Sep 26th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >Currently, you're in Canterlot, pony city of wealth and royalty.
  3. >For a while, you wished to live here, but it's far too populated for you.
  4. >There are ponies... everywhere.
  5. >Everyone who dresses fancy is stuck-up, and everyone who doesn't is lower than dirt.
  6. >You really hate this city.
  7. >... But it's the only place you can correctly sell your jewelry.
  8. >At the very least, they can appreciate good jewelry.
  9. >... Though, that is the very least.
  10. >You enter your usual store of business.
  11. >It's beautiful but you certainly won't get anything here.
  12. >Like always.
  13. >You go straight for the pony at the counter.
  14. >The stallion just got finished selling a necklace to a mare.
  15. >It fits her look.
  16. >Mainly because the owner of this store doesn't allow customers to be complete idiots. If something they want doesn't match them, he tells them. In most cases, they have to go through at least five different things before finding something they can actually make the effort that went into it not wasted.
  17. >It's good to know your wares aren't completely wasted.
  18. >... Though they are going to stuck-up snobs, so...
  19. >The stallion notices you as you approach the counter.
  20. >"Ah, welcome back."
  21. >He looks to something in his hooves.
  22. >... A necklace with a large Amethyst hanging from it.
  23. >It would have looked terrible on that mare who just left.
  26. >"Can you believe it? She was trying to get this for herself. Don't get me wrong, this is one of the best necklaces I have in stock right now, but she would have been such a shame to see in on... just her. If she had bought it for someone else, that's a different story."
  27. >He shakes his head and puts the necklace in the display case under the counter.
  28. >"What do you have for me this time? Your last box was gone before the month was over."
  29. >Of course they were, yours always fly out of stock, especially since you can only make the trip twice-a-year, once in the summer and once in the winter.
  30. >You don't care about this city enough to come her more often.
  31. >You take the box off your back and put it on the counter.
  32. >He opens it, takes out a small case from inside and opens it as well.
  33. >His face glows with awe.
  34. >... He doesn't move for a minute.
  35. >You clear your throat to bring him back to reality.
  36. >Apparently you startled him; he recoils at the sound.
  37. >"Sorry, I just..."
  38. >He goes silent while looking into the case again.
  39. >You believe that is your cobalt and silver crest.
  40. >You aren't exactly sure how they are attached to things, but you've sold many of them in the past, so they apparently work.
  41. >Somehow.
  42. >"This is beautiful!"
  43. >... You didn't doubt that, you put a lot of effort into it. It could be one of the best things you've ever made.
  44. >He carefully sets the case down and searches the others one-by-one.
  45. >His reaction is the same for all of them.
  48. >"You've really outdone yourself this time, these are astounding! I don't think I've seen a singly pony in this store worthy of any of these!"
  49. >... You don't know if he's telling the truth or just trying to boost your ego, but he certainly sounds sincere.
  50. >"Do you remember the price we agreed on last time?"
  51. >You do, it was quite the hefty sum.
  52. >"... Double."
  53. >... What?
  54. >You look directly into his eyes.
  55. >He's serious.
  56. "... Double?"
  57. >"These would easily be the best pieces in my store, maybe even all of Canterlot. If not double, I'll pay triple."
  58. >Your heart skips a beat.
  59. >They aren't the best in Canterlot, he's playing that up by far, but...
  60. >Triple? That's way too much.
  61. >You can't feel right getting that much from these.
  62. "... Regular price."
  63. >The stallion blinks, then gets a confused look.
  64. >"What? But they're so great! Why wouldn't you want... I'm not paying less than double. These are too great pass up, and the rich ponies of Canterlot will gladly pay any outrageous price for these. Double or you can find somewhere else to sell these."
  65. >... He's pressuring you into taking more money from him.
  66. >What would you even do with all of this mon-
  67. >...
  68. >Oh.
  69. >You actually know what you can do with money like that, but it would take a long time...
  70. >Take in a deep breath and sigh.
  71. "Deal."
  72. >The stallion smiles warmly.
  73. >You already have more money than you want or need, you'll just keep doing everything exactly how you already do it.
  74. >... With a few extra pieces here and there.
  75. >You leave Canterlot almost immediately after making the deal and collecting your pay.
  76. >You hate that city so much...
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