roc 27 02 2020 Lore system reformation opinion

Quisnulla Feb 27th, 2020 (edited) 87 Never
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  1. ...okay, my opinion:
  2. 1. New Lore system. Implications.
  4. • Forcing using multiple classes.
  5. I've been all for the option for everyone to play whatever the build they like since my day 1, avoiding certain setup being overpowered. But all this change will do... is to switch from single class teams having advantage in guild war (maybe some maitaining being OK in open brawl too)... to mixed teams having advantage in everything... gw, brawl, pvp.
  6. I don't like warriors or rogues, okay. I don't want to but will have to use them.
  7. I feel like the "balance" will be just an effect of the existence of two "Diversity" skills, not a controlled thought up process.
  9. • Available lore options... are decreased.
  10. Before, you had to choose between 4 categories and choose certain skills from each. Now, there is at least 4 times less choices!
  11. There are endless possibilities of Lore skills that could be added, and yet, all a player can do, is... to choose one "path" in each category... 2-3 skills that do basically the same... No much choice... Well, maybe from a point of view that it can be arranged as: gc, tank, hybrid...
  13. 2. True Resist.
  14. I can choose there what to do, thank you very much. I'll have some free Magic and Bleed resist, please. In my tier proportion of each type of damage (phys/mag) is about 5:3 so this is how I'll distribute it before it gets too costly. The effect of just 0.2% per level won't be nearly enough to counter Piercing lore which costs less, compared to before, and I'd really like it more if it was 0.3%, but okay. Maybe this 10%-15% dmg reduction from one class will be enough to specialise, instead of spreading eg. 5% to each...
  16. "elemental" or "secondary" resistances - all they do is that they... *are*... there... I think they'd be more useful in another category. As avx originally suggested. ie "Main" brawl; and "Secondary" resistances - perhaps with also decreased cost from 500->1000 to 100->200.
  18. 3. Diversity
  19. All "Diversity" and "Diversification" Lore skills have in common with *diversity* of builds... is the name. Once all single class users switch to mixed, I think it'll be less diverse than now, in result.
  21. 4. Story expansions and difficulty
  22. In other games, expanding maximum level happens extremaly infrequently and is considered a huge change.
  23. In RoC, the hoarders, who don't use up any tickets, in await for higher story level cap, end up with more resources than those, who play regularly. Higher story cap brings more of everything (mainly Lore) for the same tickets count.
  24. Furthermore, given the assumptions that tanks should be good in gw however difficult to build, combined with very frequent Story Cap increases in ROC by a very small value of +5 levels, again we have a situation that a "hoarder" can make a better tank: a GC CM player who waits for a story cap increase, can then switch to resistances after clearing all story impossible to made by a tank. Thus, making a better tank for a lower cost (CM respec once instead of 2 times for 3k diam; more Lore) than a long time veteran.
  25. I personally would prefer if story cap stayed permamently 50lvl or was increased once every one/two years by +25 levels, not just +5 every half year...
  29. Overally, I think that from now on RoC will become a simple grind game, where build choice doesn't matter much compared to amount of Tickets. My opinion. As a 9 months? old player. (4 years ago when I just had a clueless acc doesn't count). I can't play a time consuming grind game model and by now I could compete due to using brawl specific build.
  30. And those who used single class teams by now, have to spend 3k diamonds to change CM because of game complete reformation. Or, if they were high tier enough, they won't need to. 3k is a lot to some players. (not talking about myself here).
  31. I may be slightly wrong on some points I brought up here, but can't really test on test-server anymore because it won't match my 2 accounts, and this Console stat display, although cool, doesn't provide informations of damage dealt with hit in brawls, which is crucial to understand how important "pvp" damage types are, compared to crit and the "main" (brawl) ones.
  33. I think that with this lore system revolt without lowering respec cost (ie for 1 week after update, like in other games), there may be similar situation to "soft"-capping resistances. Although it maybe was a good idea from game Designer's perspective - lifting limiting design of 100% resistances - left the impression that game became boring, with fewer possibilities and less strategising. Not because the idea was bad, but because how it was made. Hear me out: soft cap is not soft at all - it's hard. If it was much softer, ie after reaching 63%, towards 74% 1 resist would give less than 1%, but still it could make sense to increase it, unlike now, and then after 74% it could be a hard cap as it's now... Limiting design whould had been lifted while maitaining more possibilities for the players and previous game's state design considered by most veterans fun.
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