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  1. # What kind of personality does your Professor have? What kind of teacher would they be? How would you RP them in class?
  2. #### Personality and what kind of teacher: He is a kind sweet heart of a man with a soft deep reassuring voice, only passion in the world is animals and will do anything to help them, he is always jolly and happy and serious people find him irritating he gets along great with kids as he can easily entertain but at the same time teach them. He is known for working as a consultant at the ministry of magic when Auror's raid smugglers, he is very helpful when people need him and has a soft spot for first years. He also gets very easily emotionally hurt when he sees a animal abused or injured and can become quiet motherly to them nurturing them to health.
  4. How I would you RP him: He will be a very interactive character with many sides to him, he is often found looking after the animals before the class begins only to drag the class into helping him and then teaching them one the were all dirty from the work. He hates no-one and it's impossible to hurt his feeling he is slow with academics with the exception of potions, and he knows knowledge on over 20 canon characters and another god knows how many mythological ones.
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