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Jul 31st, 2019
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  1. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:01 AM
  2. Meeting time!
  4. girugameshLast Saturday at 10:03 AM
  5. got my suit and tie on, ready to lurk in the background
  7. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:10 AM
  8. Alright so development wise, since last meeting the infamous spending issue was fixed and linux binaries were published for exchanges so masari is back up and running on stex and southxchange. I'll be putting together an updated gui release soon-ish. @camthegeek has completely re-designed our website He also set up a new instance of the webwallet and explorer at and The past couple days I've been working on putting together a new android release
  10. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 10:14 AM
  11. I'd say cam did a great job on the redesign too,
  13. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:15 AM
  14. @JeuTheIdit and @SatoriNakamoto also published a new medium article that can be found here
  15. Medium
  16. Masari Update #10
  17. Yes, Masari is alive! Updated wallets, new server, downed exchanges, new website, new twitter account, and the start of community meetings…
  20. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 10:15 AM
  21. the vanilla explainer video is almost ready
  22. there was suggestion to add loopring between between btc and msr
  24. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:18 AM
  25. Oh snap that's pretty sweet @Johnny Gonzo
  27. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 10:18 AM
  28. we should talk about a marketing plan
  29. organize the community to push it out on all channels
  30. @cryptochangements lots of credit to our boy @xiaomogwai
  31. also will cut into small gifs for each section to use on social media
  32. is the bitube account still an option for hosting it?
  34. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:25 AM
  35. I dont remember who created it
  36. It'd be cool to also host it on getmasari though
  38. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 10:26 AM
  39. is there an ETA for mobile? as I think this is the most marketable thing we got going?
  41. camthegeekLast Saturday at 10:26 AM
  42. I’m on a hike currently and unable to fully attend.
  44. I have been working on adding additional information to the masari-explorer (
  46. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 10:32 AM
  47. I talked to a friend about a possible listing on beaxy exchange...maybe...soon
  49. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:37 AM
  50. @Johnny Gonzo probably next week. We gotta recover the google play account and everything so that'll be a bit of a pain but do-able
  52. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:52 AM
  53. Meeting already started ffs?
  55. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 10:53 AM
  56. 15:00 UTC, looks like people forgot
  58. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 10:54 AM
  59. Well I was sitting here waiting for a 2am aussie start
  60. Quickly, where are we at with funding, and the multi sig?
  62. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:00 AM
  63. I'm funded for just under another 2 weeks. Still no progress on multisig because you guys never decided who would take part in that multisig wallet
  65. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:00 AM
  66. Ok
  68. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:01 AM
  69. Put together a list and it's pretty easy to set up
  71. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  72. I thought Joe and engr put their hands up so left it. Speaking of Joe have not heard much from him l8ly
  74. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  75. Yea, he's mostly on tg and it's been kinda quiet there ig
  77. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:02 AM
  78. Personally I think someone like Jeff would be be suitable aswell
  79. The progress being made is great and I am hearing no complaints in that regard. Also the marketing is coming along nicely.
  80. The new server should hold us over and then some, and the new website looks great.
  82. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:05 AM
  83. What else needs to go on the server?
  85. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:05 AM
  86. gifs
  88. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:06 AM
  89. :smile:
  91. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:06 AM
  92. The new betting site?
  94. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:06 AM
  96. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:07 AM
  97. New betting site is generously hosted by @OhGodAMochi101 who is also the developer of it.
  99. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:07 AM
  100. Ok
  102. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:07 AM
  103. I will probably port my tip bot over to Masari and enable the betting piece of it.
  105. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:07 AM
  107. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  108. @camthegeek this is good for engagement!
  110. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  112. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  113. Any news @Johnny Gonzo on the parjar one?
  115. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:08 AM
  116. no sir. not yet, they are pretty tight lipped about it all
  118. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:09 AM
  119. @cryptochangements what is the next funding month looking like workwise?
  121. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:10 AM
  122. Do you guys still want to reorganize the marketing repo?
  123. I also have a powerpoint that is almost done. We could have a video plainly explaining what MSR is and why to even care about it.
  124. I have always been a fan of videos like that since some people just want to listen to something in their car on the way home and this way they can choose to watch the video or not - it will still get the same amount of information across.
  126. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:13 AM
  127. +1 to that
  129. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:13 AM
  130. Here is the link to the powerpoint if anyone wants to help make it:
  132. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:14 AM
  133. We do need alot more "vanilla" (as joliwa calls it) marketing stuff
  135. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:14 AM
  136. I think it would be nice to have a funding effort to get things like this done. Small easy things like a powerpoint shouldn't cost that much msr to make.
  138. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:14 AM
  139. @Dug Punk now I want to expand on each shot and go into details for like 10-15 seconds per idea- more technical
  141. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:15 AM
  142. I also am still a fan of an # open tasks channel that mirrors the volunteer channel so that way tasks can be put out in a clear location rather than a taiga. People get lost and confused.
  144. thedawson13Last Saturday at 11:15 AM
  145. Since everyone has access to necessary tools and progress is being made I have no more concerns
  146. Oh yeah and someone mentioned to me that cmc doesn't list stex under masari markets and wanted us to make them fix it
  148. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:16 AM
  149. We can get that email sent today.
  150. I think it would also be wise to get a to do list after every meeting of things that we decided we were going to get done. It can be at the end of the minutes.
  151. Something clear and easy to follow.
  152. I have a lot of things I am usually juggling and I am guilty of forgetting things.
  154. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:17 AM
  155. That's a good idea
  157. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:18 AM
  158. @BazookaJeff would you be part of the multi-sig wallet team?
