Anon x Timberwolf what am i doing

Aug 6th, 2016
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  1. >Pain emanates from your broken ankle, feeling like someone is taking a red-hot hammer to it in time with your heart beats.
  2. >It hurts more than anything you've ever felt in your life, and you're barely keeping your lunch down from now sick it's making you feel.
  3. >They won; the Timberwolves caught you.
  4. >They're damn smarter than you thought they'd be, scaring you into a trap.
  5. >What did your dad call it? A "pincer maneuver"?
  6. >A couple of them spooked you and chased you into the woods - right where another group was waiting for you.
  7. >Your foot got caught in some roots, and you thought you felt your heart stop when you heard that loud SNAP coming from your ankle.
  8. >You can see their glowing eyes long before you can make out their twisted, plant-like bodies from the trees surrounding them.
  9. >One of them, bigger than the rest, approaches you from the front.
  10. >It's mouth is open in a snarl and a milky, yellowish fluid drips from in between its sharp teeth like drool.
  11. >You hope that they'll make it quick, but every book you've read about Timberwolves makes it clear that they're beasts of cruelty.
  12. >You'll live for another few days, at least.
  13. >Noises of wood creaking and vines snapping get louder as the monster moves closer, as if nature itself is suffering from taking the form of a Timberwolf.
  14. >It's eyes falter from your own and glance down at your wounded ankle; is that where it's going to start its meal? Or is it going to leave you with your handicap so that you can't run away?
  15. >The beast approaches you leg and sniffs at your red, swollen wound - already the break is swelling up to the size of a tennis ball.
  16. >A surprisingly meaty tongue snakes out of its muzzle and it...
  17. >It....!
  18. > licks your skin and begins to whimper.
  19. >What?
  20. >As if on cue, the wolves surrounding you close in and start sniffing you, giving your exposed skin long licks with their broad tongues.
  21. >The books you read never mentioned this behaviour.
  22. >Are they tasting you?
  23. >Have they accepted you as one of their own?
  24. >One Timberwolf shoves its snout under your arm from behind - just like your old dog used to do when he wanted attention.
  25. >Acting on a whim, you slowly and carefully reach out with the hand not attached to the arm the Timberwolf is under.
  26. >You lay it on its head, and the Timberwolf gives a doggy groan/whimper of appreciation.
  27. >What the fuck is going on?!
  28. >The Timberwolf at your leg stops licking your ankle and turns around a full 180 degrees.
  29. >It lifts its leafy, vine-like tail and WOAH boy hello there
  30. >SHE.
  31. >SHE lifts HER leafy, vine-like tail and fucking PRESENTS to you.
  32. >A literal flower blooms before you, leaves and pedals spreading and framing an honest-to-god vagina.
  33. >A green vagina with what looks like rings of vines lining the inner wall; sure, but that there is a vagina.
  34. >The Timberwolf backs up until she's at about crotch-level with you and turns her head back to stare at you.
  35. >She bumps her crotch against your pants-covered own.
  36. >For fuck's sake, really?
  37. >You didn't ask for this.
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