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  1. Here is Cerberus 1.9beta: https://www.cerberusapp.com/Cerberus_1.9beta.apk
  3. First of all, to see the new commands on the website you have to go to: https://www.cerberusapp.com/test-dashboard.php after you log in.
  5. These are the new commands/options:
  7. "Grab screenshot" command
  8. You can execute it from the website or by sending a "cerberus password screenshot" sms, screenshot are sent to your email address. Root is required to grab screenshots. This is the new feature that needs most testing, because different devices have different methods to capture screenshots.
  9. The first time you execute the command you'll see the Superuser popup to allow/deny root access: select "Allow" and also check "Remember", so the popup won't appear anymore. You might receive an empty screenshot, but that should happen only the first time you send the command.
  10. Try to take other screenshots: if you receive a distorted image or one with wrong colors, open Cerberus on your device and change the screenshot format in the configuration. If you find the right one for your device, please let me know it (also specify the device model).
  11. Other tests that would be much appreciated are: screenshots in different display orientations (portrait/landscape), to see if both of them work, and screenshots when the screen is off. In this case, the screen should be briefly turned on when grabbing the screenshot.
  13. "Call phone" command
  14. You can execute it from the website or by sending a "cerberus password call number" sms, where number is the number you want to call (if you don't specify a number Cerberus will call the sms message sender). This command will make the device you have installed Cerberus on call the phone number you specify.
  16. "Speak" option in "Display message" command
  17. This is on the web dashboard only. If you check the "Speak" option, Cerberus will also say the message using text-to-speech.
  20. Thank you in advance for your feedback on the new features!
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