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  1. Celticser has joined the chat
  2. Boocake: please
  3. Boocake: have a seat anywhere
  4. Celticser: sure
  5. Boocake: So, what's your name? (:
  6. Celticser: vagelis
  7. Celticser: urs
  8. Boocake: you may call me jeff.
  9. Boocake: Vagelis, what drew you into our club?
  10. Celticser: um i just need money
  11. Celticser: so thats why i came
  12. Boocake: okay.
  13. Boocake: i like that
  14. Boocake: straightforward
  15. Boocake: Well do you have any club experience?
  16. Celticser: no i dont have
  17. Celticser: i havent work in the past
  18. Celticser: worked
  19. Boocake: okay.
  20. Boocake: Do you know how to RP?
  21. Celticser: roleplay?
  22. Boocake: Yessir.
  23. Celticser: im not too god at this
  24. Boocake: it's okay
  25. Boocake: try your best
  26. Celticser: sure
  27. Celticser: will u ask me anything else?
  28. Boocake: CAn I see your rp?
  29. Boocake: Sorry, I shouldve been clear
  30. Celticser: oh ok
  31. Celticser  looks at her with persistence as i am stripping for her and after im walking slowly to her seat and kiss her in the neck and bite her lips,calling her ''You are my baby now''
  32. Boocake: Okay
  33. Boocake: that was good
  34. Boocake: Can I request something?
  35. Celticser: yes
  36. Boocake: When you go "I am stripping for her"
  37. Boocake: can you explain that more in detail in RP form?
  38. Boocake: Maybe try like, taking a clothing off sexually
  39. Celticser: sure
  40. Celticser  as i dance for her i take off first my top and blow it to her face,after the belt as i bind it up on my body and looking at her with avidity telling her that she is so hot,finally i take off my denim jean and telling her '' i am only yours now baby''
  41. Boocake: ooo
  42. Boocake: much better
  43. Boocake: well
  44. Boocake: I have one question for ya
  45. Boocake: just one more
  46. Boocake: Do you use discord?
  47. Celticser: no i dont have
  48. Celticser: why
  49. Boocake: Well, our staff are required to use discord
  50. Boocake: are you okay with getting discord?
  51. Boocake: in order to clock in
  52. Boocake: and talk to management
  53. Boocake: you'll need to have discord
  54. Celticser: i need to know abou the work shift and the payment first
  55. Boocake: lol
  56. Boocake: alright
  57. Boocake: work shift
  58. Boocake: come in when you want
  59. Boocake: make sure you clock in on discord
  60. Boocake: payment
  61. Boocake: if you do 20 hours a month you get 4k creds + gifts during your shift
  62. Boocake: if you do 30 hours a month you get 6k creds + ur tips from gifting
  63. Boocake: and 40 hours is 8k
  64. Celticser: oh ok
  65. Celticser: i did a discord
  66. Boocake: okay
  67. Boocake: let me send you an invite in a minute
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