is true. Now, are you going to help Trixie, or will she have to help herself?"
  135. >A light chuckle echoes in the cave as you scoop her up.
  136. "On the shore?"
  137. >She responds with a nod, and you take her back to the side of the spring. Laying her down, she actually presents herself. This is moving a bit quickly, but from the looks of her; she has been ready.
  138. >"One chance. That's all you get to give Trixie what you promised."
  139. "I shall endeavor not to disappoint milady," you say, getting a giggle from her.
  140. >She doesn't get a chance to respond as you begin running your hand along her hind leg. Once it reaches her lower lips, she lets out a small gasp. You run your hand along her slit, and she tenses a bit. This is going to be a treat.
  141. >She's about to protest that you took your hand away, but her ears connect themselves to her head and she wraps her hooves around your head. You've gone in for a taste as you have moved your head between her soft legs. She groans a bit in frustration while you tease her with light flicks of her emerging clit with your tongue.
  142. 13/18
  144. >Feeling enough teasing has been done, you thrust your tongue into her folds. "Uuunngh~" is the only sound she can make as you sample her insides. You tirelessly search her cavern, looking for nothing but whatever pleasures her most. She squeaks and her legs clamp harder as you run your tongue along one spot inside. Gotcha. You make your best effort to apply as much saliva to that spot as possible. Squeaks, a few moans, and quite a hefty amount of contractions are your reward. The juices she's producing aren't that bad either. You'd expect it to have something of an acquired taste, but it's actually kinda sweet and tangy.
  145. >You look up while servicing her to see she has thrown her head back. Her ears are practically nonexistent at this point. Her head goes this way and that way as your tongue assaults her sensitive muscles. You're sure that each nerve ending inside this dripping hole are all telling her to sing your praise. Sing she does, as she cries out to nop0ny in particular. Her thighs grip your head hard, and her depths put a strangle hold on your tongue. It's helpless as she coats your face with her orgasmic juices. No reprieve is what you give her as your tongue still manages to dance about inside her. She's going to ride this all the way to the end.
  146. >After a few moments of twitching and cries of pleasure, Trixie's body goes limp. She just lays there and pants as you wipe your face and crawl up to her. She looks up to see your own eyes looking back at hers. You can feel her heavy breaths on your chin as you plant a kiss near her horn.
  147. "How was that?"
  148. 14/18
  150. >"You're... not... done," she manages between breaths.
  151. "I guess not, but it wasn't really about me was it?"
  152. >"You couldn't..."
  153. "Is that what you want? This is about you tonight, remember?"
  154. >"I think you've earned a reward for making Trixie cry out like that," she says with a grin.
  155. "You're too kind," you joke, aligning yourself with her quivering lower lips.
  156. >"Do it," she commands with a breathless sigh.
  157. >Not to keep a lady waiting, you begin pushing inside. There's a heavy amount of resistance, and she's tensing hard again. You don't give up as you increase the pressure. Those eyes of hers shut tight and her ears once again take up trying to weld themselves to her head. With a grunt from you and a squeak from her, you finally break through and into her body. Her insides squeeze you like a glove that's far too small. She's incredibly tight, but you continue pressing on. Her muscles grab at you and pull you inside. There's no way you could possibly turn back now. Escape is virtually impossible with the kind of grip she has.
  158. "Are you okay?" you ask, waiting for her to adjust to you.
  159. >"Give me a moment. I've... never done this before."
  160. "It's alright. Take your time."
  161. >She looks up at you indignantly. Not letting her pout, you apply a kiss to her nose. She sees that warm smile once again. She doesn't want to be put at so much ease, but she can't seem to help herself.
  162. 15/18
  164. >You begin to pull out, much to the anger of her walls, and she lets out a breath that sounds like she had been holding. The way her muscles tug at you is one of the most pleasant sensations you've ever experienced. You can't help but join her in making a slight noise from the feeling. Tight, wet, and soft. Those three words best describe the glove that you're slowly pulling out of.
  165. >You waste no time in diving back in once you're nearly out. A moan of pleasure rings out from her vocal chords, but it's accompanied by your own. You admit it, this mare's depths are really working you over as you try to do the same to her.
  166. >The simple, yet oh so satisfying, motions of in and out have begun at this point. The head of your length constantly tries to say hello to her cervix as you rock back and forth into her. Squeaks, moans, and grunts from her let you know that you're on the right track at least. They're all laced with the tone of pleasure. You thrust, she squeezes, and you both make your enjoyment of the ride known.
  167. >Your pace starts to escalate, and her walls start heating up slightly. You're about at the middle of this ride now. A rather large moan erupts from her as you can feel the heat beginning to increase further. You're about to comment, but she pulls you into another kiss. You don't break your pace, yet she dives into your mouth with her tongue. She can probably tastes herself within. She's really getting into this.
  168. 16/18
  170. >A tingle down below lets you know that your time is almost up. You have to bring her over the edge before you go over yourself. This would break your promise for sure. You push back into the kiss, and begin running your hand along her flank. Grabbing a hold of her furry flesh, you get her to gasp into your mouth. The two of you are breathing heavily, and that only encourages you to rub her flank, stare into her eyes, and pump her body as hard as you can.
  171. >Not taking any chances, you manage to reach the hand on her flank up and around to her clit. This elicits a pleasurable cry from her, but that's not what you want. You begin to rub it with careful precision. The heat being emitted from her insides has been increasing for a while. You were using that to gauge her buildup to release since her earlier release was similar.
  172. >"I-I'm g-gonna. Trixie is-" her words fall short as she arches her back and cries once more. She shouts, not caring who heard her. Her walls clamp down upon your member, and that's enough for you. With a shout of your own, you empty yourself into her. Her muscles grab at it greedily as if they were eagerly awaiting this treat. You don't disappoint as you flood her womb with your seed.
  173. >A few moments of release pass as you both stare at each other. Panting, sweating, and nearly exhausted, the two of you just enjoy each other's embrace. She finally got her comfort that she sought after. You don't pull out, choosing to keep it all sealed within her. Her muscles contract a bit more, but they're much weaker now. They've been sated for now.
  174. 17/18
  176. >"That... was incredible."
  177. "I promised didn't I?"
  178. >"Thank you. I never wanted to admit it, but I needed something like this."
  179. "We all need to be shown love sometimes Trixie."
  180. >Once you both regain your strength, you cleanup and make your way back to her wagon. You help her into bed, and decide to head back to your tent. Magic stops you from progressing though.
  181. >"Wait, you can't just go like this. Can you?"
  182. "Do you want me to stay?"
  183. >"Trixie would like that she thinks," she responds with a warm smile.
  184. "Let me go get my stuff then. I'll be back shortly," you turn to leave, but magic stops you once more.
  185. >"I... never got your name."
  186. "My name? It's..."
  188. Fin~
  189. 18/18
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