  160. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:18 AM
  161. Further, I an agenda for meetings would be good. I suppose we can just put down our topics when slow mode is enabled throughout the waiting period for the next meeting.
  162. @Dug Punk Yeah.
  164. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:20 AM
  165. Cool. Just want @engr.tun to respond, as he is trusted amongst all here
  166. With clear funding that is perhaps visible on site, hopefully portrays trust to new comers that we mean business
  168. BazookaJeffLast Saturday at 11:24 AM
  169. I am a fan of pushing the fact that we do indeed mean business.
  170. One of the things that Monero does that I've always liked is made it clear that they understand that people can sometimes be depending on them to make the coin work.
  172. cryptochangementsLast Saturday at 11:25 AM
  173. I've just paid out the crowd funds to @OhGodAMochi101 for his game btw
  175. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:25 AM
  176. anyone into making masari land in decentraland?
  178. Dug PunkLast Saturday at 11:26 AM
  179. @cryptochangements nice
  181. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:28 AM
  182. need to reorganize the funding payments for the animation- cut @xiaomogwai into
  184. camthegeekLast Saturday at 11:34 AM
  185. What is this decentraland?
  187. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:34 AM
  188. hi all sorry just got home
  189. what the plan for funding after the next 2 week as there any of the funds left the @thaer <not asking for crypto> left to us
  190. i am waiting for a new cpu to turn up for my server thats just giving me the hump when its completed i will ask for faucet and integrated discord tipbot to be added
  192. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:49 AM
  193. @camthegeek VR world run on $MANA tokens. run on eth. here is another one I am developing- That one is 11 parcels. we can make an msr space-- 16m by 16m
  194. they have a gui builder or you can up load custom assets
  195. I was thinking a VR gif gallery?
  196. the payments would have to be qr code
  197. or like an msr show room
  200. that is one in dev.
  201. these are the ones I can develop
  203. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 11:52 AM
  204. I'll have the game online later on today. I'll need to prepare the wallet with the donated funds.
  205. Thanks to everybody who made it possible.
  207. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:53 AM
  208. wicked about the game!! is there some preview we can see?
  210. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 11:54 AM
  212. Win Monero by betting on the Blockchain. No deposit crypto gamblin...
  213. Win Monero by guessing what you think the last character of the next Monero block hash will be. Fair and easily provable Monero gambling.
  215. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:55 AM
  216. Oh this is the same one!! holy shit ok, Ha so you need the banner
  218. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 11:55 AM
  221. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 11:55 AM
  222. wicked!
  223. nice n clean
  225. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 11:56 AM
  226. I bought 100 MSR the other day on Tradeogre so that I could test it out on the live Masari blockchain. I've been playing a local copy since.
  228. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 12:00 PM
  229. Can you do the high low or dice game?
  230. can we load gifs in the side bars to watch while you play games?
  232. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 12:03 PM
  233. :smiley:
  235. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 12:04 PM
  236. make it look like an 80's arcade game.
  238. OhGodAMochi101Last Saturday at 12:04 PM
  239. I've been looking into extending it but I want something that is easily provable and played on chain (so I don't have to hold people's money)
  241. Johnny GonzoLast Saturday at 12:04 PM
  242. oh yeah expansion details after
  244. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:05 PM
  245. can you not play dice within discord
  247. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:09 PM
  248. @flyguyry_2.0 there's 0.2 or so BTC and about 10-12k MSR that I can move around when needed
  250. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:09 PM
  251. thats cool thank you CC has to eat
  253. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:09 PM
  254. The balances are publicly available
  256. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:10 PM
  257. my apologises thought you had already given it out
  258. @thaer <not asking for crypto> was there any further thought's on blocktree
  260. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:20 PM
  261. I've been looking at SPT's feasibility lately actually (it gives us a reason for scalability), I've put Blocktree on hold for the time being
  263. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:22 PM
  264. how is spt looking it would be great to see you back on here more
  265. was just tinking about ledger support should we release the 1100 MSR to Cam so he can buy 1 and work it out for us all
  266. he has my vote
  268. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:24 PM
  269. I don't have control on the funding proposals so I'd forward you to cc, but he has my vote
  270. I haven't given it much thought, but on SPT we need a clean way to differentiate MSR from other tokens on the network, so that's where I've been thinking about it
  271. mostly revolving around making sure that nobody can mint or fake MSR with this in place
  273. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:25 PM
  274. sounds good please let us know what if any help you need to facilitate the progress
  276. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:28 PM
  277. once I have my thoughts reasonable enough I can share a PoC, the work is likely going to be cryptographically heavy and I've been brushing up on the math in the process
  279. flyguyry_2.0Last Saturday at 12:30 PM
  280. sounds good we do love some good news and progress
  282. thaer <not asking for crypto>Last Saturday at 12:41 PM
  283. Deleted some unrelated comments. I was a bit late to the roundtable but I feel like that concludes it for today, turning on slowmode unless there are objections
  285. SatoriNakamotoLast Saturday at 12:41 PM
  286. :green_heart:
  288. JeuTheIditLast Saturday at 3:30 PM
  289. Sorry I wasn't here everyone. Been kicking my ass building a retaining wall 24/7. I think a video explaining what Masari is would be great (kinda what johhny is working on?). Also I think it is important to set up the muktisig wallets as soon as we can so we have good addresses for donations. We can spend what is in the old wallets on development. I did want to talk about possible hiring someone to get a really nice infographic, I don't think we have one that talks about uncle mining, blocktree, spt, and stuff like that.
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