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  2. Barbarian
  4. Look
  5. Choose one for each
  6. Eyes: Restless Eyes, Fearless Eyes, Bloodshot Eyes, Wide Eyes, Striking Eyes, Sullen Eyes
  7. Hair: Wild Hair, Exotic Hair, Tied Hair, Tattooed Head, Animal Skull, Horned Helmet
  8. Garb: Smelly Hides, Foreign Clothes, Weather-inappropriate Clothes, Leather Scraps, Fine Silks, Full-body Tattoos
  9. Body: Mighty Thews, Lean Thews, Savage Thews, Bulky Body, Scrawny Body, Supple Body
  11. Stats
  12. Your maximum HP is 10+Constitution.
  13. Your base damage is d10.
  15. Races
  16. Outsider: You may be any race you wish, but you and your people are not from around here. At the beginning of each session, the GM will ask you something about your homeland, why you left, or what you left behind. If you answer them, mark XP.
  18. Alignment
  19. Chaotic: Eschew a convention of the civilized world.
  20. Neutral: Teach someone the ways of your people.
  21. Evil: Slaughter your enemies and revel in the tears of their loved ones.
  23. Bonds
  24. You have four bonds.
  26. Starting Moves
  28. Choose one of these to start with
  29. Full Plate and Packing Steel: You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.
  30. Unencumbered, Unharmed: So long as you are below your Load and neither wear armor nor carry a shield, take +2 armor.
  32. Herculean Appetites
  33. Others may content themselves with just a taste of wine, or dominion over a servant or two, but you want more. Choose two appetites. While pursuing one of your appetites, if you would roll for a move you roll 1d6+1d8 instead of rolling 2d6. If the d6 is the higher die of the pair the GM will also introduce a complication or danger that comes about due to your heedless pursuits.
  34. Pure destruction
  35. Power over others
  36. Mortal pleasures
  37. Conquest
  38. Riches and property
  39. Fame and glory
  41. The Upper Hand
  42. You take +1 ongoing to Last Breath rolls. When you take your Last Breath, on a 7-9 you make an offer to Death in return for your life. If Death accepts he will return you to life. If not, you die.
  44. Musclebound
  45. While you wield a weapon it gains the forceful and messy tags.
  47. What Are You Waiting For?
  48. When you cry out a challenge to your enemies, roll+CON. On a 10+ they treat you as the most obvious threat to be dealt with and ignore your companions, take +2 damage ongoing against them. On a 7-9 only a few (the weakest or most foolhardy among them) fall prey to your taunting.
  50. Gear
  52. Your load is 12+STR. You start with dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight), a dagger (hand, 1 weight), and some token of where you've traveled or where you’re from, describe it (0 weight).
  53. Choose your armament:
  54. Club (close, 2 weight) and a wooden shield (+1 armor, 1 weight)
  55. Spear (reach, thrown, near, 1 weight) and a wooden shield (+1 armor, 1 weight)
  56. Axe (close, 1 weight) and a shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)
  57. Battle axe (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)
  58. Two-handed sword (close, reach, +1 damage, two-handed, 2 weight)
  59. Choose one:
  60. Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight) and dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
  61. Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight), 2 antitoxin (0 weight) and bandages (0 weight)
  62. Poultices and herbs (1 weight) and a healing potion (0 weight)
  63. Healing potion (0 weight) and a keg of dwarven stout (4 weight)
  64. Chainmail (1 armor, 1 weight)
  65. Hide armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
  66. Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
  69. Advanced Moves
  70. When you gain a level from 2-5, choose from these moves.
  73. Berserker Frenzy
  74. When you deal damage, deal +1d4 damage. If the Hack and Slash roll you used to activate this move was 10+, you have to opt to expose yourself and take +1d6 damage.
  76. Adrenaline Rush
  77. You have +1 armor whenever you have anything less than full HP.
  79. Appetite for Destruction
  80. Choose one move from the fighter, bard, or thief class lists. Treat your level as one lower for the purpose of choosing the move. You may not take multiclass moves from these classes.
