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  1. <color=#ffa500ff>WELCOME TO MODS GAMING SCP!</color>
  2. Here we love to make sure all of you have a great experience and ensure the most enjoyable experience for new and long term players!
  3. There is only 4 rules:
  4. 1) No MASS teamkill
  5. 2) No Prevention (Hiding in a room that is locked)
  6. 3) No Being a dick
  7. 4) Have Fun
  8. <color=#00ffffff>WE NOW HAVE A DISCORD!</color>
  9. <color=#00ffffff>WE NOW ALSO HAVE A FORUM!</color>
  10. <color=#00ffffff>DONATE TO HELP US UPGRADE!</color>
  12. <color=#ff0000ff>Have fun... It wont last long...</color>
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