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  1. Customer-Service  Interview:
  3. Hello, my name is Insert Name, and I will be your Interviewer today. I see you have passed the application and your portfolio, now this is the next part of the process. Before we start, are there any questions you would like me to answer?
  5. Answer Questions, if none then start interviewing straight away. If questions answer then start interviewing.
  7. Ok, so on your Portfolio you said you worked at Insert Place, if it did how did that job help you prepare for this job, if it didn’t can you think of a role that you could of got that would of?
  9. Thank you for answering that question, just so we are aware of you skill and knowledge about this Customer Service Job.
  11. Please Note: If the answers are not in detail you have a smaller chance of passing. If you as for them to be read, before it has been 48 hours since you sent them you have a smaller chance of passing. You will also have a maximum of 3 grammar mistakes before your interview will be automatically declined.
  14. Scenario Questions:
  16. 1.) What would you do if someone was angry and wanted a refund for there Private Session? (They have already had it)
  17. 2.) What would you do if someone was making tickets and using profanity and prohibited words and phases?
  19. General Questions:
  21. 1.) Who are the Board Of Executive’s?
  22. 2.) What are the different departments?
  23. 3.) When are sessions?
  24. 4.) How long were old sessions?
  26. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer all of the questions. I will now review the answers and make a decision on if you have passed or failed. It normally takes between 10-30 minutes to review the answers and come up with a decision. In some case’s a higher rank is called in to make the final decision. If you at anytime before 5 mins of sending your answers off, are wanting to change them, please let your me know by tagging @InsertUser . (Answers can NOT be changed after a verdict is given.
  28. Review there answers, before doing so please wait 5 mins so they have time to change there answers. If they pass please use the first response, if they fail please use the second response.
  34. Hello, @InsertApplicant
  36. I am very pleased to inform you that you have **Passed** your Interview. This was because Insert key good points about there interview. Once you have read this message, please tag myself to close the ticket and I will be sure to get ready for a Training. You may do you training straight away, if you wish to do so, please say and we can use the same ticket. If you wish to wait for a bit before doing your training, please let me know so I can make sure you have a new ticket come training. Training is the last part before you are a fully fledged part of our Team!
  38. Once again, well done.
  40. **Signed,
  41. Insert Name
  42. Insert Rank**
  45. Hello, @InsertApplicant
  47. I am extremely sorry to have to inform you that you have failed this round of our recruitment process. You have failed because of the following reasons Insert Reasons. Because you have failed, you will **NOT** be moving on in the process. You may re-send an application and do your portfolio again, and if you pass those again try again at the interview. Please don’t take this to much to heart as we know you have worked hard to try and work here. But, we are looking for the best possible staff. We do ask if you want to try again do, but use our constructive criticism to help you pass, as we would love to have you on your team. Have a lovely day and once again we are sorry for any upset we may have caused.
  49. **Signed,
  50. Insert Name
  51. Insert Rank**
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