[WIP] Time Enough

Jul 4th, 2013
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  1. I can hear sharp sniffling as I made my way down the stairs, opening the door slowly.
  3. There she is. A little filly, garbed in what looked to be a recreation of the costume that ridiculous Mysterious Mare-Do-Well pony wore, a few months back. She had been wandering around in the night, randomly yelling at shadows and giggling to herself as she frisked back and forth. It had been almost too easy to slip the cloth over her nose. She started struggling against the ropes binding her, the sound of my hooves alerting her as I entered the room.
  5. >"Pl-please Mister, don't hurt me!"
  7. Her cries renewed, harder, sobbing intermittently breaking through. How utterly delicious. Colts were fun to break, but fillies were always the sweetest, the loudest, the most... willing.
  9. >"Oh, no need to worry dear. I won't be hurting you, as long as you listen to me."
  11. She quieted down, what I just said finally clicking. I continued to circle around her, picking up a needle from a tray bolted to the wal, making my way over to her.
  13. >"D-d-does that mean you're g-going to let me go?"
  15. I couldn't help but chuckle at her innocence as I finally stopped at her side, moving a small section of the hood away to reveal a pure white coat.
  17. >"Oh, no honey, but we are going to have a lot of fun, for a very long time. Now, you may feel a sharp poke."
  19. The needle sank into her, so easily, as she cried out sharply. I took care depressing the needle, slowly filling her with enough aphrodisiacs to put a mare into heat listening to her sniffles. They were also so much more fun to play with when, so much more willing, when they were drugged up. With a quick yank, I removed the needle, setting it aside to be refilled later. Waste not, want not.
  23. She started bawling in earnest. I just stood there, waiting, letting her waste her energy. Where we were, nopony would ever hear or find us.
  25. She finally settled down, realizing crying would get her nowhere. Taking my chance, I finally grabbed the hood in my mouth, dragging it off with a quick tug. And I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  27. It was a cute little muzzle, sparkling light green eyes, tears welling in her eyes. Her mane was curly and bouncy, two-toned light purple and pink. It was that whore Rarity's little sister. The irony was hardly lost on me, as I started laughing heartily.
  29. >"What's so f-funny? And why do I feel so weird..."
  31. >"Oh just think about your sister. And as to why your feeling funny, well...,"
  32. I moved closer to her, inhaling her wonderful scent of lilacs.
  33. >"Your whore sister may have turned me down, but you wont."
  35. >"Waaah...?"
  37. Her look of confusion was quickly destroyed, the aphrodisiacs finally taking hold as a blush began to cover her face. The delicious scent of her sex wafted into the air as she tried to rub her legs together to try and ease the building pressure in her loins.
  39. Reaching over, I picked up a metal ring, slipping it over her horn, a light moan escaping her lips as the metal slid down her sensitive horn. Sparks played across the metal as her magic was nullified. You can never be too careful with these unicorn foals.
  41. >"M-mister, m-my crotch feels weird, and my body is all hot..."
  43. >"There's no need to worry, I'll make you feel all better. You just have to listen to my every word, sugar."
  45. She could only moan out in response, as her her scent became overpowering. Standing up, I put my hooves on her head, bringing her down to my rapidly growing erection. I made sure she got an eyeful, running it over her face,letting her inhale my musk, before bringing it back to her face.
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