  82. My Love For You Is Like a Truck
  83. When you perform a feat of strength, name someone present who you have impressed. You can now use STR instead of CHA to Parley with them.
  85. Wide-Wanderer
  86. You've traveled the wide world over. When you arrive someplace ask the GM about any important traditions, rituals, and so on. They'll tell you what you need to know.
  88. Khan of Khans
  89. Your hirelings always accept the gratuitous fulfillment of one of your appetites as payment.
  91. Smash!
  92. When you Hack and Slash with a roll of 12+, deal your damage and choose something physical your target has (a weapon, their position, a limb): they lose it.
  94. Indestructible Hunger
  95. When you take damage you can choose to take -1 ongoing until you sate one of your appetites instead of taking the damage. If you already have this penalty you cannot choose this option.
  97. Improvised Weapon
  98. You can use anything you pick up as a weapon. From barstools to halflings. Whenever you pick up something to use as a weapon, the GM will give it an appropriate range. Improvised weapons have no additional damage.
  100. Let Me Show You How We Did It Back Home
  101. If someone fails a roll in front of you and you can come up with a strange or exotic way to accomplish the same feat, you can take +1 forward and roll in their stead.
  103. Let Us Speak With Our Blades!
  104. Whenever you Hack and Slash someone for the first time, you can ask the GM any one of the following:
  105. What drives this person?
  106. What is this person's darkest secret?
  107. What is this person's greatest fear?
  108. What is this person about to do?
  111. Advanced Moves
  112. When you gain a level from 6-10, choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves.
  115. This Ride Don't Stop
  116. Replaces: Berserker Frenzy
  117. When you deal damage, deal +1d8 damage. If the Hack and Slash roll you used to activate this move was 10+, you have to opt to expose yourself and take +1d6 damage.
  119. Adrenaline Surge
  120. Replaces: Adrenaline Rush
  121. You have +1 armor. Whenever you have anything less than full hp you have +2 armor instead.
  123. Kill 'em All
  124. Requires: Appetite for Destruction
  125. Choose another move from the fighter, bard, or thief class list. Treat your level as one lower for the purpose of choosing the move. You may not take multiclass moves from these classes.
  127. A Good Day to Die
  128. As long as you have less than your CON in current HP (or 1, whichever is higher) take +1 ongoing.
  130. War Cry
  131. When you enter battle with a show of force (a shout, a rallying cry, a battle dance), roll+CHA. On a 10+ both, on a 7-9 one or the other.
  132. Your allies are rallied and take +1 forward
  133. Your enemies feel fear and act accordingly (avoiding you, hiding, attacking with fear-driven abandon)
  135. Mark of Might
  136. When you take this move and spend some time uninterrupted while reflecting on your past glories, you may mark yourself with a symbol of your power (a long braid tied with bells, ritual scars or tattoos, etc). Any intelligent mortal creature who sees this symbol knows instinctively that you are a force to be reckoned with and treats you accordingly.
  138. More! Always More!
  139. When you satisfy an appetite to the extreme (destroying something unique and significant, gaining enormous fame, riches, power, etc) you may choose to resolve it. Cross it off the list and mark XP. While you may pursue that appetite again, you no longer feel the burning desire you once did. In its place, choose a new appetite from the list or write your own.
  141. The One Who Knocks
  142. When you Defy Danger with a roll of 12+, you turn the danger back on itself. The GM will describe how.
  144. Usurper
  145. When you prove yourself superior to a person in power, you can take +2 and make a Recruit roll to convert their followers, underlings, or hangers-on into Hirelings.
  147. I've Gotta Handful of Vertebrae and a Headful of Mad
  148. Whenever you deal damage, you can choose to take a debility and deal an additional +2d4 damage. The GM will pick what debility and tell you how you got it during your attack.
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